Green Bay Packers Post-Season Games (1936-Present): The Radke Collection

The Radke Collection - 3rd

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The Radke Collection
ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradeSpec No. PopSpec No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
   1936 GREEN BAY 21/BOSTON 6 
   1938 N.Y. GIANTS 23/GREEN BAY 17 
T20239M109 1939 GREEN BAY 27/N.Y. GIANTS 0 
T206000021 1941 CHICAGO 33/GREEN BAY 14 
   1944 GREEN BAY 14/N.Y. GIANTS 7 
   1961 GREEN BAY 37/N.Y. GIANTS 0 
   1962 GREEN BAY 16/N.Y. GIANTS 7 
T20665M269STUB1965 GREEN BAY 13/BALTIMORE 101MK1022
   1965 GREEN BAY 23/CLEVELAND 12 
   1966 GREEN BAY 34/DALLAS 27 
   1967 GREEN BAY 35/KANSAS CITY 10 
T206000005 1967 GREEN BAY 28/LOS ANGELES 7 
   1967 GREEN BAY 21/DALLAS 17 
   1968 GREEN BAY 33/OAKLAND 14 
T206000015STUB1972 WASHINGTON 16/GREEN BAY 331111
T20683A089STUB1982 GREEN BAY 41/ST. LOUIS 1614040
U206000038FULL1983 DALLAS 37/GREEN BAY 2641212
T206000009STUB1993 GREEN BAY 28/DETROIT 2441010
T206000014STUB1993 DALLAS 27/GREEN BAY 1711121
T20694M319STUB1994 GREEN BAY 16/DETROIT 1214042
T20695A089STUB1994 DALLAS 35/GREEN BAY 951010
U20695M319FULL1995 GREEN BAY 37/ATLANTA 2051010
T20696A069STUB1995 GREEN BAY 27/S.F. 49ERS 174MK2121
T20296A149STUB1995 DALLAS 38/GREEN BAY 2751122
U20697A049FULL1996 GREEN BAY 35/S.F. 49ERS 1481010
T20297A129STUB1996 GREEN BAY 30/CAROLINA 134MK3031
T20097BLUESTUB1997 GREEN BAY 35/NEW ENGLAND 2143205335
T20698A049STUB1997 GREEN BAY 21/TAMPA BAY 741021
T20298A119STUB1997 GREEN BAY 23/S.F. 49ERS 1022222
T20098PURPSTUB1998 DENVER 31/GREEN BAY 2481097893
T20699A019STUB1998 S.F. 49ERS 30/GREEN BAY 2752020
T206000003STUB2001 GREEN BAY 25/S.F. 49ERS 1541011
T20602A200STUB2001 ST. LOUIS 45/GREEN BAY 1772121
T20603A040STUB2002 ATLANTA 27/GREEN BAY 741020
T20604A040STUB2003 GREEN BAY 33/SEATTLE 2731011
U20604A110FULL2003 PHILADELPHIA 20/GREEN BAY 1751313
T20605A090STUB2004 MINNESOTA 31/GREEN BAY 1751011
T206000002STUB2007 GREEN BAY 42/SEATTLE 2021016
T202000004STUB2007 N.Y. GIANTS 23/GREEN BAY 2032124
U206000010FULL2009 ARIZONA 51/GREEN BAY 4561212
U206000016FULL2010 GREEN BAY 48/ATLANTA 21103030
U206000018FULL2010 GREEN BAY 21/PHILADELPHIA 1682121
U202000004FULL2010 GREEN BAY 21/CHICAGO 14 61616
U200000041SCAN2011 GREEN BAY 31/PITTSBURGH 2565301058
U206000025FULL2011 N.Y. GIANTS 37/GREEN BAY 2051515
U206000034FULL2012 GREEN BAY 24/ MINNESOTA 1061212
U206000030FULL2012 SAN FRANCISCO 45/ GREEN BAY 3192121
U206000042FULL2013 SAN FRANCISCO-23/GREEN BAY-2092020
U206000043FULL2014 GREEN BAY-26/DALLAS-2182121
U202000065FULL2014 SEATTLE-28/GREEN BAY-22101010
U206000050 2015 GREEN BAY-35/WASHINGTON-18 
U206000047FULL2015 ARIZONA-26/GREEN BAY-2085050