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1965 Topps King Kong: PJA's 1965 Topps King Kong

PJA's 1965 Topps King Kong - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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PJA's 1965 Topps King Kong
Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
05156500202TAKEN CAPTIVE1010 
05156500303SACRIFICE TO KONG830 
05156500404KONG IS COMING920 
05156500505BEAUTY AND THE BEAST910 
05156500606KING KONG840 
05156500707INTO THE JUNGLE910 
05156500808TREE OF TERROR920 
05156500909ISLAND BRIDGE920 
051565010010WARNING CRY910 
051565011011DANGER AHEAD920 
051565012012INTO THE GORGE820 
051565013013IN HIDING910 
051565014014ENEMY APPROACHING820 
051565015015MOMENT OF FEAR910 
051565016016PREHISTORIC TERROR920 
051565017017BATTLE TO THE DEATH920 
051565018018PERILOUS PERCH910 
051565020020KONG TRIUMPHS910 
051565021021CRY OF VICTORY1010 
051565022022IN THE HANDS OF KONG1010 
051565025025DANGER FROM THE SKY920 
051565026026CARRIED ALOFT910 
051565027027KONG TO THE RESCUE910 
051565028028DESTROYING AN ENEMY910 
051565030030PLUNGE TO SAFETY920 
051565032032KONG RETURNS920 
051565033033KONG IS LOOSE910 
051565034034BLAST KONG920 
051565035035GAS GRENADES920 
051565036036KONG ON STAGE940 
051565037037STALKING CITY STREETS1010 
051565038038IN SEARCH OF ANN920 
051565039039KONG CLOSES IN1010 
051565040040FACE IN THE WINDOW910 
051565041041CAPTURED AGAIN920 
051565042042ROOFTOP PERIL1010 
051565043043ON THE RAMPAGE910 
051565044044TRACKS OF DOOM1010 
051565046046THE MIGHTY KONG910 
051565047047ATTACKING KONG920 
051565048048KONG FIGHTS BACK920 
051565049049KONG DEFIANT1010 
051565050050DEADLY FIRE820 
051565051051OUT OF ACTION810 
051565052052FIGHT ABOVE CITY920 
051565053053KONG IS HURT920 
051565054054DYING KONG820 
051565055055KONG IS DEAD920 
need any help i can get on how to find any of these cards to complete my set?
Posted @ 12/19/2010 6:39 AM By dannyoro
how did this set come together? How long did it take, and how was it done?
Posted @ 7/16/2010 11:38 AM By fishfang
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