All-Time Oilers/Titans: recbball's all-time oilers/titans

recbball's all-time oilers/titans - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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recbball's all-time oilers/titans
ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
0202540230231954 BOWMAN GEORGE BLANDA7124113
0203600450451960 FLEER TONY BANFIELD83813
02036117401741961 FLEER JIM NORTON84561
0203620480481962 FLEER CHARLIE HENNIGAN61451
0203630390391963 FLEER BOB TALAMINI86916
0201700430431970 TOPPS ELVIN BETHEA814244
02017012001201970 TOPPS GEORGE WEBSTER88138
02017111301131971 TOPPS KEN HOUSTON820431
0201720260261972 TOPPS KEN BURROUGH9341
02017316701671973 TOPPS CURLEY CULP83427
02017610301031976 TOPPS GREGG BINGHAM82511
02017622302231976 TOPPS BILLY JOHNSON83023
02017642404241976 TOPPS ROBERT BRAZILE84830
02017939003901979 TOPPS EARL CAMPBELL8902278
02018237903791982 TOPPS DREW HILL95427
02018525102511985 TOPPS WARREN MOON961672
02018525302531985 TOPPS MIKE MUNCHAK918315
02018635703571986 TOPPS RAY CHILDRESS98017
02018731003101987 TOPPS ERNEST GIVENS10380
02068910901091989 SCORE BRUCE MATTHEWS101400
02759419001901994 PLAYOFF FRANK WYCHECK940
022795003031995 SP STEVE MCNAIR914345
022796005051996 SP EDDIE GEORGE924822