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recbball's all-time jets - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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recbball's all-time jets
ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
0203600980981960 FLEER LARRY GRANTHAM8559
02036121502151961 FLEER DON MAYNARD815059
02016412301231964 TOPPS GERRY PHILBIN8486
02016412501251964 TOPPS MATT SNELL8317
02016511601161965 TOPPS WINSTON HILL74629
02016512201221965 TOPPS JOE NAMATH6226219
02016610101011966 TOPPS GEORGE SAUER8408
0201700540541970 TOPPS JOHN ELLIOTT8.5426
0201720680681972 TOPPS RICHARD CASTER86926
02017814101411978 TOPPS MARVIN POWELL96112
02017828702871978 TOPPS JOE KLECKO9582
02017832703271978 TOPPS WESLEY WALKER94210
02018134203421981 TOPPS MARK GASTINEAU98311
02018217601761982 TOPPS FREEMAN MCNEIL9427
02018534603461985 TOPPS KEN O'BRIEN96017
02018610101011986 TOPPS AL TOON9242
0870910670U671991 ULTRA UPDATE MO LEWIS10120
02029413501351994 BOWMAN KEVIN MAWAE92219
0227950180181995 SP CURTIS MARTIN922267
08800001481012006 SPx NICK MANGOLD10130
2272000587TC2492007 TOPPS CHROME DARRELLE REVIS91421