1960 Armour Coins: Stoop Ball (multicolored)

Stoop Ball (multicolored) - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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About this set: In 1960 I loved my armour coins and I loved playing stoop ball on 44th street. The 1960 Armour set is a challenge for both condition, color variations and the rare elusive Bud Daley coin ! Many of the coins, especially the Mantles have partial back rims which,to me, makes them undesirable. Thus far, the PSA graders do not agree with me and I have seen partial back rim coins graded as high as 9's !! Rare colors for 1960 include aqua, navy blue, salmon, mustard yellow, pale yellow and grey/blue. Stoop ball is a multicolored set whose eventual goal is full set in common 1960 yellow.

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Stoop Ball (multicolored)
ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
B997600010 HANK AARON/BRAVES10150PSA 10 in yellow
B997600011 HANK AARON/MILWAUKEE BRAVES1070PSA 10 in lime green
B997600020 BOB ALLISON1050PSA 10 in yellow
B997600030 ERNIE BANKS10620PSA 10 in yellow
B997600040 KEN BOYER10210PSA 10 in yellow
b997600050 ROCKY COLAVITO10120PSA 10 in yellow
B997600060 GENE CONLEY10120PSA 10 in red orange
B997600070 DEL CRANDALL10270in yellow
B997600080 BUD DALEY 10100
B997600091 DON DRYSDALE/SPACE BETWEEN L AND A1040PSA 10 in yellow
B997600100 WHITEY FORD10270PSA 10 in yellow
B997600110 NELLIE FOX10420PSA 10 in yellow
B997600120 AL KALINE1050PSA 10 in yellow
B997600130 FRANK MALZONE/RED SOX10390PSA 10 in yellow
B997600131 FRANK MALZONE/BOSTON RED SOX10140PSA 10 in yellow
B997600140 MICKEY MANTLE10200PSA 10 in yellow
B997600150 EDDIE MATHEWS10300PSA 10 in yellow
B997600160 WILLIE MAYS10110PSA 10 of the say hey kid in rare dk yellow
B997600170 VADA PINSON10190PSA 10 in yellow
B997600180 DICK STUART1070
B997600190 GUS TRIANDOS10430
B997600200 EARLY WYNN10210PSA 10 in yellow