All-Time Eagles: recbball's all-time eagles

recbball's all-time eagles - 2nd

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Rank 2
Weighted GPA 7.142
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 7.142
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recbball's all-time eagles
ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradeSpec No.
Spec No.
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Owner's Comments
0202480610611948 BOWMAN ALEX WOJCIECHOWICZ8223223
0202480630631948 BOWMAN PETE PIHOS616291629
0208480222221948 LEAF STEVE VAN BUREN6634843
0208480280281948 LEAF WHITEY WISTERT8OC763328
0208480540541948 LEAF CHUCK BEDNARIK58142332
020251004041951 BOWMAN NORM VAN BROCKLIN777597759
020157002021957 TOPPS PETE RETZLAFF781618161
02015712401241957 TOPPS TOMMY MCDONALD71447614476
0201590590591959 TOPPS DON BURROUGHS866286628
0203610560561961 FLEER MAXIE BAUGHAN835123512
02056613401341966 PHILADELPHIA BOB BROWN758425842
02017016801681970 TOPPS BILL BERGEY869216921
02017412101211974 TOPPS HAROLD CARMICHAEL81246712467
02017642604261976 TOPPS RON JAWORSKI885368536
0201790850851979 TOPPS WILBERT MONTGOMERY838383838
02018433303331984 TOPPS MIKE QUICK944154415
0265840580581984 TOPPS USFL REGGIE WHITE928942894
02018729602961987 TOPPS RANDALL CUNNINGHAM96646966469
02018729702971987 TOPPS KEITH BYARS 952355235
02018824402441988 TOPPS CLYDE SIMMONS10590590
02018824502451988 TOPPS SETH JOYNER10380380
02018824702471988 TOPPS JEROME BROWN10740740
02068910111011989 SCORE KEITH JACKSON 10220650
02788938003801989 SCORE SUPPLEMENTAL ERIC ALLEN10490490
02769262106211992 STADIUM CLUB TROY VINCENT8414414
02119634473441996 FINEST BRIAN DAWKINS927116252
2863990950951999 SP AUTHENTIC DONOVAN MCNABB8.5276276
28630215701572002 SP AUTHENTIC BRIAN WESTBROOK8531531
Congratz on completing the set, glad to see I lost that auction to a fellow set builder.
Posted @ 4/28/2010 6:40 PM By mancinis34
Congratulations upon completing the set, and thanks for sharing the scans with us. I hope to complete it sometime.
Posted @ 3/9/2009 2:21 PM By Weinhold