1966 East Hills Pirates: The KC Collection - 1966 East Hills Pirates

The KC Collection - 1966 East Hills Pirates - 10th

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Weighted GPA 7.087
Complete 84.00%
Set Rating 4.289
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About this set: While working on my Roberto Clemente Master Set, I purchased this whole set. One PSA grading special later and the whole set is now graded.

This set was added to the registry at my request.

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The KC Collection - 1966 East Hills Pirates
Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
63646600303HARRY WALKER4124
63646600707BOB BAILEYE8618
63646600808WILLIE STARGELL7935
63646600909BILL MAZEROSKI 
636466010010JIM PAGLIARONI7225
636466011011JOSE PAGAN878
636466012012JERRY MAY7414
636466014014GENE ALLEY6316
636466015015MANNY MOTA7515
636466016016ANDRE ROGERS 7519
636466017017DONN CLENDON7225
636466018018MATTY ALOU81011
636466019019PETE MIKELSON896
636466020020JESSE GONDER7420
636466022022WOODY FRYMAN8911
636466024024JERRY LYNCH8917
636466025025TOMMIE SISK5119
636466026026ROY FACE888
636466028028STEVE BLASS8122
636466032032VERNON LAW 
636466034034AL MCBEAN 
636466039039BOB VEALE7222
636466043043DON CARDWELL7317
636466045045GENE MICHAEL7514