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1932 Orbit Gum Pins-Numbered PR2: DLA 1932 Orbit Pins - Best

DLA 1932 Orbit Pins - Best - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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Rank 1
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 9.872
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 9.872
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DLA 1932 Orbit Pins - Best
Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
19773200101IVY ANDREWS910 
19773200202CARL REYNOLDS930 
19773200303RIGGS STEPHENSON930 
19773200404LON WARNEKE920 
19773200505FRANK GRUBE8110 
19773200606KIKI CUYLER910 
19773200707MARTY MCMANUS950 
19773200808LEFTY CLARK910 
19773200909GEORGE BLAEHOLDER930 
197732010010WILLIE KAMM8130 
197732011011JIMMY DYKES8163 
197732012012EARL AVERILL920 
197732013013PAT MALONE920 
197732014014DIZZY DEAN920 
197732015015DICK BARTELL8140 
197732016016GUY BUSH920 
197732017017BUD TINNING970 
197732018018JIMMY FOXX950 
197732019019MULE HAAS840 
197732020020LEW FONSECA950 
197732021021PEPPER MARTIN950 
197732022022PHIL COLLINS950 
197732023023BILL CISSELL930 
197732024024BUMP HADLEY821 
197732025025SMEAD JOLLEY722 
197732026026BURLEIGH GRIMES1010 
197732027027DALE ALEXANDER940 
197732028028MICKEY COCHRANE920 
197732029029MEL HARDER930 
197732030030MARK KOENIG940 
197732031031LEFTY O'DOUL/DODGERS920 
197732031131LEFTY O'DOUL/GIANTS970 
197732032032WOODY ENGLISH/WITH BAT8183 
197732033033BILLY JURGES/WITH BAT940 
197732034034BRUCE CAMPBELL930 
197732035035JOE VOSMIK960 
197732036036DICK PORTER910 
197732037037CHARLIE GRIMM930 
197732038038GEORGE EARNSHAW940 
197732039039AL SIMMONS820 
197732040040RED LUCAS733 
197732051051WALLY BERGER881 
197732055055JIM LEVEY880 
197732058058ERNIE LOMBARDI880 
197732064064JACK BURNS910 
197732067067BILLY HERMAN930 
197732072072BILL HALLAHAN910 
197732092092DON BRENNAN910 
197732096096SAM BYRD8160 
197732099099BEN CHAPMAN940 
1977321030103JOHN ALLEN940 
1977321070107TONY LAZZERI1010 
1977321110111EARL COMBS/EARLE930 
1977321160116JOE SEWELL910 
1977321200120VERNON GOMEZ940 
What a beautiful set. Lot of work went into this set.
Posted @ 6/23/2012 7:42 AM By justin1
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