1968 Topps Green Bay Packers: The Radke Collection

The Radke Collection - 17th

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Rank 17
Weighted GPA 7.333
Complete 55.56%
Set Rating 5.176
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The Radke Collection
Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
020168001011968 TOPPS BART STARR89525
0201680270271968 TOPPS CARROLL DALE73634
0201680520521968 TOPPS BOB JETER72753
0201680790791968 TOPPS ELIJAH PITTS 
02016810501051968 TOPPS BOYD DOWLER83811
02016813101311968 TOPPS HERB ADDERLY 
02016815701571968 TOPPS RAY NITSCHKE513138
02016818301831968 TOPPS JIM GRABOWSKI 
02016820902091968 TOPPS DONNY ANDERSON