500 Home Run Club: The Corso Collection

The Corso Collection - 2nd

Current Statistics
Rank 2
Weighted GPA 11.152
Complete 92.31%
Set Rating 10.055
Retired Statistics (11/18/2011)
Rank 1
Weighted GPA 9.770
Complete 96.00%
Set Rating 8.906
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About this set: What an awesome collection of Milestone Full Tickets & Stubs! Arguably, the most important & recognized Milestone Hitting Club. Still in need of the 500 hr tickets for FOXX & MAYS! Will PAY TOP DOLLAR for these actual ticket stub finds. Always looking to UPGRADE my current collection. Please contact me. Have fun!

The Corso Collection
ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradeSpec No. PopSpec No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
T12329H119STUB8/11/1929 Babe Ruth3MK1010Ruth's 500th HR in Cleveland - "The Holy Grail of tickets" - More scarce th...
   9/24/1940 Jimmie Foxx 
T12245H019STUB8/1/1945 Mel Ott51010511 hrs...Season Ticket
T12360F179STUB6/17/1960 Ted Williams32020521 hrs...RARE Season Ticket
T11265J139STUB9/13/1965 Willie Mays31010660 HR's and 3,283 Hits! Very important historical ticket pair!
T13967E149STUB5/14/1967 Mickey Mantle82020536 hrs...scarce Box Office
T12267G149STUB7/14/1967 Eddie Mathews41010512 hrs...Season Ticket
T11468G149STUB7/14/1968 Hank Aaron31010755 HR's and 3,771 Hits! Very important historical ticket pair!
T11770E129STUB5/12/1970 Ernie Banks91010512 hrs...Box Office
T13771H109STUB8/10/1971 Harmon Killebrew61011573 hrs...Season Ticket
U12771J139FULL9/13/1971 Frank Robinson61111586 hrs...Season Ticket
U11478F309FULL6/30/1978 Willie McCovey71010521 hrs...Season Ticket
U11084J179FULL9/17/1984 Reggie Jackson106070563 hrs...Box Office
U13087D189FULL4/18/1987 Mike Schmidt93030548 hrs...Box Office
U12796J069FULL9/6/1996 Eddie Murray104040504 hrs...Season Ticket
U11699H059FULL8/5/1999 Mark McGwire10300300Season Ticket
U12201D170FULL4/17/2001 Barry Bonds10340340Box Office
U13303D040FULL4/4/2003 Sammy Sosa108080609 hrs...Box Office
U13103E110FULL5/11/2003 Rafael Palmeiro109090569 hrs...Box Office
U11604F200FULL6/20/04 Ken Griffey Jr.105050621 hrs...Box Office
U13707F280FULL6/28/2007 Frank Thomas10100100521 hrs...Box Office
U13907H040FULL8/4/2007 Alex Rodriguez97171572 hrs...Season Ticket
U13807J160FULL9/16/2007 Jim Thome104040557 hrs...Season Ticket
U127000012FULL5/31/2008 Manny Ramirez10100100536 hrs...Box Office
U126000013FULL4/17/09 GARY SHEFFIELD 105050509 hrs...Season Ticket
U161000018 4/22/14 ALBERT PUJOLS