Hall of Fame Builders, Referees and Linesmen: Paul's HOF Builders, Referees & Linesmen

Paul's HOF Builders, Referees & Linesmen - 3rd

Current Statistics
Rank 3
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 8.387
Complete 88.99%
Set Rating 7.463
Retired Statistics (12/27/2011)
Rank 1
Weighted GPA 8.387
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 8.387
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Paul's HOF Builders, Referees & Linesmen
ItemDateCard#CompanyVarietySpec No.GradeSpec No. PopSpec No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
CHARLES ADAMS1985-198747HALL OF FAME CARDS 42668504707113117
WESTON ADAMS1985-1987122HALL OF FAME CARDS 4266851220105090
FRANK AHEAN1985-198762HALL OF FAME CARDS 42668506208210210
BUNNY AHEANE1985-1987183HALL OF FAME CARDS 42668518308114119
SIR MONTAGU ALLAN1985-1987123HALL OF FAME CARDS 4266851230105070
KEITH ALLEN195447PARKHURST 04045404707197209
NEIL ARMSTRONG    F168910050 
JOHN ASHLEY1985-1987213HALL OF FAME CARDS 4266852130729214
HAROLD BALLARD1985-198763HALL OF FAME CARDS 426685063083939
DAVID BAUER    MV52000004 
JOHN BICKELL1985-1987184HALL OF FAME CARDS 4266851840737310
HERB BROOKS199172IMPEL 932791072010270270
SCOTTY BOWMAN1974261O-PEE-CHEE 04317426108431014347
GEORGE BROWN1985-1987152HALL OF FAME CARDS 4266851520104070
WALTER BROWN1985-198778HALL OF FAME CARDS 426685078099296
FRANK BUCKLAND1985-1987216HALL OF FAME CARDS 42668521608210212
PAT BURNS    4131906690 
JACK BUTTERFIELD1985-1987167HALL OF FAME CARDS 426685167099396
FRANK CALDER1985-198718HALL OF FAME CARDS 42668501807214319
ANGUS CAMPBELL1985-1987125HALL OF FAME CARDS 4266851250103060
CLARENCE CAMPBELL1985-19874HALL OF FAME CARDS 4266850040848413
JOE CATTARINICH1985-1987168HALL OF FAME CARDS 4266851680104070
WILLIAM CHADWICK1985-198765HALL OF FAME CARDS 42668506507214220
ED CHYNOWETH1991717th INNING SKETCH 43310000038.51011
JOHN D'AMICO19935ACTION PACKED G26393005085757
LEO DANDURAND1985-198796HALL OF FAME CARDS 42668509607213217
FRANCIS DILIO1985-198781HALL OF FAME CARDS 42668508109103117
GEORGE DUDLEY1985-198768HALL OF FAME CARDS 42668506807212216
JAMES DUNN1985-1987217HALL OF FAME CARDS 426685217098184
CHAUCER ELLIOTT1985-1987171HALL OF FAME CARDS 42668517107212215
EMILE FRANCIS196621TOPPS 040166021082644418
JACK GIBSON1985-1987201HALL OF FAME CARDS 42668520108311315
TOMMY GORMAN1985-1987113HALL OF FAME CARDS 4266851130104070
BILL HAY    0401600060 
CHARLES HAY1985-198736HALL OF FAME CARDS 4266850360878712
WILLIAM HANLEY1985-1987251HALL OF FAME CARDS 426685251095151
JAMES HENDY1985-198719HALL OF FAME CARDS 4266850190849413
ROBERT HEWITSON1985-198782HALL OF FAME CARDS 426685082097578
FOSTER HEWITT1985-19878HALL OF FAME CARDS 42668500808311314
WILLIAM HEWITT1985-198799HALL OF FAME CARDS 4266850990993116
FRED HUME1985-1987233HALL OF FAME CARDS 4266852330104070
PUNCH IMLACH195915PARKHURST 04045901508521319149
MICKEY ION1985-19879HALL OF FAME CARDS 426685009082728
THOMAS IVAN1985-1987158HALL OF FAME CARDS 42668515808512819
WILLIAM JENNINGS1985-1987142HALL OF FAME CARDS 426685142099494
BOB JOHNSON1990674PRO SET 4131906740103030
GORDAN JUCKES1985-1987143HALL OF FAME CARDS 426685143095353
GEN. JOHN KILPATRICK1985-1987116HALL OF FAME CARDS 426685116098585
BRIAN KILREA    0450000009 
GEORGE LEADER1985-1987176HALL OF FAME CARDS 426685176086468
ROBERT LEBEL1985-1987117HALL OF FAME CARDS 42668511701080120
THOMAS LOCKHART1985-198738HALL OF FAME CARDS 4266850380738315
PAUL LOICQ1985-1987234HALL OF FAME CARDS 4266852340878713
JOHN MARIUCCI    4266852540 
BILL MCCREARY    4131906940 
HOWIE MEEKER195172PARKHURST 04045107208286387
JAKE MILFORD    4266852530 
HARTLAND MOLSON1985-1987221HALL OF FAME CARDS 426685221098588
ROGER NEILSON1990672PRO SET 4131906720103030
FRANCIS NELSON1985-1987160HALL OF FAME CARDS 426685160099595
BRUCE NORRIS1985-1987205HALL OF FAME CARDS 42668520508316421
JAMES NORRIS SR.1985-198757HALL OF FAME CARDS 426685057085959
JAMES NORRIS1985-1987145HALL OF FAME CARDS 42668514501060100
WILLIAM NORTHEY1985-1987161HALL OF FAME CARDS 42668516108215215
JOHN OBRIEN1985-1987206HALL OF FAME CARDS 42668520608310313
FRED PAGE19939ACTION PACKED G26393009095454
CRAIG PATRICK1971184O-PEE-CHEE 0431711840849248754
FRANK PATRICK1985-198723HALL OF FAME CARDS 4266850230817111
MATT PAVELICH    4266852610 
ALLAN PICKARD1985-1987209HALL OF FAME CARDS 426685209099397
RUDY PILOUS1985-1987247HALL OF FAME CARDS 4266852470961161
SAM POLLOCK1985-1987147HALL OF FAME CARDS 426685147096464
PAT QUINN       
SEN. DONAT RAYMOND1985-198773HALL OF FAME CARDS 426685073097183
JOHN ROBERTSON1985-1987102HALL OF FAME CARDS 4266851020838312
CLAUDE ROBINSON1985-1987192HALL OF FAME CARDS 42668519209101103
MIKE RODDEM1985-1987164HALL OF FAME CARDS 426685164086969
PHILIP ROSS1985-198758HALL OF FAME CARDS 4266850580887911
GLEN SATHER196738TOPPS 040167038091663310
RAY SCAPINELLO1990697PRO SET 4131906970104040
FRANK SELKE1985-198741HALL OF FAME CARDS 42668504108565819
AL SHAVER19936ACTION PACKED G26393006082929
FRED SHERO    0431740210 
HARRY SINDEN196631TOPPS 0401660310741224328
COOPER SMEATON1985-198742HALL OF FAME CARDS 42668504207113121
FRANK SMITH1985-1987103HALL OF FAME CARDS 42668510308314318
CONN SMYTHE1985-198727HALL OF FAME CARDS 42668502708153922
LORD STANLEY OF PRESTON1985-198713HALL OF FAME CARDS 42668501307215219
RED STOREY1985-198728HALL OF FAME CARDS 4266850280849412
AL STRACHAN199310ACTION PACKED G26393010071818
CAP. JAMES SUTHERLAND1985-198744HALL OF FAME CARDS 426685044084949
ANATOLI TARASOV1985-1987239HALL OF FAME CARDS 42668523908410412
BILL TORREY 198428ISLANDER NEWS E52800000181111
LLOYD TURNER1985-198729HALL OF FAME CARDS 426685029098484
WILLIAM TUTT1985-1987134HALL OF FAME CARDS 426685134098183
FRANK UDVARI1985-1987240HALL OF FAME CARDS 426685240085757
ANDY VAN HELLEMOND1990701PRO SET 4131907010102020
CARL VOSS1985-1987225HALL OF FAME CARDS 426685225083648
FRED WAGHORN1985-1987119HALL OF FAME CARDS 426685119085959
ARTHUR WIRTZ1985-198790HALL OF FAME CARDS 4266850900996911
BILL WIRTZ1985-1987179HALL OF FAME CARDS 4266851790738312
JOHN A. ZIEGLER, JR.    4266852570