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About this set: This Star Trek set, released by Topps in 1976, covers all three seasons of the Original Series that aired on television from 1966-1969. The set was created to promote the release of Star Trek: The Motion Picture in 1979 which was a sequel to the television series that had 79 episodes. Card #1, featuring the U.S.S. Enterprise, is Mint 9 and it is considered the most valuable card in the set according to the SMR Price Guide and an out-of-print price guide known as Combo (issue #26 from 03/97). The second most valuable cards are #4, Science Officer Spock, and #85, The Trouble with Tribbles. Card #4 is Gem Mint 10. There are seven cards tied for the third most valuable position according to Combo. Card #59, Mirror Mirror, is Gem Mint 10 and it is one of the third most valuable cards. The higher priced cards are worth more than the other common cards in the set. One of these higher priced cards, card #36, Attacked by Spores, is also Gem Mint 10. There are 33 Gem Mint 10's in this set of 88 cards and 9 of them were self-submitted. Facts appear on the back of each card and there are no puzzles in this set. The front and back of each card are shown. Duplicate cards included in this set are designated with a "*" before the grade. I have Topps Vault Proof Cards (reverse sides only) for cards #2 and #4. Topps Vault Final Card Art Photos are shown for cards #8, #68, #81 and #86. In addition to these, there are 17 autographed cards shown that have been certified by PSA/DNA. Most notably, the first card is signed by William Shatner and the last card is signed by Leonard Nimoy. Card #8 is signed by Shatner and Nimoy, card #57 is signed by William Shatner and there are two signed Sean Kenney (Captain Pike) cards for #50. With the exception of the James Doohan autograph on card #5, I personally obtained all of the autographs on the cards at Star Trek conventions and celebrity shows in Hollywood, Burbank, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Although Topps did not include Sulu in this set, I obtained George Takei's autograph on cards #13 and #16. Nichelle Nichols' autograph is on card #6 and Walter Koenig's autograph is on card #7. Besides the regular cast members, I also have autographs from Clint Howard (Balok), Gary Lockwood (Gary Mitchell), Eddie Paskey (Lt. Leslie), Bobby Clark (The Gorn) and Lawrence Montaigne (Decius). The autographed cards in this set are highlighted with red borders and they are among my favorites. Some of the signed cards in this set were featured in a article inside the August 2013 issue of Sports Market Report. I also have a 1976 Star Trek sticker set on the PSA Registry to compliment this mint set of cards that was the first to reach an average of 9.00 or better in 2009. PSA subsequently awarded this set as the Best Modern Non-Sports Set of the Year in 2009. Dedicated to my loving grandmother, Imogene "Nanny" Barbieri, and Star Trek fans everywhere.

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ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
88277600101THE USS ENTERPRISE9111Mint. Most valuable card (1/1). Self-submitted in 2009. PSA/DNA in 2012.
88277600202CAPTAIN JAMES T KIRK9121Mint. 3rd most valuable card (1/7). Topps Vault Proof shown. *8
88277600303DR BONES MCCOY 940Mint. Higher priced card. *8
88277600404SCIENCE OFFICER SPOCK1020Gem Mint. 2nd most valuable card (1/2). Topps Vault Proof shown. *9
88277600505ENGINEER SCOTT 1010Gem Mint. Higher priced card. PSA/DNA in 2012. *9
88277600606LIEUTENANT UHURA 980Mint. Higher priced card. PSA/DNA in 2010.
88277600707ENSIGN CHEKOV 1030Gem Mint. Higher priced card. PSA/DNA in 2010. *9
88277600808THE PHASER TOMORROWS WEAPON 1030Gem Mint. Higher priced card and my favorite card. Topps Vault Final Card A...
88277600909THE SHUTTLE CRAFT 9151Mint.
882776010010OPPONENTS 971Mint. Graded wax pack shown.
882776012012THE ALIEN MR SPOCK 1020Gem Mint. 3rd most valuable card (2/7). *9
882776013013MEN OF THE ENTERPRISE1040Gem Mint. Higher priced card. PSA/DNA in 2012. *9
882776014014THE STORY OF VOYAGE ONE9120Mint.
882776015015LIVE LONG AND PROSPER1020Gem Mint. Higher priced card. *9
882776016016VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE9110Mint. Higher priced card. PSA/DNA in 2012.
882776017017TOWARD THE UNKNOWN 9222Mint. Higher priced card. Wax box photos shown.
882776019019THE PURPLE BARRIER 9140Mint. PSA/DNA in 2013.
882776020020OUTWITTING A GOD 1040Gem Mint. Higher priced card.
882776021021PLANET DELTA VEGA 1050Gem Mint. The first PSA 10 graded for this set. Self-submitted in 2005.
882776022022CHARLIES LAW 9132Mint.
882776023023MYSTERIOUS CUBE 950Mint. Uncut sheet of 132 cards shown.
882776024024DWARFED BY THE ENEMY 9201Mint. PSA/DNA in 2014.
882776025025BALOKS ALTER-EGO 9201Mint. Higher priced card. PSA/DNA in 2014.
882776026026LAST OF ITS KIND 1030Gem Mint. Self-submitted in 2009. *9
882776027027FROZEN WORLD 9150Mint.
882776028028SPOCK LOSES CONTROL 1010Gem Mint. Higher priced card. *9
882776029029THE NAKED TIME 1060Gem Mint.
882776030030THE DEMON WITHIN 9160Mint. Higher priced card.
882776031031MY ENEMY MY SELF9100Mint.
882776032032MONSTER ANDROID 940Mint.
882776033033KORBYS FOLLY 9170Mint. Higher priced card.
882776034034THE DUPLICATE MAN 1070Gem Mint. Self-submitted in 2010. *9
882776035035BALANCE OF TERROR 1010Gem Mint. Self-submitted in 2005. PSA/DNA in 2012.
882776036036ATTACKED BY SPORES 1060Gem Mint. Higher priced card. Self-submitted in 2005.
882776037037SPOCK UNWINDS9191Mint. 3rd most valuable card (3/7). *8
882776038038DUEL AT GOTHOS 1040Gem Mint.
882776039039TIMESHIP OF LAZARUS 9150Mint. PSA/DNA in 2012.
882776040040DAGGER OF THE MIND 982Mint.
882776041041THE LAWGIVERS 960Mint. *8
882776043043BATTLING THE HORTA 9121Mint. *8
882776044044STRANGE COMMUNICATION9251Mint. *8
882776045045A STARTLING DISCOVERY9241Mint.
882776046046MCCOY INSANE 9161Mint. Higher priced card.
882776047047THE GUARDIAN OF FOREVER991Mint.
882776048048VISIT TO A HOSTILE CITY1060Gem Mint. Higher priced card. *9
882776049049MYSTERY AT STAR BASE 61030Gem Mint. *9
882776050050FATE OF CAPTAIN PIKE972Mint. PSA/DNA in 2010.
882776051051THE TALOSIANS 9222Mint.
882776052052ORDEAL ON RIGEL SEVEN1040Gem Mint. Self-submitted in 2005.
882776053053CAPTURING THE KEEPER961Mint.
882776054054BLASTED BY THE ENEMY981Mint. Higher priced card.
882776055055TRAPPED BY THE LIZARD CREATURE1030Gem Mint. PSA/DNA in 2010. *9
882776056056THE GORN STRIKES982Mint.
882776057057EARTHMANS TRIUMPH 9161Mint. PSA/DNA in 2010.
882776058058SPECIMEN UNKNOWN 1030Gem Mint. Self-submitted in 2005.
882776059059MIRROR MIRROR 1010Gem Mint. 3rd most valuable card (4/7). Self-submitted in 2005.
882776060060SPOCKS WEDDING 1010Gem Mint. Higher priced card.
882776061061STRANGLED BY MR SPOCK 9131Mint.
882776062062GRASP OF THE GODS 9172Mint. Higher priced card.
882776063063THE MONSTER CALLED NOMAD9251Mint.
882776064064THE COMPANION 980Mint.
882776065065JOURNEY TO BABEL 970Mint.
882776066066DEATH SHIP 1030Gem Mint.
882776067067THE THOLIAN WEB 1030Gem mint. *9
882776068068THE ARCHITECTS OF PAIN9200Mint. Topps Vault Final Card Art Photo shown.
882776069069THE MUGATO 1030Gem Mint. *9
882776070070THE DEADLY YEARS 1040Gem Mint. *9
882776071071ANCIENT ROME REVISITED 1040Gem Mint. *9
882776072072THE MELKOTIAN 9193Mint.
882776073073THE VULCAN MIND MELD970Mint. 3rd most valuable card (5/7).
882776074074POSSESSED BY ZARGON 1030Gem Mint.
882776075075CREATION OF A HUMANOID992Mint.
882776076076CAPTURED BY ROMULANS9180Mint. Higher priced card.
882776077077A WAR OF WORLDS 950Mint. Last remaining PSA 9 graded for the set. Self-submitted in 2010.
882776078078SPACE BRAINS 1020Gem Mint. Self-submitted in 2010.
882776079079I YARNEG9121Mint.
882776080080DEATH IN A SINGLE CELL1030Gem Mint. *9
882776081081THE UNINVITED 9111Mint. Topps Vault Final Card Art Photo shown.
882776082082THE LIGHTS OF ZETAR 9251Mint.
882776083083INVADED BY ALIEN ENERGY1040Gem Mint.
882776084084KIRKS DEADLIEST FOE9100Mint. Higher priced card.
882776085085THE TROUBLE WITH TRIBBLES9111Mint. 2nd most valuable card (2/2). *8
882776086086THE NAZI PLANET 9211Mint. 3rd most valuable card (6/7). Topps Vault Final Card Art Photo shown.
882776087087THE STARSHIP EATER 1020Gem Mint. *9
882776088088STAR TREK LIVES980Mint. 3rd most valuable card (7/7). Order sheet shown. PSA/DNA in 2010. *8