1966 Topps Superman: Jean-Luc Picard Set #3

Jean-Luc Picard Set #3 - 17th

Current Statistics
Rank 17
Weighted GPA 7.879
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 7.879
Retired Statistics (12/6/2012)
Rank 13
Weighted GPA 7.879
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 7.879

About this set: Consigned to 11/2012 auction Variety 2's distinguishing feature is the copyright information printed on the back of cards #1-45, at the bottom, in very small print. Variety 3 contains the phrase "Watch Superman on TV!" Variety 3 cards in this set are indicated in card descriptions.

Jean-Luc Picard Set #3
Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
88026600101KRYPTON IS DOOMED 9OC3142Variety 2
88026600202DESTINATION EARTH 83418
88026600303SUPERMANS PARENTS 84724
88026600404ACE REPORTER 84614
88026600505SUPERMAN 83817
88026600606A JOB FOR SUPERMAN 84922
88026600707THE MAN OF STEEL 84417
88026600808SUPERMANS STRENGTH 8233Variety 2
88026600909METROPOLIS HERO 83210
880266010010THE THREAT 83912
880266011011PLOTTING LOIS DEATH84919Variety 2
880266012012LOIS IN TROUBLE 84316
880266013013LOIS IS KIDNAPPED 84318
880266014014JIMMY AND CLARK 84012
880266015015HE'S BEEN SHOT 71836
880266016016CLARK GETS A LEAD 82811
880266017017NO FALSE MOVES KENT83822Variety 3
880266018018YOURE FINISHED KENT84420
880266019019SUPERMAN IN ACTION 8215
880266020020FUTILE FIGHT 84713
880266021021SUPERMANS WARNING 84017
880266022022THE BACKFIRE 85313
880266023023CRUSHING BLOW 84310
880266024024SEEING WITH X-RAY EYES84522
880266025025SAVED BY SUPERMAN 85125
880266026026SAFE AT LAST 83418Variety 3
880266027027SUPERMANS PERIL 72422
880266028028JIMMY SUPERMAN AND PERRY 84210Variety 2
880266029029GREAT CAESARS GHOST 85415
880266030030BULLETS BOUNCE OFF HIM 85323
880266031031IN THE NICK OF TIME 84320Variety 2
880266032032SUPERMAN & THE SAVAGES 83518Variety 3
880266033033SUPERMAN LEAPS IN 84120
880266034034SUPERMAN TO THE RESCUE83319Variety 2
880266035035SUPERMANS PROBLEM 83012Variety 3
880266036036THE CHALLENGE 84025
880266037037THE PIRATES DECISION 84323
880266038038ITS SUPERMAN 85119
880266039039HELPING HAND 86116
880266040040SUPERMAN & THE CAVEMEN84913
880266041041FACING THE DEATH RAY84522
880266042042SUPERMANS WEDDING 84120
880266043043HAPPY ENDING 83418
880266044044REPORTER CLARK KENT 71718
880266045045SUPER SAFECRACKER 8183
880266047047SUPERMANS PET 8419NA
880266048048AT THE POLICE STATION82616NA
880266050050THE ALIEN ARRIVES 83717NA
880266051051SUPERMAN GETS HIS MAN71823
880266052052JOR-EL ON KRYPTON 83213NA
880266053053JIMMY BEHIND BARS 83715
880266054054HELP ME SUPERMAN 83123NA
880266055055LOIS THREATENED 83122NA
880266056056SUPERMANS SEARCH 83819NA
880266058058HELD AS A HOSTAGE 84215NA
880266059059ROCKET FROM KRYPTON 83120NA
880266061061THE KRYPTONITE RAY 8296NA
880266062062SUPERMAN AS A BABY 83318NA
880266063063RULER OF KRYPTON 83221NA
880266064064SUPERMANS FATHER 83119NA
880266065065VISITOR FROM SPACE 83911NA
880266066066HARMLESS BLOW 61541