1955 Bowman - Basic: Midnight Cowboy

Midnight Cowboy - 2nd

Current Statistics
Rank 2
Weighted GPA 8.544
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 8.544
Retired Statistics (9/22/2006)
Rank 1
Weighted GPA 8.544
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 8.544
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About this set: This is one of the most-condition sensitive sets of all time, the 1955 Bowman set evokes memories of forgotten youths of yesteryear. The color TV format was certainly innovative. This set features many of the major stars of the day, and the tough wood-grain borders are extremely susceptible to chipping. Without the Paris, TN find about a decade ago, it would be next to impossible to complete this set in PSA 8. This collector was the first collector (and, as of January 2007, the only collector) to ever complete this set in strict NM/MT or better condition. #154 Frank Lary is the toughest card in the set; with only three examples graded PSA 8 NM/MT, it is the toughest mainstream card from the 1950s to find in NM/MT condition. Many of the low numbers of the set feature Philadelphia’s Shibe Park in the background. A throwback to yesteryear; the 1955 Bowman set was also Bowman’s swan song, paving the way for Topps virtual monopoly on baseball card collecting from 1956 through 1980. This set is the only vintage set to feature a subset of umpire cards. Many of them were former major leaguers, including a handful who won election to Baseball’s Hall of Fame; Cal Hubbard has the unique distinction of being in both Baseball and Football’s Hall of Fame. A big thanks to all who made this possible, most notably Craig Froehlich whose “Ratzo Rizzo” set is still listed among the All-Time finest. And a big thank you to the collectors who will carry the 1955 Bowman torch in 2007 and forward. Don Spence has put together a tremendous set in a short period of time. Jim Crandell helped me finance the purchase of Froelich’s set mentioned above. Howard Goodman can wax poetic about 1955 Bowman. John Martines, Ryan Addison, Brian Igoe and Ron Hobbs cannot be forgotten. And a big thank you to Marshall Fogel and Charlie Merkel who spoke to me at length about their 1955 Bowman collections in the late 1990s and early 2000s. This set is retired as of January 11, 2007.

Midnight Cowboy
ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
01025500101HOYT WILHELM8291One of the toughest #1 cards from the 1950s. A Hall of Famer, with a curre...
01025500202AL DARK930
01025500303JOE COLEMAN910
01025500404EDDIE WAITKUS910Eddie Waitkus starts off "My Biggest Thrill in Baseball" with the unlikely ...
01025500505JIM ROBERTSON8391
01025500606PETE SUDER8323
01025500707GENE BAKER8240The famous "Band Aid" card from the set
01025500808WARREN HACKER920
01025500909GIL McDOUGALD960
010255010010PHIL RIZZUTO1010#10 in PSA 10
010255011011BILLY BRUTON930
010255012012ANDY PAFKO950
010255013013CLYDE VOLLMER980
010255014014GUS KERIAZAKOS1020
010255015015FRANK SULLIVAN9120
010255016016JIM PIERSALL960
010255017017DEL ENNIS8643
010255018018STAN LOPATA940
010255019019BOBBY AVILA86512
010255020020AL SMITH9130
010255021021DON HOAK970
010255022022ROY CAMPANELLA81079
010255023023AL KALINE9140
010255024024AL ABER920
010255025025MINNIE MINOSO8404Very hard to find without a print line along the right border
010255026026VIRGIL TRUCKS910
010255027027PRESTON WARD930
010255028028DICK COLE931
010255029029RED SCHOENDIENST940
010255030030BILL SARNI930
010255031031JOHNNY TEMPLE931
010255032032WALLY POST980
010255033033NELSON FOX8565
010255034034CLINT COURTNEY960
010255035035BILL TUTTLE8575
010255036036WAYNE BELARDI8495
010255037037PEE WEE REESE920
010255038038EARLY WYNN940The only card from the set that I ever got a 9 on from a personal submissio...
010255039039BOB DARNELL930
010255040040VIC WERTZ8282
010255041041MEL CLARK920
010255042042BOB GREENWOOD960
010255043043BOB BUHL950
010255044044DANNY OCONNELL980
010255045045TOM UMPHLETT961
010255046046MICKEY VERNON930
010255047047SAMMY WHITE940
010255048248FRANK BOLLING8213
010255049049JIM GREENGRASS1010
010255050050HOBIE LANDRITH1010
010255051051ELVIN TAPPE9110
010255052052HAL RICE9120
010255053053ALEX KELLNER972
010255054054DON BOLLWEG980
010255055055CAL ABRAMS960
010255056056BILLY COX8466
010255057057BOB FRIEND8454
010255058058FRANK THOMAS8535
010255059059WHITEY FORD1010
010255060060ENOS SLAUGHTER950
010255061061PAUL LaPALME960
010255062062ROYCE LINT8511
010255063063IRV NOREN940
010255064064CURT SIMMONS920
010255065065DON ZIMMER940
010255066066GEORGE SHUBA8241
010255067067DON LARSEN930
010255068068ELSTON HOWARD940
010255069069BILL HUNTER920
010255070070LOU BURDETTE8370
010255071071DAVE JOLLY1010
010255072072CHET NICHOLS8252
010255073073EDDIE YOST940
010255074074JERRY SNYDER8262
010255075075BROOKS LAWRENCE940
010255076076TOM POHOLSKY8190
010255077077JIM McDONALD1010
010255078078GIL COAN950
010255079079WILLIE MIRANDA8395
010255080080LOU LIMMER8211
010255081081BOB MORGAN8284
010255082082LEE WALLS8184
010255083083MAX SURKONT930
010255084084GEORGE FREESE8372
010255085085CASS MICHAELS930
010255086086TED GRAY8240
010255087087RANDY JACKSON940
010255088088STEVE BILKO8222
010255089089LOU BOUDREAU8371
010255090090ART DITMAR8191
010255091091DICK MARLOWE8220
010255092092GEORGE ZUVERINK8241
010255093093ANDY SEMINICK8310
010255094094HANK THOMPSON8260
010255095095SAL MAGLIE8252
010255096096RAY NARLESKI8180
010255097097JOHN PODRES920
010255098098JUNIOR GILLIAM8446
010255099099JERRY COLEMAN8372
0102551000100TOM MORGAN8261
0102551011101DON JOHNSON910
0102551020102BOBBY THOMSON8452
0102551030103EDDIE MATHEWS8771
0102551040104BOB PORTERFIELD8331
0102551050105JOHNNY SCHMITZ8322
0102551060106DEL RICE950
0102551070107SOLLY HEMUS8311
0102551080108LOU KRETLOW8291
0102551090109VERN STEPHENS8206
0102551100110BOB MILLER930
0102551110111STEVE RIDZIK8363
0102551120112GRAN HAMNER8355
0102551130113BOB HALL8495
0102551140114VIC JANOWICZ920
0102551150115ROGER BOWMAN8414
0102551160116SANDALIO CONSUEGRA8292
0102551170117JOHNNY GROTH1010
0102551180118BOBBY ADAMS8344
0102551190119JOE ASTROTH920
0102551200120ED BURTSCHY920
0102551210121RUFUS CRAWFORD8310
0102551220122AL CORWIN8210
0102551230123MARV GRISSOM930
0102551240124JOHNNY ANTONELLI8314
0102551250125PAUL GIEL8301
0102551260126BILLY GOODMAN920
0102551270127HANK MAJESKI8323
0102551280128MIKE GARCIA8271
0102551290129HAL NARAGON910
0102551300130RICHIE ASHBURN920
0102551310131WILLARD MARSHALL8450
0102551322132HARVEY KUENN910
0102551330133CHARLES KING950
0102551340134BOB FELLER8503
0102551350135LLOYD MERRIMAN1010
0102551360136ROCKY BRIDGES8221
0102551370137BOB TALBOT8354
0102551380138DAVEY WILLIAMS8153
0102551390139BILLY & BOBBY SHANTZ8253
0102551400140BOBBY SHANTZ940
0102551410141WES WESTRUM920
0102551420142RUDY REGALADO920
0102551430143DON NEWCOMBE920
0102551440144ART HOUTTEMAN8203
0102551450145BOB NIEMAN8230
0102551460146DON LIDDLE8191
0102551470147SAM MELE8232
0102551480148BOB CHAKALES930
0102551490149CLOYD BOYER960
0102551500150BILL KLAUS8320
0102551510151JIM BRIDEWESER8360
0102551520152JOHNNY KLIPPSTEIN920
0102551530153EDDIE ROBINSON8180The last card from the set I ever got in PSA 8. A Yankee to boot, this is ...
0102551540154FRANK LARY881The toughest card in the set to find in PSA 8.
0102551550155GERRY STALEY8243
0102551560156JIM HUGHES8301
0102551572157ERNIE JOHNSON920
0102551580158GIL HODGES8591
0102551590159HARRY BYRD8393
0102551600160BILL SKOWRON8302
0102551610161MATT BATTS940
0102551620162CHARLIE MAXWELL930
0102551630163SID GORDON8498
0102551640164TOBY ATWELL940
0102551650165MAURICE McDERMOTT920
0102551660166JIM BUSBY8395
0102551670167BOB GRIM910
0102551680168YOGI BERRA950
0102551690169CARL FURILLO940
0102551700170CARL ERSKINE8293
0102551710171ROBIN ROBERTS8563
0102551720172WILLIE JONES970
0102551730173CHICO CARRASQUEL940
0102551740174SHERMAN LOLLAR930
0102551750175WILMER SHANTZ8431
0102551760176JOE DeMAESTRI920
0102551770177WILLARD NIXON930
0102551780178TOM BREWER8381
0102551790179HANK AARON940
0102551800180JOHNNY LOGAN930
0102551810181EDDIE MIKSIS8411
0102551820182BOB RUSH920
0102551830183RAY KATT930
0102551840184WILLIE MAYS950
0102551850185VIC RASCHI8291
0102551860186ALEX GRAMMAS8140
0102551870187FRED HATFIELD910
0102551880188NED GARVER8270
0102551890189JACK COLLUM8314
0102551900190FRED BACZEWSKI930
0102551910191BOB LEMON940
0102551920192GEORGE STRICKLAND8200
0102551930193HOWIE JUDSON940
0102551940194JOE NUXHALL8344
0102551951195ERV PALICA8331
0102551960196RUSS MEYER920
0102551970197RALPH KINER930
0102551980198DAVE POPE1010
0102551990199VERNON LAW8382
0102552000200DICK LITTLEFIELD8252
0102552010201ALLIE REYNOLDS1010
0102552020202MICKEY MANTLE973
0102552030203STEVE GROMEK8420
0102552042204FRANK BOLLING8152
0102552050205RIP REPULSKI1010
0102552060206RALPH BEARD8374
0102552070207FRANK SHEA930
0102552080208EDDY FITZGERALD8314
0102552090209SMOKY BURGESS920
0102552100210EARL TORGESON910
0102552110211SONNY DIXON920
0102552120212JACK DITTMER930
0102552130213GEORGE KELL920
0102552140214BILLY PIERCE940
0102552150215BOB KUZAVA1010
0102552160216PREACHER ROE8292
0102552170217DEL CRANDALL8332
0102552180218JOE ADCOCK8321
0102552190219WHITEY LOCKMAN8471
0102552200220JIM HEARN8274
0102552210221SKINNY BROWN8302
0102552220222RUSS KEMMERER910
0102552230223HAL JEFFCOAT940
0102552240224DEE FONDY8232
0102552250225PAUL RICHARDS8131The beginning of the high numbers.
0102552260226W.F. McKINLEY8200
0102552270227FRANK BAUMHOLTZ8171
0102552280228JOHN M. PHILLIPS8210
0102552290229JIM BROSNAN8184
0102552300230AL BRAZLE8225
0102552310231JIM KONSTANTY950
0102552320232BIRDIE TEBBETTS920
0102552330233BILL SERENA8192
0102552340234DICK BARTELL8172
0102552350235J.A. PAPARELLA8223
0102552360236MURRAY DICKSON8201
0102552370237JOHNNY WYROSTEK8332
0102552380238EDDIE STANKY8233
0102552390239EDWIN A. ROMMEL920
0102552400240BILLY LOES8202
0102552410241JOHN PESKY8221
0102552420242ERNIE BANKS8455
0102552430243GUS BELL1010
0102552440244DUANE PILLETTE940
0102552450245BILL MILLER1010
0102552460246HANK BAUER940
0102552470247DUTCH LEONARD940
0102552480248HARRY DORISH8151
0102552490249BILLY GARDNER8141
0102552500250LARRY NAPP8162
0102552510251STAN JOK8271
0102552520252ROY SMALLEY940
0102552530253JIM WILSON8220
0102552540254BENNETT FLOWERS940
0102552550255PETE RUNNELS8292
0102552560256OWEN FRIEND920
0102552570257TOM ALSTON8284
0102552580258JOHN W. STEVENS920
0102552590259DON MOSSI950
0102552600260EDWIN H. HURLEY911
0102552610261WALT MORYN8302
0102552620262JIM LEMON8411
0102552630263EDDIE JOOST8310
0102552640264BILL HENRY910
0102552650265AL BARLICK920HOF; this is Jocko Conlan are very popular
0102552660266MIKE FORNIELES8302
0102552670267JIM HONOCHICK941
0102552680268ROY LEE HAWES920
0102552690269JOE AMALFITANO8232
0102552700270CHICO FERNANDEZ8312
0102552710271BOB HOOPER940
0102552720272JOHN FLAHERTY8341
0102552730273BUBBA CHURCH8281
0102552740274JIM DELSING8241
0102552750275WILLIAM T. GRIEVE910
0102552760276IVAN DELOCK8262
0102552770277ED RUNGE910
0102552780278CHARLES NEAL8283
0102552790279HANK SOAR8213
0102552800280CLYDE McCULLOUGH8130
0102552810281CHARLES BERRY910
0102552820282PHIL CAVARRETTA8180
0102552830283NESTOR CHYLAK8235HOF'er
0102552840284WILLIAM A.JACKOWSKI8222
0102552850285WALT DROPO8250
0102552860286FRANK E. SECORY930
0102552870287RON MROZINSKI910
0102552880288DICK SMITH8191
0102552890289ARTHUR J. GORE940
0102552900290HERSHELL FREEMAN8232
0102552910291FRANK DASCOLI8331
0102552920292MARV BLAYLOCK930
0102552930293THOMAS D. GORMAN8441
0102552940294WALLY MOSES950
0102552950295E. LEE BALLANFANT930
0102552960296BILL VIRDON8330
0102552970297DUSTY BOGGESS8153Condition Sensitive
0102552980298CHARLIE GRIMM8111The second last card I obtained in this set in PSA 8 condition.
0102552990299LONNIE WARNEKE930
0102553000300TOMMY BYRNE910The toughest Yankee to find in the set in strict NM/MT or better condition.
0102553010301WILLIAM R. ENGELN8291
0102553020302FRANK MALZONE920
0102553030303JOCKO CONLAN940HOF'er - along with Al Barlick, one of the most popular cards in this subse...
0102553040304HARRY CHITI920
0102553050305FRANK UMONT8241
0102553060306BOB CERV910
0102553070307BABE PINELLI920
0102553080308AL LOPEZ8282
0102553090309HAL H. DIXON8321
0102553100310KEN LEHMAN8240
0102553110311LAWRENCE J. GOETZ8200
0102553120312BILL WIGHT8173
0102553130313A.J. DONATELLI8271
0102553140314DALE MITCHELL910
0102553150315CAL HUBBARD8320In both baseball and football Halls of Fame
0102553160316MARION FRICANO8190
0102553170317WM. R. SUMMERS8150The toughest Umpire to find in PSA 8 condition
0102553180318SID HUDSON8231The last four cards from this set are all exceptionally difficult to find i...
0102553190319ALBERT B. SCHROLL8130
0102553200320GEORGE SUSCE,JR.8140