1955 Topps All-American - Master: Museum of Sports History

Museum of Sports History - 3rd

Current Statistics
Rank 3
Weighted GPA 8.440
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 8.440
Retired Statistics (4/6/2009)
Rank 1
Weighted GPA 8.440
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 8.440
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About this set: For more information about this set, please contact Rick Snyder of MINT State at [email protected] or 1-630-365-9790

Museum of Sports History
Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
02015500101HERMAN HICKMAN86717
02015500202JOHN KIMBROUGH8595
02015500303ED WEIR8443
02015500404ERNIE PINCKERT8528
02015500505BOBBY GRAYSON950
02015500606NILES KINNICK883910/2/05 See Heisman Winners. D.
02015500707ANDY BERSHAK8826
02015500808GEORGE CAFEGO8697
02015500909TOM HAMILTON86815
020155010010BILL DUDLEY88624
020155011011BOBBY DODD87714
020155012012OTTO GRAHAM9191
020155013013AARON ROSENBURG992
020155015015ED KAW9151
020155016016KNUTE ROCKNE811426
020155017017BOB REYNOLDS85217
020155018018PUDGE HEFFELFINGER810213
020155019019BRUCE SMITH86110
020155020020SAMMY BAUGH9143
020155021021BYRON R. WHITE (CORRECT BIO)9130
020155022022BRICK MULLER87514
020155023023DICK KAZMAIER870610/2/05 See Heisman Winners. D.
020155024024KEN STRONG950
020155025025CASIMIR MYSLINSKI88519
020155026026LARRY KELLEY912210/2/05 See Heisman Winners. D.
020155027027RED GRANGE813017
020155028028MEL HEIN9811/4/06 See also HOF Players, HOF Rookie Players & All-Time Giants. D.
020155029029LEO NOMELLINI9160
020155030030WES E. FESLER9141
020155031031GEORGE SAUER SR.8617
020155032032HANK FOLDBERG8514
020155033033BOB HIGGINS960
020155034034DAVEY OBRIEN921110/2/05 See Heisman Winners. D.
020155035035TOM HARMON8661510/2/05 See Heisman Winners. D.
020155036036TURK EDWARDS86118
020155037037JIM THORPE9100
020155038038AMOS ALONZO STAGG 960MINT State purchase (November 2006); Replaces PSA 8
020155039039JEROME HOLLAND89111
020155040040DONN MOOMAW950
020155041041JOSEPH ALEXANDER8706
020155042042J. EDWARD TRYON89022
020155043043GEORGE SAVITSKY8708
020155044044ED GARBISCH9100
020155045045ELMER OLIPHANT8503
020155046046ARNOLD LASSMAN8684
020155047047BO McMILLAN8799
020155048048ED WIDSETH8527
020155049049DON ZIMMERMAN980
020155050050KEN KAVANAUGH86613
020155051051DUANE PURVIS8957
020155052052JOHN LUJACK960
020155053053JOHN F. GREEN980
020155054054EDWIN DOOLEY9201
020155055055FRANK MERRITT9192
020155056056ERNIE NEVERS91311/27/06 See All-Time Cardinals, HOF Players & HOF Rookie Players. DB
020155057057VIC HANSON89322
020155058058ED FRANCO980
020155059059DOC BLANCHARD9409/30/05 Card in 1955 Topps Master set. See also 1955 Topps Basic set & Hei...
020155060060DAN HILL8754
020155061061CHARLES BRICKLEY9110
020155062062HARRY NEWMAN8577
020155063063CHARLIE JUSTICE87315
020155064064BENNY FRIEDMAN9301/4/06 See also HOF Rookie Players, HOF Players & All-Time Giants. D.
020155065065JOE DONCHESS89616
020155066066BRUISER KINARD92019/23/05 See also HOF Players & HOF Rookie Players. D.
020155067067FRANKIE ALBERT8547
020155068068THE FOUR HORSEMEN92002/15/06 See Top 200 Cards in the Hobby. DB
020155069069FRANK SINKWICH839510/2/05 See Heisman Winners. D.
020155070070BILL DADDIO8655
020155071071BOB WILSON8517
020155072072CHUB PEABODY940
020155073073PAUL GOVERNALI9170
020155074074GENE MCEVER86812
020155075075HUGH GALLARNEAU89210
020155076076ANGELO BERTELLI858510/2/05 See Heisman Winners. D.
020155077077BOWDEN WYATT88716
020155078078JAY BERWANGER99010/2/05 See Heisman Winners. D.
020155079079PUG LUND8594
020155080080BENNIE OOSTERBAAN920
020155081081COTTON WARBURTON8476
020155082082ALEX WOJCIECHOWICZ8394
020155083083TED COY971
020155084084ACE PARKER87469/23/05 See also HOF Players & HOF Rookie Players. D.
020155085085SID LUCKMAN8961211/08/05 See also HOF Players. D.
020155086086ALBIE BOOTH81097
020155087087ADOLPH SCHULTZ9152
020155088088RALPH KERCHEVAL980
020155089089MARSHALL GOLDBERG813619
020155090090CHARLEY OROURKE8404
020155091091BOB ODELL950
020155092092BIGGIE MUNN8485
020155093093WILLIE HESTON88713
020155094094CHUCK BERNARD87820
020155095095RED CAGLE810621
020155096096BILL HOLLENBACK87321
020155097097DON HUTSON914211/08/05 See also All-Time Packers, All-Time NFL Receivers, HOF Players & H...
020155098098BEATTIE FEATHERS991
020155099099DON WHITMIRE990
0201551000100FATS HENRY882189/23/05 See also HOF Players & HOF Rookie Players. D.