1957 Topps - Basic: Frank Evanov

Frank Evanov - 6th

Current Statistics
Rank 6
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 9.245
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 9.245
Retired Statistics (6/1/2007)
Rank 1
Weighted GPA 8.772
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 8.772
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About this set: The first of the modern-day sized Baseball cards is still the best looking one in my opinion. No distracting colors or logos, just great-looking photos of the players. And what a great group of players...Mickey, Mays, Aaron, Koufax, both Robbys and at #1, none other than Ted Williams. Some very low population cards in the mid-series makes it a tough set to put together, but it's sure worth going for it.

This set was completed, fittingly, in June 2007, the 50th anniversary year of its issue. At the time of completion it was the #1 ranked set with a GPA of 8.77. It will always be my favorite set of all time! I dedicate it to the memory of my Dad who truly made me what I am today.

Frank Evanov
ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradeSpec No. PopSpec No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
01015700101TED WILLIAMS9151151The "Splendid Splinter" was the last man to hit .400, with a .406 mark in 1...
01015700202YOGI BERRA9160160Larry Berra was a great catcher and a three time AL MVP. Probably more fam...
01015700303DALE LONG9100100Dale hit 8 homers in 8 games in 1956!!
01015700404JOHNNY LOGAN9140140
01015700505SAL MAGLIE9191191Sal "the barber" played for all 3 NY teams.
01015700606HECTOR LOPEZ97070
01015700707LUIS APARICIO9200200Little Louie teamed with Nellie Fox to help the Sox win the 1959 AL pennant...
01015700808DON MOSSI102020One of Don's better looking cards.
01015700909JOHNNY TEMPLE9150150
010157010010WILLIE MAYS9250250The "Say Hey Kid" was one of the greatest all-around players of all time. ...
010157011011GEORGE ZUVERINK9142142
010157012012DICK GROAT81101611016
010157013013WALLY BURNETTE9120120
010157014014BOB NIEMAN97272Bob is the only player in history to hit a home run in his first 2 at bats ...
010157015015ROBIN ROBERTS97171Playing mostly with bad teams, Robin still managed to win 286 games in his ...
010157016016WALT MORYN9192192
010157017017BILLY GARDNER81291812918
010157018018DON DRYSDALE81681916819Big Don teamed with Sandy Koufax to form one of the greatest righty-lefty c...
010157019019BOB WILSON9160160
010157020020HANK AARON9300300"Hammering Hank" is the all-time home run king.
010157021021FRANK SULLIVAN9220220
010157022022JERRY SNYDER98080This card actually depicts the Senators' catcher, Ed Fitzgerald, not Jerry ...
010157023023SHERM LOLLAR95151
010157024024BILL MAZEROSKI9272272His dramatic World Series winning homer in 1960 was Bill's defining moment....
010157025025WHITEY FORD9140140Not a big guy, Edward "Whitey" Ford was the Yankees' ace for many years. H...
010157026026BOB BOYD81121511215
010157027027TED KAZANSKI9201201
010157028028GENE CONLEY96060
010157029029WHITEY HERZOG9241241
010157030030PEE WEE REESE9140140No one called him Harold! Great guy and super player!
010157031031RON NORTHEY102020
010157032032HERSH FREEMAN9161161
010157033033JIM SMALL96060
010157034034TOM STURDIVANT9232232Tom was 16-6 for the 1957 Yankees.
010157035035FRANK ROBINSON9230230Frank was MVP in both leagues. Hit 586 homers! A great manager as well.
010157036036BOB GRIM98080The 1954 AL Rookie of the Year with a 20 win season, Bob was 12-8 for the 5...
010157037037FRANK TORRE810981098
010157038038NELLIE FOX9190190Nellie teamed with Luis Aparicio as the keystone combo for the Go-Go-Sox of...
010157039039AL WORTHINGTON96060
010157040040EARLY WYNN9140140Early won 300 games. He was all business. Some said: " He would brush back...
010157041041HAL SMITH9290290
010157042042DEE FONDY9160160
010157043043CONNIE JOHNSON9290290
010157044044JOE DeMAESTRI81351313513
010157045045CARL FURILLO9100100Carl was a great fielder, had a rifle for an arm and was the NL Batting cha...
010157046046BOB MILLER9312312
010157047047DON BLASINGAME9101101
010157048048BILL BRUTON9191191
010157049049DARYL SPENCER9111111
010157050050HERB SCORE81282012820Herb's career was shattered by a line drive off the bat of Gil McDougald.
010157051051CLINT COURTNEY81351813518
010157052052LEE WALLS9230230
010157053053CLEM LABINE9291291
010157054054ELMER VALO9180180
010157055055ERNIE BANKS9251251"Mr. Cub" would always want to "play two".
010157056056DAVE SISLER81021210212Son of Hall of Famer George Sisler.
010157057057JIM LEMON9160160
010157058058RUBEN GOMEZ9110110
010157059059DICK WILLIAMS9351351
010157060060BILLY HOEFT9121121
010157061061DUSTY RHODES81402014020Dusty was the hero of the 1954 World Series.
010157062062BILLY MARTIN9140140"Billy The Kid" was a fierce competitor as a player as well as a manager. H...
010157063063IKE DELOCK99090
010157064064PETE RUNNELS9181181
010157065065WALLY MOON81132211322
010157066066BROOKS LAWRENCE9140140
010157067067CHICO CARRASQUEL9150150
010157068068RAY CRONE98080
010157069069ROY McMILLAN896159615
010157070070RICHIE ASHBURN9233233Richie compiled a .308 average over 15 big league seasons. After retiring a...
010157071071MURRY DICKSON9230230
010157072072BILL TUTTLE9200200
010157073073GEORGE CROWE81761317613
010157074074VITO VALENTINETTI9160160
010157075075JIM PIERSALL9250250
010157076076BOB CLEMENTE9411411My favorite card of Roberto. He died young, but still had 3,000 hits.
010157077077PAUL FOYTACK81091310913
010157078078VIC WERTZ9121121
010157079079LINDY McDANIEL9140140
010157080080GIL HODGES9161161
010157081081HERM WEHMEIER9131131
010157082082ELSTON HOWARD9220220Great photo on this card of the Yanks first African-American player.
010157083083LOU SKIZAS9160160
010157084084MOE DRABOWSKY9180180
010157085085LARRY DOBY95151Larry broke the AL color line in 1947. He has a career year in 1950 hittin...
010157086086BILL SARNI9130130
010157087087TOM GORMAN9191191
010157088088HARVEY KUENN81431614316
010157089089ROY SIEVERS99090I remember Roy as a slugger for the Senators in the 50''s.
010157090090WARREN SPAHN9302302Warren is the winning-est lefty in Baseball history with 363 victories over...
010157091091MACK BURK81282012820
010157092092MICKEY VERNON9140140
010157093093HAL JEFFCOAT98181
010157094094BOBBY DEL GRECO9130130
010157095095MICKEY MANTLE9221221Great card of Mickey coming off his Triple Crown MVP year. Can you see Bab...
010157096096HANK AGUIRRE9201201
010157097097YANKEES TEAM9250250 AL Champs again in 1957, but losers to the Braves in the WS.
010157098098AL DARK9270270
010157099099BOB KEEGAN9110110
0101571000100LEAGUE PRESIDENTS81021710217Both of these men would be elected to the Hall of Fame.
0101571010101CHUCK STOBBS81181411814
0101571020102RAY BOONE102020
0101571030103JOE NUXHALL81261312613
0101571040104HANK FOILES9150150
0101571050105JOHNNY ANTONELLI97070
0101571060106RAY MOORE81311513115
0101571070107JIM RIVERA9221221
0101571080108TOMMY BYRNE96060Tommy went 4-6 in 1957 and retired at season's end.
0101571090109HANK THOMPSON9360360
0101571100110BILL VIRDON9170170
0101571110111HAL SMITH81371213712
0101571120112TOM BREWER97070
0101571130113WILMER MIZELL9200200
0101571140114BRAVES TEAM9161161
0101571150115JIM GILLIAM98080
0101571160116MIKE FORNIELES9180180
0101571170117JOE ADCOCK9100100
0101571180118BOB PORTERFIELD81331013310
0101571190119STAN LOPATA81121511215
0101571200120BOB LEMON9120120Bob is the only player to start out in the Majors as a fielder and enter th...
0101571210121CLETIS BOYER9141141Smooth fielding 3rd baseman for the immortal 1961 Yanks. This is his rooki...
0101571220122KEN BOYER9130130Another Boyer third baseman!! Some feel he's HOF material.
0101571230123STEVE RIDZIK81001010010
0101571240124DAVE PHILLEY81361913619
0101571250125AL KALINE923023022 years a Tiger, Al was a 15 time All-Star and a 10 time Gold Glove winner...
0101571260126BOB WIESLER96060
0101571270127BOB BUHL99090
0101571280128ED BAILEY98080
0101571290129SAUL ROGOVIN9302302
0101571300130DON NEWCOMBE9250250
0101571310131MILT BOLLING9200200
0101571320132ART DITMAR9141141Art came to the Yanks in 1957 in a massive 13 player trade with KC. He won...
0101571330133DEL CRANDALL9120120
0101571340134DON KAISER9150150
0101571350135BILL SKOWRON9210210"Moose" not because of his size, but because of his resemblance to "Musso"l...
0101571360136JIM HEGAN9212212
0101571370137BOB RUSH9202202
0101571380138MINNIE MINOSO9110110Minnie was a terrific player. Unfortunately, his prime years were spent in...
0101571390139LOU KRETLOW8816816
0101571400140FRANK THOMAS9210210The first Frank Thomas was also a great slugger.
0101571410141AL ABER9140140
0101571420142CHARLEY THOMPSON9160160
0101571430143ANDY PAFKO9210210
0101571440144RAY NARLESKI9200200
0101571450145AL SMITH9260260
0101571460146DON FERRARESE9362362
0101571470147AL WALKER98080
0101571480148DON MUELLER9140140
0101571490149BOB KENNEDY898109810
0101571500150BOB FRIEND9251251
0101571510151WILLIE MIRANDA9181181
0101571520152JACK HARSHMAN9141141
0101571530153KARL OLSON9172172
0101571540154RED SCHOENDIENST9131131Red [real name ALbert] was a star at 2nd base for 15 NL seasons. He later ...
0101571550155JIM BROSNAN96060
0101571560156GUS TRIANDOS9110110I met Gus in 1959 at a Yankees game. He knew a friend of my Dad and he gav...
0101571570157WALLY POST9140140
0101571580158CURT SIMMONS9111111
0101571590159SOLLY DRAKE99090
0101571600160BILLY PIERCE9130130
0101571610161PIRATES TEAM81371613716
0101571620162JACK MEYER9310310
0101571630163SAMMY WHITE9130130
0101571640164TOMMY CARROLL97171The Yankees first bonus baby did not get far in the Majors.
0101571650165TED KLUSZEWSKI9140140
0101571660166ROY FACE9150150Master of the forkball.
0101571670167VIC POWER9181181
0101571680168FRANK LARY81461914619
0101571690169HERB PLEWS9150150
0101571700170DUKE SNIDER9191191The Duke! Real name Edwin. Hit 40 or more homers for 5 straight years and...
0101571710171RED SOX TEAM885128512
0101571720172GENE WOODLING9191191
0101571730173ROGER CRAIG9161161
0101571740174WILLIE JONES9190190
0101571750175DON LARSEN96060Don achieved Baseball immortality with his 1956 World Series perfect game.
0101571762176GENE BAKER9111111Gene was an All Star in 1955.
0101571770177EDDIE YOST879117911
0101571780178DON BESSENT8937937
0101571790179ERNIE ORAVETZ9100100
0101571800180GUS BELL96161Gus passed on his baseball genes to his son Buddy and his grandson David. ...
0101571810181DICK DONOVAN9171171
0101571820182HOBIE LANDRITH9130130
0101571830183CUBS TEAM81662416624
0101571840184TITO FRANCONA95252Terry''s Dad was a pretty good hitter!
0101571850185JOHNNY KUCKS9200200"Kucksie" had his best year in 1956 with an 18-9 record.
0101571860186JIM KING9230230
0101571870187VIRGIL TRUCKS9270270
0101571880188FELIX MANTILLA9352352
0101571890189WILLARD NIXON9250250
0101571900190RANDY JACKSON9181181
0101571910191JOE MARGONERI9120120
0101571920192JERRY COLEMAN9191191Jerry was a utilityman for the Yanks in the 60's. He later went on to a lo...
0101571930193DEL RICE102020
0101571940194HAL BROWN102020
0101571950195BOBBY AVILA81351913519
0101571960196LARRY JACKSON9230230
0101571970197HANK SAUER9140140
0101571980198TIGERS TEAM9473473
0101571990199VERNON LAW9245245
0101572000200GIL McDOUGALD9193193Gil was the AL ROY in 1951. He spent 9 great years with NY and later coach...
0101572010201SANDY AMOROS811281128
0101572020202DICK GERNERT9130130
0101572030203HOYT WILHELM9170170Hoyt was the first reliever voted into the hall. Amazingly, in his one yea...
0101572040204ATHLETICS TEAM9250250
0101572050205CHARLEY MAXWELL9192192
0101572060206WILLARD SCHMIDT101010
0101572070207BILLY HUNTER108080
0101572080208LEW BURDETTE9151151Star of the '57 World Series.
0101572090209BOB SKINNER9310310
0101572100210ROY CAMPANELLA9271271Campy was an All-Star catcher for the Dodgers until an auto accident ended ...
0101572110211CAMILO PASCUAL9351351
0101572120212ROCCO COLAVITO9343343Rocky was a super popular slugger in the 50's and 60's. Cleveland fans sti...
0101572130213LES MOSS106060
0101572140214PHILLIES TEAM9190190
0101572150215ENOS SLAUGHTER9240240"Country" Slaughter has a great 19 year career, hitting .300 or better 10 t...
0101572160216MARV GRISSOM9101101
0101572170217GENE STEPHENS103030
0101572180218RAY JABLONSKI109090
0101572190219TOM ACKER104040
0101572200220JACKIE JENSEN9160160
0101572210221DIXIE HOWELL10110110
0101572220222ALEX GRAMMAS9402402
0101572230223FRANK HOUSE9170170
0101572240224MARV BLAYLOCK9234234
0101572250225HARRY SIMPSON9210210Frequently traded, they called him "suitcase Simpson."
0101572260226PRESTON WARD9201201
0101572270227JERRY STALEY9190190
0101572280228SMOKY BURGESS9230230Pinch hitter par excellence!
0101572290229GEORGE SUSCE9262262
0101572300230GEORGE KELL9211211George was an All-Star, Gold Glove 3rd baseman for 15 years and retired wit...
0101572310231SOLLY HEMUS9303303
0101572320232WHITEY LOCKMAN9181181
0101572330233ART FOWLER9301301
0101572340234DICK COLE9200200
0101572350235TOM POHOLSKY9190190
0101572360236JOE GINSBERG9330330
0101572370237FOSTER CASTLEMAN9272272
0101572380238EDDIE ROBINSON9301301
0101572390239TOM MORGAN9240240
0101572400240HANK BAUER97070Casey platooned Hank with Gene Woodling in the outfield. The burly ex-Marin...
0101572410241JOE LONNETT9161161
0101572420242CHARLEY NEAL9312312
0101572430243CARDINALS TEAM101010
0101572440244BILLY LOES9331331
0101572450245RIP REPULSKI9273273
0101572460246JOSE VALDIVIELSO9341341
0101572470247TURK LOWN9382382
0101572480248JIM FINIGAN9301301
0101572490249DAVE POPE9252252
0101572500250ED MATHEWS9140140Eddie teamed with Hank Aaron on the Braves for many years, giving them a po...
0101572510251ORIOLES TEAM9321321
0101572520252CARL ERSKINE9281281Great Dodger pitcher of the 50's.
0101572530253GUS ZERNIAL102020
0101572540254RON NEGRAY9391391
0101572550255CHARLIE SILVERA9202202
0101572560256RONNIE KLINE9300300
0101572570257WALT DROPO9462462
0101572580258STEVE GROMEK9180180
0101572590259EDDIE O'BRIEN9241241
0101572600260DEL ENNIS97171
0101572610261BOB CHAKALES9140140
0101572620262BOBBY THOMSON9220220Bobby launched the "shot heard 'round the world" to win the 1951 NL Pennant...
0101572630263GEORGE STRICKLAND9160160
0101572640264BOB TURLEY9130130"Bullet Bob" was my favorite pitcher as a kid. Bob was 13-6 with a 2.71 ER...
0101572650265HARVEY HADDIX96060Harvey pitched 12 perfect innings in a game AND LOST it in the 13th!!
0101572660266KEN KUHN810071007
0101572670267DANNY KRAVITZ813771377
0101572680268JACKIE COLLUM81111011110
0101572690269BOB CERV95050
0101572700270SENATORS TEAM8735735
0101572710271DANNY O'CONNELL95151
0101572720272BOBBY SHANTZ9191191The 5'6" Shantz was AL MVP in 1952. He went 11-5 for the '57 Yanks.
0101572730273JIM DAVIS81141311413
0101572740274DON HOAK81141011410
0101572750275INDIANS TEAM81201512015
0101572760276JIM PYBURN8803803
0101572770277JOHNNY PODRES9160160
0101572780278FRED HATFIELD96060
0101572790279BOB THURMAN94040
0101572800280ALEX KELLNER8723723
0101572810281GAIL HARRIS811271127
0101572820282JACK DITTMER810571057
0101572830283WES COVINGTON9130130
0101572840284DON ZIMMER81522115221
0101572850285NED GARVER81401314013
0101572860286BOBBY RICHARDSON9100100Bobby was a solid second baseman for the Yanks. He hit .367 with 12 RBI in...
0101572870287SAM JONES95050
0101572880288TED LEPCIO813191319
0101572890289JIM BOLGER81221512215
0101572900290ANDY CAREY8722722Andy was a dependable backup infielder for the Yanks in the 50's.
0101572910291WINDY McCALL8633633
0101572920292BILLY KLAUS8683683
0101572930293TED ABERNATHY99090
0101572940294ROCKY BRIDGES81261012610
0101572950295JOE COLLINS98080Joe spent his entire 10 year career with NY. He retired after the 1957 seas...
0101572960296JOHNNY KLIPPSTEIN98080
0101572970297JACK CRIMIAN8888888
0101572980298IRV NOREN8572572
0101572990299CHUCK HARMON8745745
0101573000300MIKE GARCIA93030Final card I obtained to complete this set!
0101573010301SAM ESPOSITO9121121
0101573020302SANDY KOUFAX81801218012Sandy had a career ERA of 2.76. The dominant pitcher of his era, arthritis...
0101573030303BILLY GOODMAN8592592
0101573040304JOE CUNNINGHAM81351313513
0101573050305CHICO FERNANDEZ814191419
0101573060306DARRELL JOHNSON9222222Darrell was a backup his entire career. He is best remembered for guiding ...
0101573070307JACK PHILLIPS8523523
0101573080308DICK HALL9121121
0101573090309JIM BUSBY97070
0101573100310MAX SURKONT8461461Toughest card in the set.
0101573110311AL PILARCIK9140140
0101573120312TONY KUBEK9200200Tony was the AL ROY in 1957! He formed a great DP combo with Bobby Richard...
0101573130313MEL PARNELL8867867
0101573140314ED BOUCHEE9100100
0101573150315LOU BERBERET81351213512
0101573160316BILLY O'DELL95050
0101573170317GIANTS TEAM810451045
0101573180318MICKEY McDERMOTT96060
0101573190319GINO CIMOLI8631631
0101573200320NEIL CHRISLEY9100100
0101573210321RED MURFF98080
0101573220322REDLEGS TEAM93030
0101573230323WES WESTRUM96060
0101573240324DODGERS TEAM9130130Beaten in the WS by the Yanks again, the "bums" would soon head west.
0101573250325FRANK BOLLING8914914
0101573260326PEDRO RAMOS81421614216
0101573270327JIM PENDLETON811271127
0101573280328BROOKS ROBINSON9321321The 1964 AL MVP, Brooks won the Gold Glove an astounding 15 years in a row!
0101573290329WHITE SOX TEAM97070
0101573300330JIM WILSON9140140
0101573310331RAY KATT8854854
0101573320332BOB BOWMAN810761076
0101573330333ERNIE JOHNSON870137013
0101573340334JERRY SCHOONMAKER8856856
0101573350335GRANNY HAMNER95050
0101573360336HAYWOOD SULLIVAN81441114411
0101573370337RENE VALDES9100100
0101573380338JIM BUNNING9210210Rookie card of the future HOFer and Senator from Kentucky.
0101573390339BOB SPEAKE9130130
0101573400340BILL WIGHT8685685
0101573410341DON GROSS81051010510
0101573420342GENE MAUCH95050
0101573430343TAYLOR PHILLIPS875127512
0101573440344PAUL LaPALME9110110
0101573450345PAUL SMITH9230230
0101573460346DICK LITTLEFIELD97070
0101573470347HAL NARAGON8574574One of the toughest cards in this set!
0101573480348JIM HEARN93030
0101573490349NELSON KING8875875
0101573500350EDDIE MIKSIS8754754
0101573510351DAVE HILLMAN9142142
0101573520352ELLIS KINDER8793793
0101573530353CAL NEEMAN9211211
0101573540354RIP COLEMAN81171311713
0101573550355FRANK MALZONE9170170
0101573560356FAYE THRONEBERRY9150150
0101573570357EARL TORGESON813781378
0101573580358JERRY LYNCH81151111511
0101573590359TOM CHENEY96060
0101573600360JOHNNY GROTH9261261
0101573610361CURT BARCLAY8952952
0101573620362ROMAN MEJIAS9121121
0101573630363EDDIE KASKO9100100
0101573640364CAL McLISH9120120
0101573650365OSSIE VIRGIL97070
0101573660366KEN LEHMAN81651016510
0101573670367ED FITZ GERALD81911319113Ed is also shown, incorrectly, on #22 Jerry Snyder's card.
0101573680368BOB PURKEY81371213712
0101573690369MILT GRAFF889118911
0101573700370WARREN HACKER96060
0101573710371BOB LENNON9101101
0101573720372NORM ZAUCHIN9300300
0101573730373PETE WHISENANT9170170
0101573740374DON CARDWELL9152152Don was a key player on the '69 Amazing Mets.
0101573750375JIM LANDIS81241512415One of my favorite cards. Love the pose and the background.
0101573760376DON ELSTON81051410514
0101573770377ANDRE RODGERS811161116
0101573780378ELMER SINGLETON82001420014
0101573790379DON LEE96060
0101573800380WALKER COOPER81641416414
0101573810381DEAN STONE95050
0101573820382JIM BRIDEWESER9131131
0101573830383JUAN PIZARRO97070
0101573840384BOBBY GENE SMITH8967967
0101573850385ART HOUTTEMAN98080
0101573860386LYLE LUTTRELL81821218212
0101573870387JACK SANFORD9130130
0101573880388PETE DALEY9110110
0101573890389DAVE JOLLY98080
0101573900390RENO BERTOIA9262262
0101573910391RALPH TERRY98080Ralph was traded to KC in 1957, but he was traded back to the Yanks in 1959...
0101573920392CHUCK TANNER8989989
0101573930393RAUL SANCHEZ814981498
0101573940394LUIS ARROYO9131131Luis was the closer on the fabled 1961 Yankees team!
0101573950395BUBBA PHILLIPS95050
0101573960396CASEY WISE9121121
0101573970397ROY SMALLEY9151151
0101573980398AL CICOTTE96060Al spent just one year in pinstripes, posting a 2-2 record.
0101573990399BILLY CONSOLO9150150
0101574000400DODGERS' SLUGGERS98080Great card of Furillo, Gil, Campy and the Duke!
0101574010401EARL BATTEY9200200
0101574020402JIM PISONI81411014110
0101574030403DICK HYDE811181118
0101574040404HARRY ANDERSON81641216412
0101574050405DUKE MAAS98080
0101574060406BOB HALE8786786
0101574070407YANKEES POWER HITTERS81721117211What a great card of Yogi and the Mick