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recbball's 1950's NFL Team of the Decade - 12th

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recbball's 1950's NFL Team of the Decade
ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
0208480540541948 LEAF CHUCK BEDNARIK5814
0208480520521948 LEAF LEO NOMELLINI51713
0202500520521950 BOWMAN ELROY HIRSCH683154
020250006061950 BOWMAN LOU GROZA678122
0202500450451950 BOWMAN OTTO GRAHAM687209
0202500510511950 BOWMAN TOM FEARS76480
0202510910911951 BOWMAN EMLEN TUNNELL76044
0202510960961951 BOWMAN ERNIE STAUTNER76764
0282520230231952 BOWMAN GINO MARCHETTI73125
0282520290291952 BOWMAN HUGH MCELHENNY64154
02925212901291952 BOWMAN JACK CHRISTIANSEN9OC3227
02825212701271952 BOWMAN OLLIE MATSON63223
02025510101011955 BOWMAN BOB ST. CLAIR74724
0202550360361955 BOWMAN DICK STANFEL8565
0202550140141955 BOWMAN LEN FORD86416
0201560470471956 TOPPS BILL GEORGE89513
0201560440441956 TOPPS JOE SCHMIDT79284
0201560410411956 TOPPS ROOSEVELT BROWN87811
0201570850851957 TOPPS DICK LANE721788
0201570150151957 TOPPS JACK BUTLER711281
0201570940941957 TOPPS RAYMOND BERRY6167185
02015913201321959 TOPPS JIM PARKER811822
0201590510511959 TOPPS SAM HUFF815822