1980s NFL First Team of the Decade: recbball's NFL Team of 80's

recbball's NFL Team of 80's - 14th

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Rank 14
Weighted GPA 8.418
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Set Rating 8.282
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recbball's NFL Team of 80's
ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
0201720930931972 TOPPS TED HENDRICKS815643
02017438303831974 TOPPS JOHN HANNAH810617
0201750120121975 TOPPS MEL BLOUNT8233121
02017615801581976 TOPPS RANDY WHITE8344112
02017614801481976 TOPPS WALTER PAYTON81775516
02017622302231976 TOPPS BILLY JOHNSON82821
0201770500501977 TOPPS MIKE HAYNES815060
02017717701771977 TOPPS STEVE LARGENT 8823300
02018131603161981 TOPPS DAN HAMPTON91112
02018121602161981 TOPPS JOE MONTANA848801336
02018140704071981 TOPPS MIKE NELMS9167
02018115001501981 TOPPS KELLEN WINSLOW933463
0201820510511982 TOPPS ANTHONY MUNOZ919725
02018243404341982 TOPPS LAWRENCE TAYLOR944067
02018248604861982 TOPPS RONNIE LOTT927834
02018338403841983 TOPPS KENNY EASLEY9949
0201830380381983 TOPPS MIKE SINGLETARY959052
02018412901291984 TOPPS DWIGHT STEPHENSON913116
02018428002801984 TOPPS ERIC DICKERSON9129173
02018411101111984 TOPPS HOWIE LONG943141
02018422202221984 TOPPS JIM COVERT914527
02018430003001984 TOPPS MORTEN ANDERSEN917126
02018438103811984 TOPPS RUSS GRIMM925233
02018616101611986 TOPPS JERRY RICE969849
02018627502751986 TOPPS REGGIE WHITE928729
02018615401541986 TOPPS SEAN LANDETA83018
02499335503551993 PINNACLE BILL WALSH