1948 Bowman: The Crandell Collection

The Crandell Collection - 13th

Current Statistics
Rank 13
Weighted GPA 8.028
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 8.028
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About this set: This set is complete at 45 psa 8s and 3 8.5s. Thank you to Keith Abrams for supplying the final 13 cards to complete the set.

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The Crandell Collection
Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
01024800101BOB ELLIOTT8389
01024800202EWELL BLACKWELL8439
01024800303RALPH KINER8.5212
01024800404JOHNNY MIZE87515
01024800505BOB FELLER810119
01024800606YOGI BERRA89415
01024800707PETE REISER8267
01024800808PHIL RIZZUTO85912
01024800909WALKER COOPER8.514
010248010010BUDDY ROSAR8396
010248011011JOHNNY LINDELL8436
010248012012JOHNNY SAIN84714
010248013013WILLARD MARSHALL8378
010248014014ALLIE REYNOLDS86414
010248015015EDDIE JOOST83610
010248016016JACK LOHRKE8303
010248017017ENOS SLAUGHTER86411
010248018018WARREN SPAHN85810
010248019019TOMMY HENRICH86114
010248020020BUDDY KERR8326
010248021021FERRIS FAIN8588
010248022022FLOYD BEVENS83610
010248023023LARRY JANSEN85011
010248024024EMIL LEONARD83313
010248025025BARNEY McCOSKY83310
010248026026FRANK SHEA8414
010248027027SID GORDON8326
010248028028EMIL VERBAN8276
010248029029JOE PAGE84013
010248030030WHITEY LOCKMAN8307
010248031031BILL McCAHAN85011
010248032032BILL RIGNEY85311
010248033033BILL JOHNSON84310
010248034034SHELDON JONES8306
010248035035GEORGE STIRNWEISS8378
010248036036STAN MUSIAL85016
010248037037CLINT HARTUNG8226
010248038038RED SCHOENDIENST8338
010248039039AUGIE GALAN83510
010248040040MARTY MARION8237
010248041041REX BARNEY8296
010248042042RAY POAT8267
010248043043BRUCE EDWARDS8277
010248044044JOHNNY WYROSTEK8.514
010248045045HANK SAUER8285
010248046046HERMAN WEHMEIER8254
010248047047BOBBY THOMSON8215
010248048048GEORGE DAVE KOSLO82410