1980 Topps Philadelphia Phillies: Phillies Phan's World Champions Team Set

Phillies Phan's World Champions Team Set - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

Current Statistics
Rank 1
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 11.000
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 11.000
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About this set: World Champions -- what more can be said?

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Phillies Phan's World Champions Team Set
ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
010180004041980 TOPPS PETE ROSE HIGHLIGHTS10360
010180006061980 TOPPS DEL UNSER HIGHLIGHTS10120
0101800270271980 TOPPS DEL UNSER10220
0101800520521980 TOPPS WARREN BRUSSTAR1070
0101800900901980 TOPPS MANNY TRILLO10120
01018012001201980 TOPPS GREG LUZINSKI10580
01018013601361980 TOPPS DICK RUTHVEN10240
01018016101611980 TOPPS LARRY CHRISTENSON10320
01018017801781980 TOPPS TIM MCCARVER10220
01018021002101980 TOPPS STEVE CARLTON10100
01018027002701980 TOPPS MIKE SCHMIDT101460
01018029602961980 TOPPS DAVE RADAR10170
01018031703171980 TOPPS MIKE ANDERSON10250
01018034403441980 TOPPS RANDY LERCH10110
01018038003801980 TOPPS GARRY MADDOX10110
01018042104211980 TOPPS DOUG BIRD10210
01018044704471980 TOPPS NINO ESPINOSA10120
01018047004701980 TOPPS BOB BOONE10440
01018049504951980 TOPPS BAKE MCBRIDE10140
01018052605261980 TOPPS PHILLIES TEAM 1050Personal submission. First PSA 10 graded.
01018054005401980 TOPPS PETE ROSE10690
01018056605661980 TOPPS BUD HARRELSON10130
01018060906091980 TOPPS RON REED10250
01018063006301980 TOPPS LARRY BOWA10240
01018065506551980 TOPPS TUG MCGRAW10670
01018068206821980 TOPPS PHILLIES ROOKIES10140
01018069206921980 TOPPS RAWLY EASTWICK10220
01018071807181980 TOPPS GREG GROSS10270