Mike Schmidt Basic Set: Phillies Phan

Phillies Phan - 5th

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Rank 5
Weighted GPA 10.889
Complete 97.87%
Set Rating 10.316
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About this set: The best third baseman of all-time, hands down. Played for the Philadelphia Phillies his entire life. What an amazing player! These cards represent Mike's basic mainstream cards throughout his illustrious career. To see a more comprehensive run of Mike Schmidt cards, please see my Mike Schmidt Master Set Registry.

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Phillies Phan
ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradeSpec No. PopSpec No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
01017428302831974 TOPPS MIKE SCHMIDT105050
0101750700701975 TOPPS MIKE SCHMIDT9751751
01017648004801976 TOPPS MIKE SCHMIDT 
01017714001401977 TOPPS MIKE SCHMIDT10230230
01017836003601978 TOPPS MIKE SCHMIDT10410410Schmidt's worst season from 1974 through 1987. Whether a nagging injury, o...
01017961006101979 TOPPS MIKE SCHMIDT10330330
01018027002701980 TOPPS MIKE SCHMIDT1013901390
0104810110111981 DONRUSS MIKE SCHMIDT10650650
01048159005901981 DONRUSS MIKE SCHMIDT10810810
010381005051981 FLEER MIKE SCHMIDT103301430
01038164006401981 FLEER MIKE SCHMIDT10340340
01018154005401981 TOPPS MIKE SCHMIDT10930930
01048229402941982 DONRUSS MIKE SCHMIDT1010401040
01038225802581982 FLEER MIKE SCHMIDT10710710
01018210001001982 TOPPS MIKE SCHMIDT10470470
01048316801681983 DONRUSS MIKE SCHMIDT10960960
01038317301731983 FLEER MIKE SCHMIDT1012301230
01018330003001983 TOPPS MIKE SCHMIDT10840840
01048418301831984 DONRUSS MIKE SCHMIDT1028802880
0103840480481984 FLEER MIKE SCHMIDT1013501350From own submission.
01018470007001984 TOPPS MIKE SCHMIDT1011501150
0104850610611985 DONRUSS MIKE SCHMIDT1010701070
01038526502651985 FLEER MIKE SCHMIDT1010001000
01088520502051985 LEAF MIKE SCHMIDT10200200
01018550005001985 TOPPS MIKE SCHMIDT10530530
0104860610611986 DONRUSS MIKE SCHMIDT1015801580
01038645004501986 FLEER MIKE SCHMIDT10620620
0108860510511986 LEAF MIKE SCHMIDT10430430
01018620002001986 TOPPS MIKE SCHMIDT10720720
01048713901391987 DONRUSS MIKE SCHMIDT1011101110
01038718701871987 FLEER MIKE SCHMIDT106301330
01088712201221987 LEAF MIKE SCHMIDT10320320
01018743004301987 TOPPS MIKE SCHMIDT10680680
01048833003301988 DONRUSS MIKE SCHMIDT10450450
01038831503151988 FLEER MIKE SCHMIDT10790790
01088812401241988 LEAF MIKE SCHMIDT10190190
0106880160161988 SCORE MIKE SCHMIDT10360360
01018860006001988 TOPPS MIKE SCHMIDT10570570
01028940204021989 BOWMAN MIKE SCHMIDT10850850
01048919301931989 DONRUSS MIKE SCHMIDT10470470
01038958205821989 FLEER MIKE SCHMIDT10870870
01068914901491989 SCORE MIKE SCHMIDT10530530
01018910001001989 TOPPS MIKE SCHMIDT10940940
01178940604061989 UPPER DECK MIKE SCHMIDT1011601160
01049064306431990 DONRUSS MIKE SCHMIDT10390390
0117900200201990 UPPER DECK MIKE SCHMIDT10540540From personal submission. First three PSA 10s from the population report w...
Congratulations, Marc! Was just saying the other day that I was very glad to have a top 5 set, but that there was no way I (or anyone else!) would ever be able to beat yours! Looking for a 1975 "10"?
Posted @ 2/19/2011 8:00 AM By BigDad_1
Spectacular Schmidts! Especially that Gem Mint 10 rookie card. Congratulations on having the best set of them all.
Posted @ 12/15/2008 11:34 AM By Weinhold