1966 Topps Lost in Space: Mighty's Graded Sets***1966 Lost In Space Set #1

Mighty's Graded Sets***1966 Lost In Space Set #1 - 16th

Current Statistics
Rank 16
Weighted GPA 8.135
Complete 98.18%
Set Rating 7.818
Retired Statistics (7/30/2012)
Rank 10
Weighted GPA 8.068
Complete 98.18%
Set Rating 7.753
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About this set: 

Mighty's Graded Sets***1966 Lost In Space Set #1
Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
88226600101THE WORLD WAITS8195
88226600303READY FOR TAKE - OFF981
88226600404THE PILOT DREAMS8293
88226600505GOOD-BYE EARTH!71223
88226600606DESTINATION - THE STARS!8217
88226600707SHIP OFF COURSE8236
88226600808SILENCE FROM EARTH82310
88226600909THE MYSTERY BELOW8195
882266010010WHO GOES THERE?8326
882266011011THE STOWAWAY8253
882266012012READYING THE ROBOT8257
882266013013FEAR ON BOARD8176
882266014014TERROR STRIKES8336
882266016016TWO IN DANGER 
882266017017DANGER AHEAD8273
882266018018A NEW PERIL83410
882266019019NO ESCAPE8214
882266020020LAST CHANCE8299
882266021021THE METAL MENACE8265
882266022022SHOCK LANDING8214
882266023023VICTIM OF THE CRASH8378
882266024024OPENING THE WAY82811
882266025025ROBOT RESEARCH8275
882266026026THE STRANGE PLANET8336
882266027027THE CHARIOT8264
882266028028ROBOT REPORTING8276
882266029029ALARMING NEWS8161
882266030030URGENT WARNING8313
882266031031THE GROUND TREMBLES8327
882266032032THE DEADLY SUN8197
882266033033SAFE FROM THE SUN82913
882266034034THE ROBINSONS REPORT8258
882266035035PENNY'S PETS8285
882266036036WHERE IS PENNY?8224
882266037037THE PLANTS OF PERIL8327
882266038038THE TERRIBLE SIGHT82212
882266039039THE PLANT'S PREY8206
882266040040LOST IN DARKNESS8263
882266041041THE MYSTERY SHIP8287
882266042042RUNNING FOR HELP8277
882266043043THE SEARCH951
882266044044IN THE LOST CITY8275
882266045045THE STRANGER HELPS8356
882266046046THE TERRIBLE COLD83511
882266047047WHAT WAS THAT?950
882266048048ONE EYED TERROR8235
882266049049THE GIANT THREATENS8213
882266050050THE AWESOME MENACE8207
882266051051READYING AN ATTACK8287
882266052052THE FLYING WARRIOR8285
882266053053THE BATTLE BEGINS8349
882266054054IN DEATH'S GRIP8195
882266055055FACING THE FUTURE990