Legends of the NBA: 25 Best Players of the 2000s: recbball

recbball - 4th

Current Statistics
Rank 4
Weighted GPA 9.136
Complete 88.00%
Set Rating 8.040
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ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
0942962170217RAY ALLEN970756
877703073073CARMELO ANTHONY93110
0942971810181CHAUNCEY BILLUPS10330
0942961380138KOBE BRYANT93513682
0942981990199VINCE CARTER93524344
3371971280128TIM DUNCAN9579127
0311951157115KEVIN GARNETT91475320
0942011310131PAU GASOL9132155
0942041660166DWIGHT HOWARD966125
0942961710171ALLEN IVERSON92200569
S047031231123LEBRON JAMES102640
0311942867286JASON KIDD91060189
0942971250125TRACY MCGRADY92735771
0942021460146YAO MING101140
0942961820182STEVE NASH9295121
0942981540154DIRK NOWITZKI940555
03179200101SHAQUILLE O'NEAL92078193
0942011550155TONY PARKER999106
3371981000100PAUL PIERCE9834358
0303002320 MICHAEL REDD 
0942021260126AMAR'E STOUDEMIRE9114209
877703090090DWYANE WADE9118
0311932120212CHRIS WEBBER91478153