1948 Leaf - Basic: ricky's finest

ricky's finest - 2nd

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Rank 2
Weighted GPA 7.954
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 7.954
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ricky's finest
Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
02084800111SID LUCKMAN850
02084800202STEVE SUHEY8122
02084800313CLYDE TURNER8130
02084800404DOAK WALKER8110
02084800515LEVI JACKSON8.532
02084800626BOBBY LAYNE810
02084800717BILL FISCHER820
02084800818VINCE BANONIS8.510
02084800919TOM THOMPSON8.520
020848010010PERRY MOSS930
020848011011TERRY BRENNAN8113
020848012112WILLIAM SWIACKI8.521
020848013113JOHNNY LUJACK891
020848014114MAL KUTNER850
020848015015CHARLIE JUSTICE8.521
020848016116PETE PIHOS8.522
020848017117KENNY WASHINGTON8.512
020848018018HARRY GILMER8160
020848019119GEORGE McAFEE8.512
020848020120GEORGE TALIAFERRO8110
020848021021PAUL CHRISTMAN8110
020848022222STEVE VAN BUREN810
020848023023KEN KAVANAUGH930
020848024124JAMES MARTIN8170
020848025025ELMER ANGSMAN8.522
020848026126BOB WATERFIELD8.521
020848027127FRED DAVIS8.511
020848028128WHITEY WISTERT840
020848029029CHARLEY TRIPPI8.510
020800002930PAUL GOVERNALI910
020848031231TOM McWILLIAMS8.510
020848032032LARRY ZIMMERMAN8174
020848033033MARLIN HARDER8244
020848034034SAMMY BAUGH8153
020848035035TED FRITSCH8.510
020848036036BILL DUDLEY8122
020848037037GEORGE CONNOR8171
020848038038FRANK DANCEWITZ8.531
020848039039BILLY DEWELL8200
020848040040JOHN NOLAN8.511
020848041241HARRY SZULBORSKI841
020848042042DEWITT COULTER8102
020848043143BOBBY NUSSBAUMER830
020848044044BOB MANN8.520
020848045045JIM WHITE8.511
020848046146JACK JACOBS881
020848047047JOHN CLEMENT871
020848048048FRANK REAGAN880
020848049049FRANK TRIPUCKA861
020848050050JOHN RAUCH820
020848051051MIKE DIMITRO7120
020848052252LEO NOMELLINI810
020848053053CHARLEY CONERLY7112
020848054154CHARLES BEDNARIK741
020848055055CHICK JAGADE771
020848056056BOB FOLSOM6110
020848057057EUGENE ROSSIDES841
020848058058ART WEINER851
020848059059ALEX SARKISIAN830
020848060060RICHARD HARRIS871
020848061061LEN YOUNCE830
020848062062GENE DERRICOTTE830
020848063163ROY STEINER7.511
020848064064FRANK SENO831
020848065065BOB HENDEREEN8111
020848066166JACK CLOUD8.511
020848067067HARRELL COLLINS892
020848068168CLYDE LaFORCE850
020848069069LARRY JOE841
020848070070PHIL O'REILLY7132
020848071071PAUL CAMPBELL821
020848072072RAY EVANS8.510
020848073173JACKIE JENSEN920
020848074074RUSS STEGER8.510
020848075075TONY MINISI850
020848077277GEORGE SAVITSKY7.511
020848078078CLARENCE SELF830
020848079079ROD FRANZ8.510
020848080180JIM YOUEL810
020848081181BILLY BYE830
020848082082FRED ENKE861
020848083183FRED FOLGER840
020848084084EARL GIRARD840
020848085085JOE SCOTT7.512
020848086086BOB DeMOSS850
020848087087DAVE TEMPLETON850
020848088088HERB SIEGERT830
020848089089WILLIAM O'CONNER832
020848090090JOE WHISLER861
020848091091LEON HART910
020848092092EARL BANKS791
020848094094JOHN GOLDSBERRY7111
020848095095PORTER PAYNE7101
020848096096PETE PERINI741
020848097097JAY RHODEMYRE6.523
020848098098ALFONSO DiMARCO740
Wow!, What a set!! If you EVER want to sell (or trade for) the #91 Hart PSA-9, or if you know where I can find an "8", please let me know as I can use it for my Heisman Rookies set. Thanks. Pete Fletcher
Posted @ 2/5/2014 2:03 PM By azfletch59
thanks, 20 year's off collecting to get to this point.
Posted @ 4/27/2013 2:10 PM By ricky1
Great set especially in light of the number one set and the scarcity of high grade cards, Congratulations Regards John Jeffries
Posted @ 4/27/2013 11:21 AM By jjeffries
congrats.....that's one smoking set !!!!
Posted @ 4/24/2013 5:49 PM By z1458