All-Time Philadelphia Flyers: GretzkyCards's All-Time Flyers

GretzkyCards's All-Time Flyers - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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Weighted GPA 8.816
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Set Rating 8.816
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GretzkyCards's All-Time Flyers
ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradeSpec No. PopSpec No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
0401630300301963 TOPPS ED VAN IMPE8304304
0401640720721964 TOPPS GARY DORNHOEFER733293329
0401660330331966 TOPPS JOE WATSON8243243
0431680890891968 O-PEE-CHEE BERNIE PARENT8103103
04317019501951970 O-PEE-CHEE BOB CLARKE9423423
04317110401041971 O-PEE-CHEE BARRY ASHBEE99191
04317112701271971 O-PEE-CHEE TERRY CRISP9211211
04317117501751971 O-PEE-CHEE REGGIE LEACH8158158
04317120702071971 O-PEE-CHEE RICK MACLEISH9342342
0431730810811973 O-PEE-CHEE BILL BARBER9290290
04317316601661973 O-PEE-CHEE DAVE SCHULTZ9714714
04317435703571974 O-PEE-CHEE BILL CLEMENT 9121121
043375007071975 O-PEE-CHEE WHA MARK HOWE97171
04317730703071977 O-PEE-CHEE PAUL HOLMGREN 9101101
0431800390391980 O-PEE-CHEE BRIAN PROPP9371371
04318125102511981 O-PEE-CHEE TIM KERR10100100
04318326802681983 O-PEE-CHEE PELLE LINDBERGH10370370
04318416501651984 O-PEE-CHEE DAVE POULIN10110110
043187002021987 O-PEE-CHEE RICK TOCCHET10340340
04318716901691987 O-PEE-CHEE RON HEXTALL103030
41539044004401990 SCORE ERIC LINDROS FUTURE SUPERSTAR1016505300
0417900360361990 UPPER DECK ROD BRIND'AMOUR10800990
04179017801781990 UPPER DECK MARK RECCHI1013501780
04179035403541990 UPPER DECK KEITH PRIMEAU10220310
04179042804281990 UPPER DECK ERIC DESJARDINS10410410
04179134503451991 UPPER DECK JOHN LECLAIR1010401040