1966 Topps Batman A Series: PSUinCT

PSUinCT - 21st

Current Statistics
Rank 21
Weighted GPA 7.955
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 7.955
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Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
88076600101THE GHOSTLY FOE72532
88076600202GRAPPLING A GATOR82812
88076600303THE MENACING MUMMY83820
88076600404TARGET OF THE TRAPPER84617
88076600505PENDULUM PERIL84618
88076600606FACING THE ACE83110
88076600707THE BATLINE LIFELINE84821
88076600808TENTACLED TERROR84216
88076600909KNIGHTING A THIEF8.5419
880766010010CYCLING CRUSADER84313
880766011011LANDING A BIG ONE8.5118
880766012012BOILING BATH84916
880766013013OUT ON A LIMB83115
880766014014DANGER IN THE DEPTHS8.527
880766015015GOTHAM GALLANTS8.5312
880766016016PORTABLE BAT SIGNALS83911
880766017017LINK TO LINCOLN85118
880766018018DEATH SPINS A WEB84514
880766019019LEAP FOR LIFE8409
880766020020SURFING SLEUTHS84513
880766021021BATMAN WINS A PRIZE85516
880766022022DEATH SKIS THE SLOPES8435
880766024024TIGHT SQUEEZE83715
880766025025IN THE BATLAB8286
880766026026THE JOKERS LAST LAUGH8389
880766027027STRIKING OUT THE COBRA8369
880766028028VICTORIOUS DUO8306
880766029029DANGER FROM THE 25TH CENTURY85014
880766030030UNDONE BY AN UMBRELLA83818
880766031031FLYING FOES85622
880766032032CAPTAIN KIDDS CAPER85514
880766033033DYNAMITE IN ROBINS NEST85614
880766034034THE BATMAN BABY SITTER86410
880766035035CRIME ABOVE THE HARBOR8419
880766036036CLIFF HANGERS8388
880766037037WATERY WARFARE8445
880766038038IN THE PATH OF DEATH84312
880766039039STOPPING THE SUB72833
880766040040INFERNO OF FLAME73570
880766041041DUEL OF DEATH84513
880766043043MENACE IN FAIRYLAND8479
880766044044BATMAN OF BROADWAY72331