1958 Topps Chicago White Sox: The Crandell Collection

The Crandell Collection - 5th

Current Statistics
Rank 5
Weighted GPA 8.022
Complete 89.19%
Set Rating 6.474
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The Crandell Collection
Spec No.Card#ItemGradeSpec No. PopSpec No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
0101580111111958 TOPPS JIM RIVERA (YELLOW TEAM) 
0101580112111958 TOPPS JIM RIVERA (WHITE TEAM)8356356
0101580260261958 TOPPS RON JACKSON8518518
0101580501501958 TOPPS BILLY PIERCE (YELLOW TEAM)8353353
0101580560561958 TOPPS BILL FISCHER81221612216
0101580852851958 TOPPS LUIS APARICIO (WHITE TEAM)8536536
01015810011001958 TOPPS EARLY WYNN (YELLOW TEAM)8596596
01015810021001958 TOPPS EARLY WYNN (WHITE TEAM)81511015110
01015810811081958 TOPPS JIM LANDIS (YELLOW TEAM) 
01015810821081958 TOPPS JIM LANDIS (WHITE TEAM)8546546
01015812901291958 TOPPS JIM DERRINGTON8808808
01015813801381958 TOPPS EARL TORGESON99191
01015815301531958 TOPPS LES MOSS81051710517
01015816301631958 TOPPS JIM WILSON81381913819
01015817701771958 TOPPS AL SMITH884168416
01015820002001958 TOPPS BOB KEEGAN8734734
01015821202121958 TOPPS BUBBA PHILLIPS8476476
01015822502251958 TOPPS BILLY GOODMAN8817817
01015824902491958 TOPPS RAY MOORE8736736
01015825602561958 TOPPS CHICAGO WHITE SOX TEAM8372372
01015826702671958 TOPPS SHERM LOLLAR8939939
01015829002901958 TOPPS DICK DONOVAN879117911
01015831603161958 TOPPS TITO FRANCONA8447447
01015833403341958 TOPPS MOUND ACES B.FRIEND/B.PIERCE8687687
01015833803381958 TOPPS WALT DROPO860116011
01015834703471958 TOPPS DON RUDOLPH8668668
01015836403641958 TOPPS EARL BATTEY866146614
01015840004001958 TOPPS NELLIE FOX81122211222
01015841204121958 TOPPS JERRY STALEY8767767
01015842104211958 TOPPS DIXIE HOWELL8767767
01015842504251958 TOPPS SAM ESPOSITO810461046
01015845304531958 TOPPS TOM QUALTERS81271412714
01015847904791958 TOPPS NELLIE FOX ALL STAR817081708
01015848304831958 TOPPS LUIS APARICIO ALL STAR818191819
01015849104911958 TOPPS SHERM LOLLAR ALL STAR8956956