1956 Topps Elvis Presley: Mighty's Graded Sets**1956 Elvis #2

Mighty's Graded Sets**1956 Elvis #2 - 10th

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Rank 10
Weighted GPA 8.318
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 8.318
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Weighted GPA 8.045
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 8.045
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Mighty's Graded Sets**1956 Elvis #2
Spec No.Card#ItemGradeSpec No. PopSpec No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
08135600101GO GO GO ELVIS8120120
08135600303RELAXING AT REHEARSAL8221221
08135600404LOVE ME TENDER8252252
08135600505SOFT AND MELLOW93030
08135600606ELVIS WITH HIS FANS8291291
08135600707PRESLEY PRESS CONFERENCE741124112
08135600808SINGING W/HEART8210210
08135600909TIME OUT BETWEEN SHOWS8386386
081356010010AMER. SINGING IDOL8414414
081356011011DON'T BE CRUEL8303303
081356012012PICKIN' OUT A TUNE8306306
081356013013S. ALLEN & ELVIS8434434
081356014014DOWN ON THE FARM8430430
081356015015JUDGING HIS RECORD8363363
081356016016VACATION FUN8162162
081356017017STUDYING THE SCRIPT8290290
081356018018SIGNING SESSION8190190
081356019019I WANT YOU I NEED YOU I LOVE YOU99090
081356020020A TUX FOR T.V.8211211
081356021021ELVIS PRESLEY8338338
081356022022THE FAN'S FRIEND8233233
081356023023READY TO RIDE8398398
081356024024ELVIS' MOVIE DEBUT8313313
081356025025ELVIS'S MOTORCYCLE8434434
081356026026HOUND DOG8333333
081356027027SWINGING LOW8303303
081356028028ACTING OUTDOORS8271271
081356029029FACING THE CAMERAS8171171
081356030030ELVIS THE ACTOR8293293
081356031031AT THE KEYBOARD8231231
081356032032TUNING UP FOR SHOW94040
081356033033A SHOW FOR THE HOMETOWN8444444
081356035035ELVIS AT 178303303
081356036036CHOW TIME ON THE MOVIE SET8292292
081356037037STRUMMING FOR FUN 98080
081356038038ELVIS' ESCORT8563563
081356039039LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION!8191191
081356040040SERENADE TO A POOCH8100100
081356041041ROCKIN' ON STAGE8443443
081356042042RADIO BROADCAST8212212
081356043043RECORDING SESSION8283283
081356044044ELVIS' SPECIAL SHIRT8250250
081356045045PREPARING TO GOON STAGE8294294
081356046046AMERICA'S TOP SINGER8307307
081356047047CLINT & CATHY RENO8232232
081356048048FARM CHORES8330330
081356049049NEW MEMBER OF THE FAMILY8382382
081356050050HARD WORK8398398
081356051051HAPPY HOMECOMING8292292
081356052052PORCH PERFORMANCE8315315
081356053053I WANT AN HONEST ANSWER8370370
081356054054HEADING FOR THE FAIR8232232
081356055055SINGING UP A STORM8416416
081356056056BAD NEWS8323323
081356057057I'M GOIN' TO VANCE8140140
081356058058RESCUE RIDE8321321
081356059059CLINT'S PLAN8354354
081356060060DON'T TRY TO STOP ME8160160
081356061061FIGHTING MAD8482482
081356062062TWO AGAINST ONE8361361
081356063063SETTING THE TRAP8270270
081356064064LET HIM HAVE IT CLINT8200200
081356065065CLINT TAKES AIM8242242
081356066066GO BACK TO VANCE8251251