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About this set: If you have full tickets for any of my missing years or upgrades to existing tickets, I would be very interested in talking with you. Please email me, they don't have to be graded by PSA, I will be happy to buy them ungraded. Top prices paid.

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ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradeSpec No. PopSpec No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
T10133G069STUB1933 CHICAGO (WHITE SOX)1157179Babe Ruth hits the 1st Home Run in ASG history
T10134G109STUB1934 NY (GIANTS)13333 
U10135G089FULL1935 CLEVELAND212310Gehrig remains hitless in third ASG
T10136G079STUB1936 BOSTON31718 
T10137G079STUB1937 WASHINGTON23031 
T10138G069STUB1938 CINCINNATI1410410 
U02439G119FULL1939 NY (YANKEES)63131 
U10140G099FULL1940 ST. LOUIS (CARDINALS)31021 
U10141G089FULL1941 DETROIT32142Ted Williams 3 run walk off Home Run
U10142G069FULL1942 NY (GIANTS)61010 
U10144G119FULL1944 PITTSBURGH52030 
U10146G099FULL1946 BOSTON (RED SOX)21216Williams crushes Rip Sewell's eephus pitch for Home Run
U10147G089FULL1947 CHICAGO (CUBS)82020 
U10148G139FULL1948 ST. LOUIS (BROWNS)61010 
U10149G129FULL1949 BROOKLYN110910 
U10150G119FULL1950 CHICAGO (WHITE SOX)54556 
U10151G109FULL1951 DETROIT41052 
U10152G089FULL1952 PHILADELPHIA61010 
U02453G149FULL1953 CINCINNATI62020 
U10154G139FULL1954 CLEVELAND223715 
U10155G129FULL1955 MILWAUKEE51131Stan Musial 12th inning walk off Home Run
U10156G109FULL1956 WASHINGTON43041 
U10157G099FULL1957 ST. LOUIS51031 
U10158G089FULL1958 BALTIMORE41145 
U10159H039FULL1959 LOS ANGELES42035 
U10159G079FULL1959 PITTSBURGH42045 
U10160G139FULL1960 NY (YANKEES)51010 
U10160G119FULL1960 KANSAS CITY71010 
U10161G319FULL1961 BOSTON314312Game ends in tie due to heavy rain
U10161G119FULL1961 SAN FRANCISCO12138 
U10162G309FULL1962 CHICAGO (CUBS)72121 
U10162G109FULL1962 WASHINGTON132129 
U10163G099FULL1963 CLEVELAND41267 
U10164G079FULL1964 NY (METS)51020Johnny Callison 3 run walk off Home Run
U10165G139FULL1965 MINNESOTA424611 
U10166G129FULL1966 ST. LOUIS71020 
U10167G119FULL1967 CALIFORNIA87080 
U10168G099FULL1968 HOUSTON85050 
U10169G229FULL1969 WASHINGTON71020 
U10170G149FULL1970 CINCINNATI61032Rose mows down Fosse to score winning run in 12th.
U10171G139FULL1971 DETROIT84050Jackson's blast off Ellis hits light transformer est. 520 feet
U10172G259FULL1972 ATLANTA54046 
U10173G249FULL1973 KANSAS CITY96060 
U10174G239FULL1974 PITTSBURGH91010 
U10175G159FULL1975 MILWAUKEE73030 
U10176G139FULL1976 PHILADELPHIA81020 
U10177G199FULL1977 NY (YANKEES)524611 
U10178G119FULL1978 SAN DIEGO92020 
U10179G179FULL1979 SEATTLE81010 
U10180G089FULL1980 LOS ANGELES72020 
U10181H099FULL1981 CLEVELAND84040 
U10182G139FULL1982 MONTREAL82121 
U10183G069FULL1983 CHICAGO (WHITE SOX)98181Fred Lynn 1st Grand Slam in All Star Game
U10184G109FULL1984 SAN FRANCISCO98080NL's Valenzuela and Gooden team up for 6 K's in 4th & 5th innings
U10185G169FULL1985 MINNESOTA83031 
U10186G159FULL1986 HOUSTON91010 
U10187G149FULL1987 OAKLAND71114 
U10188G129FULL1988 CINCINNATI84484 
U10189G119FULL1989 CALIFORNIA93050Bo Jackson leads off game with a towering 440 foot HR
U10190G109FULL1990 CHICAGO (CUBS)72124 
U10191G099FULL1991 TORONTO861103 
U10192G149FULL1992 SAN DIEGO101010 
U10193G139FULL1993 BALTIMORE8106116 
U10194G129FULL1994 PITTSBURGH8112182 
U10195G119FULL1995 TEXAS98080 
U10196G099FULL1996 PHILADELPHIA96363 
U10197G089FULL1997 CLEVELAND83030 
U10198G079FULL1998 DENVER84060 
U10199G139FULL1999 BOSTON632612 
U10100G110FULL2000 ATLANTA86060 
U10101G100FULL2001 SEATTLE83131Rodriguez to 3rd to allow Ripkin at SS in his 19th and final ASG
U10102G090FULL2002 MILWAUKEE74747Game ends in a tie as teams run out of pitchers
U10103G150FULL2003 CHICAGO87171 
U10104G130FULL2004 HOUSTON103030 
U10105G120FULL2005 DETROIT7310311 
U10106G110FULL2006 PITTSBURGH84242 
U10107G100FULL2007 SAN FRANCISCO8145145Ichiro 1st inside the park HR in ASG history
U101000015FULL2008 NY (YANKEES)104040 
U101000023FULL2009 ST. LOUIS 99191 
U101000029FULL2010 ANAHEIM88686 
U101000043FULL2011 PHOENIX97272 
U101000008FULL2012 KANSAS CITY103030 
U101000020FULL2013 NEW YORK8106106 
U101000014FULL2014 MINNESOTA95353 
U101000003 2015 CINCINNATI82020 
Massively impressive collection!!!!!
Posted @ 4/23/2011 11:27 AM By chisoxcollection
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