1962 Topps Civil War News: Carl Riegger's HOF 1962 Topps Civil War News Set

Carl Riegger's HOF 1962 Topps Civil War News Set

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About this set: Back in 1962 when Topps released this 88-card set, they probably did not realize that they were creating a classic in the non-sports arena. Through his creativity, the legendary artist Norm Saunders designed each card to be a masterpiece depicting individual events during the Civil War. Anyone who collects this set is drawn to it for a number of different reasons: The graphic and gruesome artwork, the subject matter of the War Between the States, the backs of the cards which were designed like newspapers and tells the cards story, and last but not least, those fond childhood memories of collecting and trading these cards, along with the Confederate currency which came in every pack. The 1962 Topps Civil War News cards are an all-around classic set of non-sports cards, and that is why they are very popular, and so avidly collected.

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Carl Riegger's HOF 1962 Topps Civil War News Set
Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
88296200101THE ANGRY MAN1030
88296200303THE WAR STARTS9210
88296200404REBEL POWER1030
88296200505EXPLODING FURY9260
88296200606PULLED TO SAFETY1020
88296200707DEATH AT SEA8292
88296200808DESTRUCTIVE BLOW920
88296200909SAVAGES ATTACK9111
882962010010DESTRUCTION AT SEA1020
882962012012BLOODY COMBAT930
882962013013DYING EFFORT9380
882962014014FIGHT TO THE FINISH1030
882962015015NATURE'S FURY1020
882962016016DIRECT HIT9282
882962017017THE FLAMING RAFT9210
882962018018DEATH TO THE ENEMY9150
882962019019PUSHED TO HIS DOOM1020
882962020020DEATH FALL1020
882962021021PAINFUL DEATH970
882962022022WAVE OF DEATH1040
882962023023CRUSHED BY WHEELS9160
882962024024AFTER THE BATTLE980
882962025025HANGING THE SPY950
882962026026MESSENGER OF DEATH1020
882962027027BLOOD MASSACRE9131
882962028028THE CANNON ROARS1030
882962029029BRIDGE OF DOOM1010
882962030030CHARGING THE BULLETS1010
882962031031TERROR OF THE SEA9190
882962032032DEATH STRUGGLE940
882962033033FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL960
882962034034WALL OF CORPSES1020
882962035035GASPING FOR AIR1050
882962036036MIDNIGHT RAID9210
882962037037DEATH BARGES IN1020
882962038038GENERAL GRANT960
882962039039GENERAL LEE9280
882962040040BULLETS OF DEATH9210
882962042042THE BATTLE CONTINUES1020
882962043043COSTLY MISTAKE970
882962044044SHOT TO DEATH9160
882962046046VICIOUS ATTACK9120
882962047047DEATH BATTLE9331
882962048048SMASHING THE ENEMY1020
882962049049THE EXPLOSION1010
882962050050STOLEN SECRETS1020
882962051051HORSE THIEVES9314
882962052052FRIENDLY ENEMIES1030
882962053053TRAIN OF DOOM9300
882962054054A HORSEMAN FALLS1040
882962055055THE SILENT DRUM1030
882962056056BURST OF FIRE1060
882962057057HAND TO HAND COMBAT1030The very first "Gem Mint 10" graded in this set
882962058058ANGEL OF MERCY9150
882962059059SUBMARINE ATTACK920
882962060060SUICIDE CHARGE1030
882962061061THE FLAMING FOREST980
882962062062THE GENERAL DIES1050
882962064064JAWS OF DEATH9220
882962065065FLAMING DEATH9220
882962066066VICTIM OF THE WAR970
882962067067DEADLY DUEL1010
882962068068THE WILL TO WIN1050
882962069069DEATH IN THE WATER1020
882962070070THE SNIPER1020
882962071071NO ESCAPE1020
882962072072THE CANNON'S VICTIM970
882962073073THROUGH THE SWAMP1010
882962075075THE FAMILY FLEES9270
882962076076BLAZING CANNON9413
882962078078SUDDEN ATTACK9240
882962079079COUNCIL OF WAR1030
882962080080CITY IN FLAMES920
882962081081DEADLY DEFENSE1010
882962082082DESTROYING THE RAILS1010
882962083083THE LOOTERS9322
882962084084DEADLY ARROWS9410
882962085085ATTACKED FROM BEHIND9291
882962086086DYNAMITE VICTIM1040
882962087087THE WAR ENDS9211