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1948 LEAF 1 SID LUCKMAN 0208480011

1948 LEAF 34 SAMMY BAUGH 0208480340

One of the greatest players to ever hit the gridiron. Baugh's quarterbacking was a evolution in the game, he made the forward pass a threat. He also excelled at 3 positions QB, D.B., & punter.

1950 BOWMAN 45 OTTO GRAHAM 0202500450

One of the top 5 greatest QB's of all time. Graham played 10 years with the Brown's. In the All American conference for 4 seasons, and then they joined the NFL, were he played 6 more seasons. In all 10 yrs he led the Brown's to the Championship game ...

1951 BOWMAN 4 NORM VAN BROCKLIN 0202510040

The "Dutchman" win's championship's with two NFL franchise becoming the only man to hand the Packer's a championship loss in the Lombardi era. During his Career he delivered the ball to what would become 3 HOF receiver's.

1954 BOWMAN 23 GEORGE BLANDA 0202540230

Blanda's career spand 4 decades, playing a NFL record 26 seasons. His best years were spent with the AFL Houston Oilers, Which he lead to the first two AFL league titles. He threw a record 36 TD's in the 1961 season which stood in either the NFL or A...

1958 TOPPS 90 SONNY JURGENSEN 0201580900

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