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1951 BOWMAN 253 MICKEY MANTLE 0102512530

While the centering here is well above average for this notoriously off-centered card, what sets this example apart is its focus/registration. No blurring of the image or its outline whatsoever.

1952 BOWMAN 101 MICKEY MANTLE 0102521010

1952 BOWMAN 101 MICKEY MANTLE 0102521010

1952 TOPPS 311 MICKEY MANTLE 0101523110

How many are dead centered? This card headlined the Official Topps Exhibit at the Louisville Slugger Museum, and was featured on primetime news. Its one prior owner pulled it from a pack back in 1952!


One of Mick's best cards, and one of his very toughest to find with this rare centering. This is the best centered example I've ever seen.

1953 TOPPS 82 MICKEY MANTLE 0101530820

My favorite card after my 311. Deeply indebted to the fellow collector who helped me obtain this beauty.
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