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1978 TOPPS 26 RICH HEBNER 0101780260

Intentionally walked 16 times and hit by pitches 9 times in '78, Hebner was a pretty strong asset to the Fighting Phils.

1978 TOPPS 52 JIM LONBORG 0101780520

Despite a respectable career, 1978 treated Jim Lonborg badly, sporting a losing record and a 5+ ERA. He gave up as many home runs (16) as Larry Christenson, who pitched more than twice as many innings.

1978 TOPPS 90 LARRY BOWA 0101780900

One of the greater hitting shortstops of the day, Bowa's 1978 All-Star season culminated in a 3rd place finish in the MVP race. He hit .294. Stole 27 bases, too. His only drawback was that he swung at a lot of pitchers, barely ever drawing a walk.

1978 TOPPS 118 TERRY HARMON 0101781180

Come on, Topps! Harmon didn't play in the majors again after the 1977 season, when he hit a whopping .183. A nice guy, though...

1978 TOPPS 136 TED SIZEMORE 0101781360

A former Rookie of the Year, 1978 was an abysmal season for Sizemore. An on-base percentage of only .270, Sizemore was almost always a sure out.

1978 TOPPS 161 BOB BOONE 0101781610

An All-Star in 1978, Boone hit a career high 12 homers and hit an impressive .283 at the plate. Interestestingly, he finished higher in the MVP race than Mike Schmidt (who didn't reecive any votes)
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