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GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 8.125
Complete 83.33%
Set Rating 5.745
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 ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
04015800101BOB ARMSTRONG 
04015800202TERRY SAWCHUK 
04015800303GLEN SKOV8160
04015800404LEO LABINE8330
04015800505DOLLARD ST.LAURENT8243
04015800606DANNY LEWICKI8382
04015800707JOHN HANNA 
04015800808GORDIE HOWE 
04015800909VIC STASIUK8111
040158010010LARRY REGAN8.514I have a Psa 8 if you're interested.
040158011011FORBES KENNEDY8271
040158012012ELMER VASKO 
040158013013GLENN HALL63171
040158014014KEN WHARRAM8131
040158015015LEN LUNDE8241
040158016016ED LITZENBERGER8281I have a Psa 7 if you're interested
040158017017NORM JOHNSON8381
040158018018EARL INGARFIELD8120
040158019019LES COLWILL8272
040158020020LEO BOIVIN8431
040158021021ANDY BATHGATE8161
040158022022JOHNNY WILSON8140
040158023023LARRY CAHAN8363I have a psa7 if you''re interested
040158024024MARCEL PRONOVOST8240
040158025025LARRY HILLMAN8181I have a Psa 9(OC) if you're interested
040158026026JIM BARTLETT8.522I have a Psa 8 if you're interested
040158027027NICK MICKOSKI 
040158028028LARRY POPEIN8100I have a Psa 6 if interested
040158029029FLEMING MACKELL8283
040158030030EDDIE SHACK8373
040158031031JACK EVANS8332
040158032032DEAN PRENTICE8120I have a Psa 6 if you're interested
040158033033CLAUDE LAFORGE8191
040158034034BILL GADSBY8170
040158035035BRONCO HORVATH8436
040158036036PIERRE PILOTE8428
040158037037EARL BALFOUR8150I have a Psa 7 if you're interesrted
040158038038GUS MORTSON8121
040158039039GUMP WORSLEY8161
040158040040JOHNNY BUCYK8391
040158041041LOU FONTINATO8180
040158042042TOD SLOAN8131
040158043043CHARLIE BURNS73410
040158044044DON SIMMONS 
040158045045JERRY TOPPAZZINI8191
040158046046ANDY HEBENTON8OC2439
040158047047PETE GOEGAN 890
040158048048GEORGE SULLIVAN 
040158049049HANK CIESLA62738
040158050050DOUG MOHNS8314
040158051051JEAN-GUY GENDRON8.512I have a Psa 8 if you're interested
040158052052ALEX DELVECCHIO8292
040158053053ERIC NESTERENKO880
040158054054CAMILLE HENRY75214
040158055055LORNE FERGUSON8220I have a PSA 7 if you're interested
040158056056FERN FLAMAN8334
040158057057EARL REIBEL880I have a Psa 6 if you're interested
040158058058WARREN GODFREY 
040158059059RON MURPHY8221
040158060060HARRY HOWELL 
040158061061RED KELLY8253
040158062062DON MCKENNEY8171
040158063063TED LINDSAY8151
040158064064AL ARBOUR8210
040158065065NORM ULLMAN8150I have a Psa 6 if you're interested
040158066066BOBBY HULL