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1993 Finest Refractor: Uncle Rico's Finest

Uncle Rico's Finest

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Rank 15
Weighted GPA 8.639
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 8.639
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About this set: So, much like Uncle Rico, when I hop in the time machine back to 1993, I will be king. I remember going to card shows where if there was even one of these things around it was a big deal. What a great set and concept. The star, 40 HR (David Justice, Jeff Bagwell, Matt Williams, Gary Sheffield, Rafeal Palmeiro, Andre Dawson, Larry Walker, Jose Canseco, Frank Thomas, Ryne Sandberg, Juan Gonzalez, Jay Buhner, Andres Galaragga, Ken Caminiti, Mo Vaughn, George Bell, and Mike Piazza), 50 HR (Albert Belle, Brady Anderson, Cecil Fielder, Ken Griffey, Jr., and Luis Gonzalez), 60 HR (Sammy Sosa), 70 HR (Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire)and HOF (Rickey Henderson, Ozzie Smith, George Brett, Paul Molitor, Tony Gwynn, Wade Boggs, Cal Ripken, Dennis Eckersley, Ryne Sandberg, Nolan Ryan, Eddie Murray, Carlton Fisk, Dave Winfield, Robin Yount, Andre Dawson, Roberto Alomar, Barry Larkin, Frank Thomas, Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, John Smoltz, Craig Biggio, Randy Johnson, Ken Griffey, Jr. and Mike Piazza) list for this set is off the chart. Special thanks to Josh Ball and John Stevens for helping me get this set together through both sale and trade. Glad to answer emails about the set or trade offers.

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Uncle Rico's Finest
ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradeSpec No. PopSpec No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
06129300181DAVID JUSTICE827612761 
06129300282LOU WHITAKER9806806 
06129300383BRYAN HARVEY989208920One of the cards denoted as SP by Beckett. Population report #'s would show that it is not any more rare than a number of cards in the set. I can't see a reason to place any premium on this card and it is relatively easy to obtain.
06129300484CARLOS GARCIA971137113As far as scarcity, it closely mimics the Brett Butler. Probably looking to pay a little more than most commons in this set.
06129300585SID FERNANDEZ992139213 
06129300686BRETT BUTLER9776776A little bit of a premium on this card. It is not impossible to come by, but there is usually strong interest when it appears on Ebay. The perceived scarcity and appeal of Brett Butler put this card on par with what you would normally pay for HOFers like Murray and Puckett. Collectors looking hard for Gem Mint copies.
06129300787SCOTT COOPER820502050Pop #'s are real low on Scott Cooper but really doesn't command much of a premium.
06129300888B.J. SURHOFF821582158 
06129300989STEVE FINLEY9634634 
061293010810CURT SCHILLING9433433Hugely underrated card. Potential HOFer and Top 5 lowest pop # in the set.
061293011811JEFF BAGWELL821892189 
061293012812ALEX COLE814811481 
061293013813JOHN OLERUD950265026 
061293014814JOHN SMILEY979127912 
061293015815BIP ROBERTS983338333 
061293016816ALBERT BELLE91102511025 
061293017817DUANE WARD958105810 
061293018818ALAN TRAMMELL850725072 
061293019819ANDY BENES9589589 
061293020820REGGIE SANDERS825522552 
061293021821TODD ZEILE948124812 
061293022822RICK AGUILERA967136713 
061293023823DAVE HOLLINS992269226 
061293024824JOSE RIJO9776776My perception is that this one of the more desirable commons in the set with increasing scarcity. Slight premium over most commons.
061293025825MATT WILLIAMS981208120 
061293026826SANDY ALOMAR JR.971157115 
061293027827ALEX FERNANDEZ988128812 
061293028828OZZIE SMITH9639639 
061293029829RAMON MARTINEZ9583583 
061293030830BERNIE WILLIAMS848424842 
061293031831GARY SHEFFIELD9697697 
061293032832ERIC KARROS989128912 
061293033833FRANK VIOLA962306230 
061293034834KEVIN YOUNG969206920 
061293035835KEN HILL980328032 
061293036836TONY FERNANDEZ955205520 
061293037837TIM WAKEFIELD9843843 
061293038838JOHN KRUK957195719 
061293039839CHRIS SABO814801480 
061293040840MARQUIS GRISSOM9502516 
061293041841GLENN DAVIS947104710 
061293042842JEFF MONTGOMERY991149114 
061293043843KENNY LOFTON9786786 
061293044844JOHN BURKETT980118011 
061293045845DARRYL HAMILTON976117611 
061293046846JIM ABBOTT9617617 
061293047847IVAN RODRIGUEZ91331613316 
061293048848ERIC YOUNG822642264 
061293049849MITCH WILLIAMS965146514 
061293050850HAROLD REYNOLDS834493449A popular card in this set with relatively low pop report #'s. Sells on par with Willie Greene and is a solid bet to run at least $125.
061293051851BRIAN HARPER828692869The availability of this card has varied widely in the time I've followed this set. One of the cards ending in "1" that are believed to be scarce. The # of Harpers graded would indicate it is basically on par with most of the set. Patience will payoff as far as obtaining one at a reasonable price.
061293052852RAFAEL PALMEIRO9877877 
061293053853BRET SABERHAGEN977107710 
061293054854JEFF CONINE910271027 
061293055855IVAN CALDERON981148114 
061293056856JUAN GUZMAN829712971 
061293057857CARLOS BAERGA992349234 
061293058858CHARLES NAGY820842084In my experience a somewhat uncommon common, but it sells on par with most commons in the set. Pop reports will show it on par with Brian Harper in terms of availibilty.
061293059859WALLY JOYNER976117611 
061293060860CHARLIE HAYES7463463One of the real toughies in the set. Pop report confirms the rarity vs. other cards. Usually sells at a real premium $150-$250. Not quite as impossible as some others though.
061293061861SHANE MACK9704704 
061293062862PETE HARNISCH911521152 
061293063863GEORGE BRETT91121411214 
061293064864LANCE JOHNSON819981998 
061293065865BEN MCDONALD997179717 
061293066866BOBBY BONILLA9768768 
061293067867TERRY STEINBACH827912791 
061293068868RON GANT9944944 
061293069869DOUG JONES9766766 
061293070870PAUL MOLITOR9713713 
061293071871BRADY ANDERSON830403040Brady is one of the most underrated cards in the set. Pop reports show it to be more rare than almost any card in the set, yet it sells for a fraction of the price of other "rare" commons. Also hard to find in 9.
061293072872CHUCK FINLEY826782678 
061293073873MARK GRACE849904990 
061293074874MIKE DEVEREAUX831703170 
061293075875TONY PHILLIPS971177117 
061293076876CHUCK KNOBLAUCH827892789 
061293077877TONY GWYNN91292412924 
061293078878KEVIN APPIER968176817 
061293079879SAMMY SOSA91502815028 
061293080880MICKEY TETTLETON9592592See Brett Butler.
061293081881FELIX JOSE9417417 
061293082882MARK LANGSTON9837837 
061293083883GREGG JEFFERIES953105310 
061293084884ANDRE DAWSON 83111831118Apparently there is no truth to the rumor that The Hawk was hording this card.
061293085885GREG MADDUX 91063010630 
061293086886RICKEY HENDERSON 969226922 
061293087887TOM GLAVINE 9416416 
061293088888ROBERTO ALOMAR 9OC1910519105 
061293089889DARRYL STRAWBERRY 82110721107 
061293090890WADE BOGGS 91033310333 
061293091891BO JACKSON 10300300 
061293092892MARK MCGWIRE 91423014230 
061293093893ROBIN VENTURA 978287828 
061293094894JOE CARTER 978207820 
061293095895LEE SMITH 10370370 
061293096896CAL RIPKEN 977257725 
061293097897LARRY WALKER 9OC16691669 
061293098898DON MATTINGLY 987278727 
061293099899JOSE CANSECO 995119511 
0612931008100DENNIS ECKERSLEY 828892889 
0612931018101TERRY PENDLETON 816811681 
0612931028102FRANK THOMAS91713017130 
0612931038103BARRY BONDS 91223812238 
0612931048104ROGER CLEMENS 9OC91889188 
0612931058105RYNE SANDBERG 91334013340 
0612931068106FRED MCGRIFF 967176717 
0612931078107NOLAN RYAN 9OC32953295The toughest "star" to come by. Ryan remains a hobby icon and this card is the keystone of the set. Not sure how Ripken got the 10 weighting for the Registry. They should both be 10. Take any oppurtunity you can to scoop this up at a reasonable price. Condition sensitive to centering. Centered copies bring a big premium.
0612931088108WILL CLARK 952215221 
0612931098109PAT LISTACH 9875875 
0612931108110KEN GRIFFEY JR. 994409440 
0612931118111CECIL FIELDER 946164616 
0612931128112KIRBY PUCKETT 91081710817 
0612931138113DWIGHT GOODEN 961246124 
0612931148114BARRY LARKIN 826872687 
0612931158115DAVID CONE 979207920 
0612931168116JUAN GONZALEZ 824882488 
0612931178117KENT HRBEK993119311 
0612931188118TIM WALLACH968166816 
0612931198119CRAIG BIGGIO847864786 
0612931208120ROBERTO KELLY982148214 
0612931218121GREGG OLSON828792879 
0612931228122EDDIE MURRAY91331913319 
0612931238123WIL CORDERO838393839 
0612931248124JAY BUHNER827632763Tough card to come by. The cards ending in "4" following the All Stars in the set center are all scarce or perceived scarce. Buhner is on the more plentiful side and usually sells on par with Harold Reynolds.
0612931258125CARLTON FISK9867867 
0612931268126ERIC DAVIS986188618 
0612931278127DOUG DRABEK960156015 
0612931288128OZZIE GUILLEN819971997 
0612931298129JOHN WETTELAND965256525 
0612931308130ANDRES GALARRAGA985318531 
0612931318131KEN CAMINITI985148514 
0612931328132TOM CANDIOTTI969296929 
0612931338133PAT BORDERS9583583Top 5 hardest to obtain. Pop #'s have been rising but will still command $200+ raw.
0612931348134KEVIN BROWN814651465Another "4" card, usually widely available, but has a lower count than the more sought after Buhner.
0612931358135TRAVIS FRYMAN942104210 
0612931368136KEVIN MITCHELL950155015 
0612931378137GREG SWINDELL961156115 
0612931388138BENITO SANTIAGO971137113 
0612931398139REGGIE JEFFERSON9609609 
0612931408140CHRIS BOSIO952105210 
0612931418141DEION SANDERS969136913 
0612931428142SCOTT ERICKSON823592359 
0612931438143HOWARD JOHNSON840454045 
0612931448144ORESTES DESTRADE9OC982982Top 5 Toughie. No one has yet been able to obtain a 10 so collector demand is sky high for good looking raw copies. There are many cards with similar pop #'s though. Expect to pay a bit for this card.
0612931458145JOSE GUZMAN9716716Interestingly this card brings no premium but has one of the lowest pop #'s in the set.
0612931468146CHAD CURTIS9OC592592 
0612931478147CAL ELDRED8.5184184 
0612931488148WILLIE GREENE966146614Hording has brought artificial demand to this card. But if you want one they usually go for at least $150.
0612931498149TOMMY GREENE978177817 
0612931508150ERIK HANSON820762076 
0612931518151BOB WELCH9607607 
0612931528152JOHN JAHA9498498 
0612931538153HAROLD BAINES818401840One of the lowest population #'s but usually does not command much of a premium.
0612931548154RANDY JOHNSON9658658This future HOFer's card is fairly popular and ends in "4" and commands a price worthy of the Big Unit. Pop #'s indicate a healthy supply so don't get carried away.
0612931558155AL MARTIN969106910 
0612931578157MIKE MUSSINA984108410 
0612931588158RUBEN SIERRA9OC288288 
0612931598159DEAN PALMER9806806 
0612931608160STEVE AVERY956135613 
0612931618161JULIO FRANCO9608608 
0612931628162DAVE WINFIELD990119011 
0612931638163TIM SALMON823732373 
0612931648164TOM HENKE8OC189189Top 10 Toughie. Pop report backs up scarcity.
0612931658165MO VAUGHN825902590 
0612931668166JOHN SMOLTZ910091009 
0612931678167DANNY TARTABULL972117211 
0612931688168DELINO DESHIELDS965206520 
0612931698169CHARLIE HOUGH966106610 
0612931708170PAUL O'NEILL974167416 
0612931718171DARREN DAULTON954155415 
0612931728172JACK MCDOWELL954135413 
0612931738173JUNIOR FELIX952195219Listed as SP in Beckett but it's not.
0612931748174JIMMY KEY832503250ABSOLUTE TOUGHEST or at least a dead tie with Orel Hershiser. Pop report confirms that these 2 are tied for rarest with only 43 of each having been submitted. Collectors actively try to keep these off of Ebay. Expect any auction that comes up with this card to end early. Good luck.
0612931758175GEORGE BELL9619619 
0612931768176MIKE STANTON9935935 
0612931778177LEN DYKSTRA967176717 
0612931788178NORM CHARLTON982258225 
0612931798179ERIC ANTHONY9OC61226122 
0612931808180ROB DIBBLE960146014 
0612931818181OTIS NIXON9728728 
0612931828182RANDY MYERS969296929 
0612931838183TIM RAINES840334033 
0612931848184OREL HERSHISER8OC476476GOOD LUCK See Jimmy Key.
0612931858185ANDY VAN SLYKE9747747 
0612931868186MIKE LANSING9864864 
0612931878187RAY LANKFORD820852085 
0612931888188MIKE MORGAN962146214 
0612931898189MOISES ALOU837773777 
0612931908190EDGAR MARTINEZ969216921 
0612931918191JOHN FRANCO9715715 
0612931928192ROBIN YOUNT83410134101 
0612931938193BOB TEWKSBURY818621862 
0612931948194JAY BELL828802880 
0612931958195LUIS GONZALEZ9OC61046104 
0612931968196DAVE FLEMING910051005 
0612931978197MIKE GREENWELL9709709 
0612931988198DAVID NIED819771977 
0612931998199MIKE PIAZZA917671767 
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