1951-52 Parkhurst : Heather's collection

Heather's collection

Current Statistics
Rank 6
Weighted GPA 8.000
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 8.000
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Heather's collection
Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
04045100101ELMER LACH8172
04045100202PAUL MEGER8132
04045100303BUTCH BOUCHARD8233
04045100404MAURICE RICHARD8327
04045100505BERT OLMSTEAD8224
04045100606BUD MacPHERSON8253
04045100707TOM JOHNSON8232
04045100808PAUL MASNICK8231
04045100909CALUM MACKAY8181
040451010010DOUG HARVEY8257
040451011011KEN MOSDELL8164
040451012012FLOYD CURRY8183
040451013013BILLY REAY8224
040451014014BOOM BOOM GEOFFRION8303
040451015015GERRY McNEIL8193
040451016016DICK GAMBLE8382
040451017017GERRY COUTURE8206
040451018018ROSS ROBERT LOWE8225
040451019019JIM HENRY83713
040451020020VICTOR IVAN LYNN8323
040451021021WALTER GUS KYLE8496
040451022022ED SANDFORD8406
040451023023JOHN HENDERSON8305
040451024024DUNC FISHER8253
040451025025HAL LAYCOE8428
040451026026BILL QUACKENBUSH8459
040451027027GEORGE SULLIVAN84215
040451028028WOODY DUMART8505
040451029029MILT SCHMIDT85613
040451030030ADAM BROWN83712
040451031031PENTTI LUND8386
040451032032RAY BARRY83911
040451033033ED KRYSANOWSKI8328
040451034034JOHNNY PEIRSON8357
040451035035LORNE FERGUSON8288
040451036036CLARE RAGS RAGLAN8264
040451037037BILL GADSBY8306
040451038038AL DEWSBURY8244
040451039039GEORGE CLARE MARTIN8418
040451040040GUS BODNAR8297
040451041041JIM PETERS8387
040451042042BEP GUIDOLIN8213
040451043043GEORGE GEE8274
040451044044JIM McFADDEN8212
040451045045FRED HUCUL8376
040451046046JOHN LEE FOGOLIN8306
040451047047HARRY LUMLEY83314
040451048048DOUG BENTLEY8195
040451049049BILL MOSIENKO8303
040451050050ROY CONACHER8252
040451051051PETE BABANDO8161
040451052052THE WINNING GOAL8296
040451053053JACK STEWART83110
040451054054MARTY PAVELICH8162
040451055055RED KELLY8345
040451056056TED LINDSAY8516
040451057057GLEN SKOV8142
040451058058BENNY WOIT8183
040451059059TONY LESWICK82610
040451060060FREDERICK GLOVER8334
040451061061TERRY SAWCHUK85315
040451062062VIC STASIUK8201
040451063063ALEX DELVECCHIO84011
040451064064SID ABEL8202
040451065065METRO PRYSTAI8281
040451066066GORDIE HOWE8343
040451067067BOB GOLDHAM8339
040451068068MARCEL PRONOVOST8366
040451069069LEO REISE8265
040451070070HARRY WATSON8181
040451071071DANNY LEWICKI8265
040451072072HOWIE MEEKER8276
040451073073GUS MORTSON8316
040451074074JOE KLUKAY8164
040451075075TURK BRODA8153
040451076076AL ROLLINS8171
040451077077BILL JUZDA8203
040451078078RAY TIMGREN8201
040451079079HUGH BOLTON8194
040451080080FERN FLAMAN8323
040451081081MAX BENTLEY8192
040451082082JIM THOMSON8153
040451083083FLEMING MACKELL8193
040451084084SID SMITH8231
040451085085CAL GARDNER8256
040451086086TEEDER KENNEDY8213
040451087087TOD SLOAN8323
040451088088BOB SOLINGER8277
040451089089FRANK EDDOLLS8241
040451090090JACK EVANS8445
040451091091HY BULLER8194
040451092092STEVE KRAFTCHECK8344
040451093093BONES RALEIGH8296
040451094094ALLAN STANLEY8423
040451095095PAUL RONTY8399
040451096096EDGAR LaPRADE8303
040451097097NICK MICKOSKI8364
040451098098JACK McLEOD8344
040451099099GAYE STEWART8300
0404511000100WALLY HERGESHEIMER8232
0404511010101ED KULLMAN8203
0404511020102ED SLOWINSKI8182
0404511030103REGGIE SINCLAIR8175
0404511040104CHUCK RAYNER8181
0404511050105JIM CONACHER8234
Please call me if you have any PSA 8's for sale. Amazing job on putting this together.
Posted @ 12/25/2014 4:06 PM By Digstown
For sale...
Posted @ 12/13/2014 9:12 AM By ddhhpscpsa
I see you made it! Would you happen to have an extra #45 Fred Hucul, #62 Vic Stasium and or #105 Jim Conacher
Posted @ 12/13/2014 9:12 AM By ddhhpscpsa
I see you made it! Would you happen to have an extra #45 Fred Hucul, #62 Vic Stasium and or #105 Jim Conacher
Posted @ 12/13/2014 9:12 AM By ddhhpscpsa
Please call @ 514-631-4683 or email me if you have any PSA 8's or 8.5's to help me finish my set.
Posted @ 2/6/2014 10:33 AM By ChartRandGerry