1911-12 C55 - Master: MarkiBoy C55 Master Set

MarkiBoy C55 Master Set

Current Statistics
Rank 14
Weighted GPA 4.459
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 4.459
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MarkiBoy C55 Master Set
ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
40551100101PADDY MORAN51521
40551100202JOE HALL51532
40551100303BARNEY HOLDEN52617
40551100404JOE MALONE41944
40551100505ED OATMAN51632
40551100606TOM DUNDERDALE4.5339
40551100707KEN MALLEN41351
40551100808JACK MacDONALD42656
40551100909FRED LAKE52227
405511010010ALBERT KERR4.5645
405511011011MARTY WALSH4.5843
405511012012HAMBY SHORE41551looks like a PSA 5
405511013013ALEX CURRIE42746
405511014014BRUCE RIDPATH42566
405511015015BRUCE STUART51423
405511016016PERCY LESUEUR52033
405511017017JACK DARRAGH42359Looks like a PSA 6
405511018018STEVE VAIR42455
405511019019DON SMITH6179
405511020020CYCLONE TAYLOR52232
405511021021BERT LINDSAY41753
405511022022LARRY GILMOUR52716
405511023023BOBBY ROWE42846
405511024024SPRAGUE CLEGHORN52124
405511025025ODIE CLEGHORN42367looks like a PSA 4.5
405511026026SKEIN RONAN51632
405511027127WALTER SMAILL RIGHT HAND ON HIP4.5713This variation looks like a PSA 6
405511027027WALTER SMAILL RIGHT HAND ON STICK31446Variation
405511028028ERNIE JOHNSON52234
405511029029JACK MARSHALL5.5425clear colors like a PSA 7
405511030030HARRY HYLAND52023looks like a PSA 5.5
405511031031ARTHUR ROSS42251
405511032032RILEY HERN42156
405511033033GORDON ROBERTS52123
405511034034F. GLASS42348
405511035035ERNEST RUSSELL52132looks like a PSA 5.5
405511036036JAMES GARDINER4.5532
405511037037ARTHUR BERNIER52822
405511038038GEORGES VEZINA43558looks to be at least a PSA 4.5
405511039039G. (HENRI) DALLAIRE51536
405511040040R (ROCKET) POWER51729
405511041041D.PIT PITRE52623
405511042042E.D. LALONDE42257
405511043043EUGENE PAYAN42445
405511044044GEORGE POULIN4.5551
405511045045JACK LAVIOLETTE52313