1959 Topps - Basic: Don Johnson Collection

Don Johnson Collection

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About this set: My 1959 Topps baseball set is my first love in baseball cards. This was the first set of cards I collected as a nine year old. When I opened my first pack in 1959, it had a cherry red Mickey Mantle staring up at me. Too bad I did not take good care of that one. I am adding quality scans of cards as time permits. I am also adding comments. I think adding scans enhances the enjoyment of our sets on the registry. Many of the tough cards you see in my set were raw cards that I have had for years before I took the plunge and had them graded. I welcome email contact from other collectors with similar interests.

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Don Johnson Collection
 ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
01015900101FORD FRICK87011The #1 card in the set is a tough one to find in PSA 8. This Frick card is ...
01015900202EDDIE YOST8.5510
01015900303DON McMAHON89411
01015900404ALBIE PEARSON88917
01015900505DICK DONOVAN810914
01015900606ALEX GRAMMAS9170
01015900707AL PILARCIK814121
01015900808PHILLIES TEAM961
01015900909PAUL GIEL89610Mantle back to show how nice it is!!
010159010010MICKEY MANTLE8.5926Update on Feb. 15, 2009: I sent my Mantle card into PSA for review. I just ...
010159011011BILLY HUNTER8.535I paid way too much for this Hunter card but it is a sweet one.
010159012012VERN LAW9120This is a spectacular PSA 9 Law card. It is perfectly centered and just a b...
010159013013DICK GERNERT990
010159014014PETE WHISENANT9192
010159015015DICK DROTT8949
010159016016JOE PIGNATANO9221
010159017017DANNYS ALL-STARS980
010159018018JACK URBAN9241
010159019019ED BRESSOUD810812
010159020020DUKE SNIDER9202
010159021021CONNIE JOHNSON811715
010159022022AL SMITH817520
010159023023MURRY DICKSON9121A gorgeous Mint 9 Yankee card that I acquired in Jan. 2008.
010159024024RED WILSON815318
010159025025DON HOAK8.545
010159026026CHUCK STOBBS990
010159027027ANDY PAFKO9160
010159028028RED WORTHINGTON9190
010159029029JIM BOLGER814826
010159030030NELLIE FOX9201
010159031031KEN LEHMAN812318
010159032032DON BUDDIN9172
010159033033ED FITZGERALD8758This very nicely centered Fitzgerald is a tough card. It has been in my raw...
010159034034PITCHERS BEWARE816025
010159035035TED KLUSZEWSKI9130This card has always been one of my top 10 favorites in the 1959 set. When ...
010159036036HANK AGUIRRE89114
010159037037GENE GREEN9100
010159038038MORRIE MARTIN9100
010159039039ED BOUCHEE970
010159040240WARREN SPAHN9101I picked this absolute stunner MInt 9 card up at the 2013 Chicago National....
010159041041BOB MARTYN9172
010159042042MURRAY WALL811420
010159043043STEVE BILKO9140
010159044044VITO VALENTINETTI9301Mint!! This is a new addition to my set in Nov. 2005.
010159045045ANDY CAREY950
010159046046BILL HENRY9192
010159047047JIM FINIGAN87715
010159048048ORIOLES TEAM9240
010159049049BILL HALL811512
010159050050WILLIE MAYS9333
010159051051RIP COLEMAN89414
010159052052COOT VEAL9130
010159053053STAN WILLIAMS9110
010159054054MEL ROACH9200
010159055055TOM BREWER9181
010159056056CARL SAWATSKI990
010159057057AL CICOTTE9131
010159058058EDDIE MIKSIS9190
010159059059IRV NOREN9132
010159060060BOB TURLEY9151
010159061061DICK BROWN8.514
010159062062TONY TAYLOR9140
010159063063JIM HEARN9150
010159064064JOE DeMAESTRI9180
010159065065FRANK TORRE9100
010159066066JOE GINSBERG811115
010159067067BROOKS LAWRENCE9150
010159068068DICK SCHOFIELD89320
010159069069GIANTS TEAM9170
010159070070HARVEY KUENN9250
010159071071DON BESSENT9171
010159072072BILL RENNA9141
010159073073RON JACKSON810918
010159074074DIRECTING THE POWER8.568
010159075075SAM JONES9141A truly gorgeous Mint 9 card! Graded in Sept 2009, this card just screams m...
010159076076BOBBY RICHARDSON9241
010159077077JOHN GORYL87410
010159078078PEDRO RAMOS9210
010159079079HARRY CHITI9302Mint 9!!
010159080080MINNIE MINOSO9120Super fantastic Mint 9 card graded Sept 2009. This eye opener is a tough lo...
010159081081HAL JEFFCOAT9131A gorgeous Mint 9 acquired in Nov. 2008. This card just screams vintage bas...
010159082082BOB BOYD81049
010159083083BOB SMITH812517
010159084084RENO BERTOIA88914
010159085085HARRY ANDERSON8928
010159086086BOB KEEGAN814215
010159087087DANNY O'CONNELL9161
010159088088HERB SCORE980
010159089089BILLY GARDNER8.5715
010159090090BILL SKOWRON9110
010159091091HERB MOFORD812218
010159092092DAVE PHILLEY8699The Philley card in PSA 8 is another super tough low pop. The black is stri...
010159093093JULIO BECQUER87913
010159094094WHITE SOX TEAM810422
010159095095CARL WILLEY810319
010159096096LOU BERBERET9220
010159097097JERRY LYNCH9190
010159098098ARNIE PORTOCARRERO814426
010159099099TED KAZANSKI811216
0101591000100BOB CERV814524
0101591010101ALEX KELLNER9141
0101591020102FELIPE ALOU9161
0101591030103BILLY GOODMAN9111
0101591040104DEL RICE8.534I purchased this very tough Rice card at the 2008 National in Chicago. The ...
0101591050105LEE WALLS980
0101591060106HAL WOODESHICK89417
0101591070107NORM LARKER9230
0101591080108ZACK MONROE8865
0101591090109BOB SCHMIDT8787
0101591100110GEORGE WITT9150
0101591110111REDLEGS TEAM980
0101591120112BILLY CONSOLO88910
0101591130113TAYLOR PHILLIPS81438
0101591140114EARL BATTEY970Fantastic centering, four mint corners...just an awesome card. Graded in Se...
0101591150115MICKEY VERNON8629
0101591160116BOB ALLISON814413
0101591170117JOHN BLANCHARD9140
0101591180118JOHN BUZHARDT813922
0101591190119JOHN CALLISON812215
0101591200120CHUCK COLES9140
0101591210121BOB CONLEY9110
0101591220122BENNIE DANIELS811521
0101591230123DON DILLARD9150A beautiful mint gem graded in Dec. 2004.
0101591240124DAN DOBBEK89111
0101591250125RON FAIRLY990
0101591260126EDDIE HAAS81349
0101591270127KENT HADLEY9100
0101591280128BOB HARTMAN8927
0101591290129FRANK HERRERA9150
0101591300130LOU JACKSON8695
0101591310131DERON JOHNSON8925
0101591320132DON LEE810612
0101591330133BOB LILLIS9300
0101591340134JIM McDANIEL981
0101591350135GENE OLIVER9140
0101591360136JIM O'TOOLE960
0101591370137DICK RICKETTS970
0101591380138JOHN ROMANO810210
0101591390139ED SADOWSKI88415
0101591400140CHARLIE SECREST811012
0101591410141JOE SHIPLEY9131
0101591420142DICK STIGMAN89314
0101591430143WILLIE TASBY810813
0101591440144JERRY WALKER9140
0101591450145DOM ZANNI8909
0101591460146JERRY ZIMMERMAN8864
0101591470147CUBS CLUBBERS9220
0101591480148MIKE McCORMICK81109
0101591490149JIM BUNNING81075
0101591500150STAN MUSIAL9250
0101591510151BOB MALKMUS814212
0101591520152JOHNNY KLIPPSTEIN9200
0101591530153JIM MARSHALL9110
0101591540154RAY HERBERT9111
0101591550155ENOS SLAUGHTER9110
0101591560156ACE HURLERS9190
0101591570157FELIX MANTILLA9120
0101591580158WALT DROPO9200
0101591590159BOB SHAW8737
0101591600160DICK GROAT812719
0101591610161FRANK BAUMANN81066
0101591620162BOBBY G. SMITH9171
0101591630163SANDY KOUFAX9160Acquired this drop-dead gorgeous Koufax Mint 9 at the Baltimore National in...
0101591640164JOHNNY GROTH810412
0101591650165BILL BRUTON9100
0101591660166DESTRUCTION CREW8.5212
0101591670167DUKE MAAS930
0101591680168CARROLL HARDY990
0101591690169TED ABERNATHY9130
0101591700170GENE WOODLING9100
0101591710171WILLARD SCHMIDT9101Another beautiful Mint card!
0101591720172A'S TEAM810315
0101591730173BILL MONBOUQUETTE81039
0101591740174JIM PENDLETON810213
0101591750175DICK FARRELL9150
0101591760176PRESTON WARD81039
0101591770177JOHNNY BRIGGS813919
0101591780178RUBEN AMARO8616
0101591790179DON RUDOLPH8793
0101591800180YOGI BERRA8.5420I just love this Berra card....then again, Yogi is one of my faves.
0101591810181BOB PORTERFIELD810511
0101591820182MILT GRAFF8673
0101591830183STU MILLER8622This card is a really tough one to find...not many come up for sale.
0101591840184HARVEY HADDIX9200
0101591850185JIM BUSBY810015
0101591860186MUDCAT GRANT9141Another outstanding mint gem!!
0101591870187BUBBA PHILLIPS811710
0101591880188JUAN PIZARRO89810
0101591890189NEIL CHRISLEY8863
0101591900190BILL VIRDON810013
0101591910191RUSS KEMMERER9170
0101591920192CHARLEY BEAMON81016
0101591930193SAMMY TAYLOR9170
0101591940194JIM BROSNAN9131Mint 9 perfection with a touch of rough cut on the right border...awesome!
0101591950195RIP REPULSKI980
0101591960196BILLY MORAN981I just acquired this Mint Moran in August, 2005. At this time, it is pop 2....
0101591970197RAY SEMPROCH980
0101591980198JIM DAVENPORT8766
0101591990199LEO KIELY8664
0101592000200WARREN GILES9141
0101592010201TOM ACKER950
0101592020202ROGER MARIS827427This Maris has gorgeous color. Most 1959 Maris cards have faded color, so w...
0101592030203OZZIE VIRGIL815326
0101592040204CASEY WISE960This perfect Mint 9 card stands at a pop of 3. It was graded in Sept 2009 a...
0101592050205DON LARSEN9160
0101592060206CARL FURILLO9130
0101592070207GEORGE STRICKLAND89415
0101592080208WILLIE JONES9130
0101592090209LENNY GREEN9170
0101592100210ED BAILEY9120
0101592110211BOB BLAYLOCK9132
0101592120212FENCE BUSTERS9462
0101592130213JIM RIVERA9173
0101592140214MARCELINO SOLIS9101
0101592150215JIM LEMON9170
0101592160216ANDRE RODGERS9120
0101592170217CARL ERSKINE9281
0101592180218ROMAN MEJIAS9103
0101592190219GEORGE ZUVERINK9121
0101592200220FRANK MALZONE8.5511
0101592210221BOB BOWMAN8.534Gorgeous card and very low pop as this is only the second 8.5 with only two...
0101592220222BOBBY SHANTZ8.544
0101592230223CARDS TEAM87012
0101592240224CLAUDE OSTEEN9151
0101592250225JOHNNY LOGAN9121
0101592260226ART CECCARELLI9172Mint 9!!
0101592270227HAL SMITH9182
0101592280228DON GROSS9242
0101592290229VIC POWER8.527
0101592300230BILL FISCHER9231
0101592310231ELLIS BURTON990
0101592320232EDDIE KASKO990
0101592330233PAUL FOYTACK9100
0101592340234CHUCK TANNER9231
0101592350235VALMY THOMAS9242
0101592360236TED BOWSFIELD9140
0101592370237RUN PREVENTERS9140
0101592380238GENE BAKER970
0101592390239BOB TROWBRIDGE9180
0101592400240HANK BAUER9181One of the toughest Yankee cards in Mint 9! This screamer was graded in Sep...
0101592410241BILLY MUFFETT9190
0101592420242RON SAMFORD9280
0101592430243MARV GRISSOM9192
0101592440244DICK GRAY9151
0101592450245NED GARVER9162
0101592460246J.W. PORTER9271
0101592470247DON FERRARESE9202
0101592480248RED SOX TEAM9240
0101592490249BOBBY ADAMS9140My goodness!! The color just jumps off of this Mint 9 beauty! It was graded...
0101592500250BILLY O'DELL8.536
0101592510251CLETIS BOYER9121I love these 1959 Yankee cards with the cherry red color. They are so vinta...
0101592520252RAY BOONE89112
0101592530253SETH MOREHEAD9181More mintness!!
0101592540254ZEKE BELLA9181
0101592550255DEL ENNIS9291
0101592560256JERRY DAVIE9171Another mint gem....mint cards are just gorgeous!
0101592570257LEON WAGNER9143
0101592580258FRED KIPP9130
0101592590259JIM PISONI89219
0101592600260EARLY WYNN9151
0101592610261GENE STEPHENS971
0101592620262HITTERS FOES9181
0101592630263BUDDY DALEY9121
0101592640264CHICO CARRASQUEL810421
0101592650265RON KLINE9234
0101592660266WOODY HELD992
0101592670267JOHN ROMONOSKY812918
0101592680268TITO FRANCONA8.5616
0101592690269JACK MEYER9280
0101592700270GIL HODGES9271
0101592710271ORLANDO PENA990
0101592720272JERRY LUMPE9233
0101592730273JOE JAY9253
0101592740274JERRY KINDALL9273Mint 9!!
0101592750275JACK SANFORD9141
0101592760276PETE DALEY9252
0101592770277TURK LOWN9210
0101592780278CHUCK ESSEGIAN9141
0101592790279ERNIE JOHNSON9281
0101592800280FRANK BOLLING9171
0101592810281WALT CRADDOCK9190Thanks, Bob! Another beauty to add to my collection thanks to a wonderful f...
0101592820282R.C. STEVENS86613Another very, very tough '59 common card. This one is a beauty!!
0101592830283RUSS HEMAN9240
0101592840284STEVE KORCHECK9170
0101592850285JOE CUNNINGHAM9200
0101592860286DEAN STONE9110
0101592870287DON ZIMMER990
0101592880288DUTCH DOTTERER9110I love these black colored beauties...this card is just perfect...wow!
0101592890289JOHNNY KUCKS990
0101592900290WES COVINGTON9190
0101592910291PITCHING PARTNERS9150
0101592920292DICK WILLIAMS813111
0101592930293RAY MOORE8675
0101592940294HANK FOILES9260Mint Mint Mint!!
0101592950295BILLY MARTIN81378
0101592960296ERNIE BROGLIO9121
0101592970297JACKIE BRANDT81106
0101592980298TEX CLEVENGER9211
0101592990299BILLY KLAUS970
0101593000300RICHIE ASHBURN8.532
0101593010301EARL AVERILL819714
0101593020302DON MOSSI8826
0101593030303MARTY KEOUGH980
0101593040304CUBS TEAM813221
0101593050305CURT RAYDON814311
0101593060306JIM GILLIAM9350Mint 9 Dodger card....an outstanding gem.
0101593070307CURT BARCLAY8869
0101593080308NORM SIEBERN971
0101593090309SAL MAGLIE9130
0101593100310LUIS APARICIO89510
0101593110311NORM ZAUCHIN814616
0101593120312DON NEWCOMBE9200Just a stupendous Mint vintage gem!
0101593130313FRANK HOUSE9120
0101593140314DON CARDWELL9160Mint in every respect!!
0101593150315JOE ADCOCK9200
0101593162316RALPH LUMENTI990
0101593170317N.L. HITTING KINGS9270I acquired this gem mint beauty at the 2010 Baltimore National. It is a scr...
0101593180318ROCKY BRIDGES9100
0101593190319DAVE HILLMAN980
0101593200320BOB SKINNER8857
0101593211321BOB GIALLOMBARDO9220
0101593222322HARRY HANEBRINK980
0101593230323FRANK SULLIVAN9261
0101593240324DON DEMETER971
0101593250325KEN BOYER990
0101593260326MARV THRONEBERRY9130
0101593270327GARY BELL9160Thanks, Bob! Another beautiful Mint 9 from a great friend.
0101593280328LOU SKIZAS810911
0101593290329TIGERS TEAM812725
0101593300330GUS TRIANDOS8.534
0101593310331STEVE BOROS980
0101593320332RAY MONZANT9280
0101593330333HARRY SIMPSON971
0101593340334GLEN HOBBIE9150
0101593350335JOHNNY TEMPLE960
0101593360336BILLY LOES8122
0101593370337GEORGE CROWE9170
0101593380338GEORGE ANDERSON9371
0101593390339ROY FACE9130
0101593400340ROY SIEVERS990
0101593410341TOM QUALTERS990
0101593420342RAY JABLONSKI9130
0101593430343BILLY HOEFT812911
0101593440344RUSS NIXON9100
0101593450345GIL McDOUGALD960
0101593460346BATTER BAFFLERS9200
0101593470347BOB BUHL8777
0101593480348TED LEPCIO9201
0101593490349HOYT WILHELM990
0101593500350ERNIE BANKS9513
0101593510351EARL TORGESON8832
0101593520352ROBIN ROBERTS9110
0101593530353CURT FLOOD9180
0101593540354PETE BURNSIDE9140
0101593550355JIM PIERSALL81133
0101593560356BOB MABE9160
0101593570357DICK STUART9190Mint 9 of Dr. Strange-glove. He could hit a ton and not field a lick.
0101593580358RALPH TERRY9142
0101593590359BILL WHITE9100
0101593600360AL KALINE8.5711
0101593610361WILLARD NIXON9343
0101593622362DOLAN NICHOLS990
0101593630363BOBBY AVILA86210
0101593640364DANNY McDEVITT9131
0101593650365GUS BELL9220
0101593660366HUMBERTO ROBINSON9100
0101593670367CAL NEEMAN9160
0101593680368DON MUELLER812014
0101593690369DICK TOMANEK990
0101593700370PETE RUNNELS81328
0101593710371DICK BRODOWSKI9232
0101593720372JIM HEGAN8643
0101593730373HERB PLEWS9101
0101593740374ART DITMAR950
0101593750375BOB NIEMAN9160
0101593760376HAL NARAGON9353
0101593770377JOHNNY ANTONELLI9230Beautiful Mint card of the Giants lefty.
0101593780378GAIL HARRIS9634Deep, rich color...just an eye-popper!
0101593790379BOB MILLER9473
0101593800380HANK AARON9211
0101593810381MIKE BAXES9240
0101593820382CURT SIMMONS9320
0101593830383WORDS OF WISDOM9230Drop dead gorgeous 1959 Yankee gem that I picked up raw at the 2006 Nationa...
0101593840384DAVE SISLER9181
0101593850385SHERM LOLLAR9411
0101593860386JIM DELSING9170
0101593870387DON DRYSDALE9714I just acquired this Mint 9 Drysdale beauty today, March 8, 2007. It is gor...
0101593880388BOB WILL9370
0101593890389JOE NUXHALL9210Stunner....this card has it all!
0101593900390ORLANDO CEPEDA9342
0101593910391MILT PAPPAS9100
0101593920392WHITEY HERZOG9320Mint 9!!
0101593930393FRANK LARY9320
0101593940394RANDY JACKSON9282
0101593950395ELSTON HOWARD9281
0101593960396BOB RUSH9141
0101593970397SENATORS TEAM9380Mint 9!! Mint cards are just awesome.
0101593980398WALLY POST9344
0101593990399LARRY JACKSON9352
0101594000400JACKIE JENSEN990
0101594010401RON BLACKBURN9211Well centered, super sharp Mint 9!
0101594020402HECTOR LOPEZ9410
0101594030403CLEM LABINE9260
0101594040404HANK SAUER9292
0101594050405ROY McMILLAN9275A sharp, well centered and beautiful mint card!
0101594060406SOLLY DRAKE9441Another Mint 9 gem....just gorgeous. Picked this one up in Nov. 2005.
0101594070407MOE DRABOWSKY9485
0101594080408KEYSTONE COMBO9301
0101594090409GUS ZERNIAL9256
0101594100410BILLY PIERCE9305
0101594110411WHITEY LOCKMAN9460
0101594120412STAN LOPATA9161
0101594130413CAMILLO PASCUAL9161
0101594140414DALE LONG9351
0101594150415BILL MAZEROSKI9492
0101002905416HAYWOOD SULLIVAN910Truly gorgeous Mint 9 card of this tough variation...Pop 1 as of June, 2014
0101594170417VIRGIL TRUCKS9444
0101594180418GINO CIMOLI9450A stunning Mint gem!
0101594190419BRAVES TEAM9423Mint 9!
0101594200420ROCCO COLAVITO9460A fantastic Colavito card...Colavito cards are very popular with collectors...
0101594210421HERM WEHMEIER9222
0101594220422HOBIE LANDRITH9384
0101594230423BOB GRIM9453
0101594240424KEN ASPROMONTE9484A beautifully centered, sharp Mint 9.
0101594250425DEL CRANDALL9361
0101594260426JERRY STALEY9451Mint 9!!
0101594270427CHARLIE NEAL9130
0101594280428BUC HILL ACES9352Mint 9!!
0101594290429BOBBY THOMSON9341
0101594300430WHITEY FORD9390
0101594310431WHAMMY DOUGLAS9140This is another of the drop-dead gorgeous black Redlegs cards of the '59 se...
0101594320432SMOKY BURGESS9110Mint 9 of one of the best pinch hitters of all time.
0101594330433BILLY HARRELL9343
0101594340434HAL GRIGGS9632Mint 9!
0101594350435FRANK ROBINSON9501
0101594360436GRANNY HAMNER9533
0101594370437IKE DELOCK9352
0101594380438SAM ESPOSITO9421Mint 9!!
0101594390439BROOKS ROBINSON9590
0101594400440LOU BURDETTE9151
0101594410441JOHN ROSEBORO8.547
0101594420442RAY NARLESKI810210
0101594430443DARYL SPENCER8844
0101594440444RONNIE HANSEN9170
0101594450445CAL McLISH8563The McLish card is yet another super tough card....low pop and very difficu...
0101594460446ROCKY NELSON9171
0101594470447BOB ANDERSON9180This gorgeous Mint card was picked up as a raw card at the 2005 National in...
0101594480448VADA PINSON9211
0101594490449TOM GORMAN8725
0101594500450ED MATHEWS88312Toughest HOF'er in the entire '59 set. Try finding this one when you need i...
0101594510451JIMMY CONSTABLE8.539
0101594520452CHICO FERNANDEZ9240
0101594530453LES MOSS9241
0101594540454PHIL CLARK9120
0101594550455LARRY DOBY8996
0101594560456JERRY CASALE9151
0101594570457DODGERS TEAM8.5417
0101594580458GORDON JONES9222
0101594590459BILL TUTTLE81058
0101594600460BOB FRIEND960
0101594610461MANTLE HITS 42nd9271Mint Mantle cards are difficult to come by...I picked up this gem in Februa...
0101594620462COLAVITOS9251Mint 9 gem!
0101594630463KALINE BECOMES9321
0101594640464MAYS CATCH830146
0101594650465SIEVERS SETS9210Another raw card that I bought at the 2005 Chicago National. This and the P...
0101594660466PIERCE IS ALL-STAR9140This Mint 9 gem was graded in Dec. 2005. This is another raw card that I bo...
0101594670467AARON CLUBS9402
0101594680468SNIDERS PLAY9432Super Mint 9 of this great Baseball Thrills card.
0101594690469BANKS WINS M.V.P.9354
0101594700470MUSIAL GETS #30009242
0101594710471TOM STURDIVANT8841
0101594720472GENE FREESE980
0101594730473MIKE FORNIELES81203
0101594740474MOE THACKER8916
0101594750475JACK HARSHMAN8727
0101594760476INDIANS TEAM811718
0101594770477BARRY LATMAN9181A beauty of a mint 9!!
0101594780478BOB CLEMENTE9480I bought this mint Clemente at the 2010 Baltimore National. It is a gorgeou...
0101594790479LINDY McDANIEL950
0101594800480RED SCHOENDIENST9171
0101594810481CHARLEY MAXWELL8824
0101594820482RUSS MEYER9160
0101594830483CLINT COURTNEY9221Deep, rich red color, just an outstanding card.
0101594840484WILLIE KIRKLAND9141
0101594850485RYNE DUREN9150The cherry red Mint 9 Yankee cards are my favorite of the '59 Topps classic...
0101594860486SAMMY WHITE9261
0101594870487HAL BROWN8995
0101594880488WALT MORYN9110Another mint 9...these cards are just incredible.
0101594890489JOHN C. POWERS960
0101594900490FRANK THOMAS990
0101594910491DON BLASINGAME9210A card from a great friend...thanks, Bob! I love the look of this card with...
0101594920492GENE CONLEY9241
0101594930493JIM LANDIS9281
0101594940494DON PAVLETICH990
0101594950495JOHNNY PODRES9160
0101594960496WAYNE TERWILLIGER9170
0101594970497HAL R. SMITH9100
0101594980498DICK HYDE950
0101594990499JOHNNY O'BRIEN8797
0101595000500VIC WERTZ8563Yet another tough low pop card. This one is centered beautifully.
0101595010501BOBBY TIEFENAUER9150
0101595020502AL DARK9170Another Mint 9 gem graded in Sept 2009. This card is drop-dead gorgeous.
0101595030503JIM OWENS8848
0101595040504OSSIE ALVAREZ990
0101595050505TONY KUBEK9130
0101595060506BOB PURKEY9100
0101595070507BOB HALE8858
0101595080508ART FOWLER8.544
0101595090509NORM CASH9191
0101595100510YANKEES TEAM9151
0101595110511GEORGE SUSCE970
0101595120512GEORGE ALTMAN9140
0101595130513TOM CARROLL9172
0101595140514BOB GIBSON9273I bought this Gibson raw at a SF Labor Day show in 1992. It sat raw in my s...
0101595150515HARMON KILLEBREW8.5311Super sharp, well centered, fantastic back, sharp focus and a rough cut top...
0101595160516MIKE GARCIA9121
0101595170517JOE KOPPE9100
0101595180518MIKE CUELLER9100
0101595190519INFIELD POWER8694This card is always a tough card. Not many come available in PSA 8. This is...
0101595200520DON ELSTON980
0101595210521GARY GEIGER951
0101595220522GENE SNYDER9211
0101595230523HARRY BRIGHT9150Mint gem!! I also picked this card up raw at the 2005 Chicago National. I b...
0101595240524LARRY OSBORNE990
0101595250525JIM COATES9112A drop dead gorgeous PSA 9 Yankee high number. Acquired in May, 2008.
0101595260526BOB SPEAKE8777
0101595270527SOLLY HEMUS9160
0101595280528PIRATES TEAM812311Nicely centered high number team card.
0101595290529GEORGE BAMBERGER9151
0101595300530WALLY MOON9100Perfection Mint 9 galore! Mr Unibrow will never be the same....this beauty ...
0101595310531RAY WEBSTER9150The very definition of Mint 9!! The color is breathtaking!
0101595320532MARK FREEMAN9130
0101595330533DARRELL JOHNSON980
0101595340534FAYE THRONEBERRY951
0101595350535RUBEN GOMEZ9141
0101595360536DAN KRAVITZ971
0101595370537RODOLFO ARIAS9100
0101595380538CHICK KING8888
0101595390539GARY BLAYLOCK960This beauty is the first of the graded 9's. I bought this one raw in 2004 a...
0101595400540WILLY MIRANDA9130
0101595410541BOB THURMAN9100
0101595420542JIM PERRY9100The color and gloss on this Mint 9 beauty is a sight to behold! Wow! It is ...
0101595430543CORSAIR OUTFIELD TRIO825127
0101595440544LEE TATE9180
0101595450545TOM MORGAN9111
0101595460546AL SCHROLL990
0101595470547JIM BAXES8757
0101595480548ELMER SINGLETON8687A truly tough high number. There are so many '59's that rate as tough, but ...
0101595490549HOWIE NUNN9123
0101595500550ROY CAMPANELLA810610
0101595510551FRED HANEY9101
0101595520552CASEY STENGEL9151
0101595530553ORLANDO CEPEDA810815This Cepedas AS is a beautiful vintage gem. I have always found it hard to ...
0101595540554BILL SKOWRON8.555
0101595550555BILL MAZEROSKI815828
0101595560556NELLIE FOX89317
0101595570557KEN BOYER9120
0101595580558FRANK MALZONE812613
0101595590559ERNIE BANKS813316
0101595600560LUIS APARICIO810714
0101595610561HANK AARON815321This Aaron AS sat raw in my set for years before I started grading my cards...
0101595620562AL KALINE815225
0101595630563WILLIE MAYS824333
0101595640564MICKEY MANTLE826046Who says you can't find nice raw cards at shows anymore?? Well, we know tha...
0101595650565WES COVINGTON9201
0101595660566ROY SIEVERS9131A beautiful Mint 9 of this All Star card. The AS cards are extremely diffic...
0101595670567DEL CRANDALL88714
0101595680568GUS TRIANDOS9160
0101595690569BOB FRIEND960
0101595700570BOB TURLEY980
0101595710571WARREN SPAHN811326
0101595720572BILLY PIERCE8516The last card in the set and a rare one to find in PSA 8. The market value ...
Don, I look at your 59 set often. Nice to see you are moving up in the rankings. I will keep an eye out for your 8's as you add more 9's
Posted @ 11/24/2014 8:59 AM By jybeam
Don. it is a real pleasure to correspond with you , because you are a "true collector." What I mean by that is that you collect your cards, because of the enjoyment and memory when you were a child. I wish more collectors were like you and me.
Posted @ 5/7/2013 10:03 PM By GARYJUNGRICHT
Don, great job on your set. Yours is one of the gold standards that I can only hope to strive to achieve. Congrats again on the Koufax. Sweet!
Posted @ 8/27/2012 5:36 PM By ssherma5503