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About this set: The Daytona 500 is the greatest automobile race in the world. My first 500 was in 1996. I have been fortunate enough to attend 10 500's since then. I have seen the highs of 1998 and the lows of 2001. I have seen favorites and underdogs win. All in all, some of my best memories in racing and in life come from my times at Daytona. These Daytona 500 tickets serve as a tribute to my love of NASCAR and the wonderful memories I have from my experiences at Daytona.

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The Stock Car Museum
ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradeSpec No. PopSpec No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
T47859B229STUB1959 LEE PETTY FEB. 22/135.521 MPH11415
T478000017STUB1960 ROBERT G. JUNIOR JOHNSON FEB. 24/124.74 MPH23232
T478000018STUB1961 MARVIN PANCH FEB. 26/149.601 MPH42121
T478000021STUB1962 EDWARD G. FIREBALL ROBERTS FEB. 18/152.529 MPH41111
U478000008FULL1963 DEWAYNE L. TINY LUND FEB. 24/151.566 MPH21014
T478000026STUB1964 RICHARD PETTY FEB. 23/154.334 MPH52122
T478000002STUB1965 FRED LORENZEN FEB. 14/141.539 MPH52121
T478000003STUB1966 RICHARD PETTY FEB. 27/160.627 MPH62121
T478000004STUB1967 MARIO ANDRETTI FEB. 26/146.926 MPH81010
T478000005STUB1968 CALE YARBROUGH FEB. 25/143.251 MPH52121
T478000006STUB1969 LEEROY YARBROUGH FEB. 23/157.950 MPH61010
T478000007STUB1970 PETE HAMILTON FEB. 22/149.601 MPH61010
T478000020STUB1971 RICHARD PETTY FEB. 14/144.462 MPH52030
T478000015STUB1972 A.J. FOYT FEB. 20/161.55 MPH82020
T478000008STUB1973 RICHARD PETTY FEB. 18/157.205 MPH82020
T478000013STUB1974 RICHARD PETTY FEB. 17/140.894 MPH71010
T478000009STUB1975 BENNY PARSONS FEB. 16/153.649 MPH42222
T478000014STUB1976 DAVID PEARSON FEB. 15/152.181 MPH62123
T478000010STUB1977 CALE YARBOROUGH FEB. 20/153.218 MPH61112
T478000012STUB1978 BOBBY ALLISON FEB. 19/159.730 MPH73041
U47879B189FULL1979 RICHARD PETTY FEB. 18/143.977 MPH32334
U478000003FULL1980 BUDDY BAKER FEB. 17/177.602 MPH51426
T47881B159STUB1981 RICHARD PETTY FEB. 15/169.651 MPH81020
U47882B149FULL1982 BOBBY ALLISON FEB. 14/153.991 MPH41226
T47883B209STUB1983 CALE YARBOROUGH FEB. 20/155.979 MPH51214
T47884B199STUB1984 CALE YARBOROUGH FEB. 19/150.994 MPH81010
T47885B179STUB1985 BILL ELLIOTT FEB. 17/172.265 MPH82040
T47886B169STUB1986 GEOFF BODINE FEB. 16/148.124 MPH51113
T47887B159STUB1987 BILL ELLIOTT FEB. 15/176.263 MPH82050
T47888B149STUB1988 BOBBY ALLISON FEB. 14/137.531 MPH61010
T47889B199STUB1989 DARRELL WALTRIP FEB. 19/148.466 MPH32424
T47890B189STUB1990 DERRIKE COPE FEB. 18/165.761 MPH91010
U47891B179FULL1991 ERNIE IRVAN FEB. 17/148.148 MPH91010
T47892B169STUB1992 DAVEY ALLISON FEB. 16/160.256 MPH52132
T47893B149STUB1993 DALE JARRETT FEB. 14/154.972 MPH62121
T47894B209STUB1994 STERLING MARLIN FEB. 20/156.931 MPH61020
T47895B199STUB1995 STERLING MARLIN FEB. 19/141.710 MPH61010
T47896B189STUB1996 DALE JARRETT FEB. 18/154.308 MPH52040
U47897B169FULL1997 JEFF GORDON FEB. 16/148.295 MPH51316
U47898B159FULL1998 DALE EARNHARDT FEB. 15/172.712 MPH91010
U47899B149FULL1999 JEFF GORDON FEB. 14/161.551 MPH64243
U47800B200FULL2000 DALE JARRETT FEB. 20/155.669 MPH81020
U47801B180FULL2001 MICHAEL WALTRIP FEB. 18/161.783 MPH629214
T47802B170STUB2002 WARD BURTON FEB. 17/130.810 MPH91010
U47803B160FULL2003 MICHAEL WALTRIP FEB. 16/133.870 MPH61324
U47804B150FULL2004 DALE EARNHARDT JR. FEB. 15/156.345 MPH61425
T47805B200STUB2005 JEFF GORDON FEB. 20/135.173 MPH31113
T47806B190STUB2006 JIMMIE JOHNSON FEB. 19/142.667 MPH71010
T478000025STUB2007 KEVIN HARVICK FEB. 18/149.335 MPH51021
U478000004FULL2008 RYAN NEWMAN FEB. 17/152.672 MPH83031
U478000011FULL2009 MATT KENSETH FEB. 15/132.816 MPH102020This is the very first Daytona 500 full ticket graded PSA 10 from any year.
U478000019FULL2010 JAMIE MCMURRAY FEB. 14/137.284 MPH81010
U478000032FULL2011 TREVOR BAYNE FEB. 20/130.326 MPH51014
U478000037FULL2012 MATT KENSETH FEB. 27/140.256 MPH91010
U478000039FULL2013 JIMMIE JOHNSON FEB. 24/159.25 MPH 43131
U478000042 2014 DALE EARNHARDT JR FEB.23/145.290 MPH 
   2015 JOEY LOGANO FEB.22/161.393 MPH 
*U478000010 2016 DENNY HAMLIN FEB.21/157.549 MPH 

*These items are optional and not calculated in the grade or the percent completion of the set.