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Mark927's Hockey C55 Master Set

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About this set: The C55 Hockey tobacco set was issued in 1911-12 and was believed to be produced by Imperial Tobacco. It is probably the most common of the three early ‘C’ sets. This set measures (1.469" x 2.656") the same as the prior year’s C56 set and features a similar design. The front of the card is a color portrait of the player surrounded by two hockey sticks and the back shows the words "Hockey Players" on top followed by the player’s name and the teams he has played for. The card numbers, 45 in total, are also featured in a small circle on the back. Please let me know if you can help upgrade my '2's' by sale or trade.

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Mark927's Hockey C55 Master Set
ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
40551100101PADDY MORAN42540HOF Goalie.
40551100202JOE HALL41955"Bad Joe" a tough HOFer
40551100303BARNEY HOLDEN41851
40551100404JOE MALONE41945'Phantom' Joe, early scoring leader and HOFer
40551100505ED OATMAN51633
40551100606TOM DUNDERDALE42743HOF
40551100707KEN MALLEN51833
40551100808JACK MacDONALD42656Leagues top scorer in 1912-13 and Cup winner that year.
40551100909FRED LAKE31575Defender who lost an eye before playing for Ottawa.
405511010010ALBERT KERR31469Should be in the HOF - 2 Cups with Ottawa and averaged 1.2 goals per game f...
405511011011MARTY WALSH31081HOF, year's top scorer
405511012012HAMBY SHORE51931Defender on the 1911-12 Stanley Cup team.
405511013013ALEX CURRIE51331
405511014014BRUCE RIDPATH42566High scoring right winger whose career was cut short after 4 yrs. due to an...
405511015015BRUCE STUART31269HOF
405511016016PERCY LESUEUR31070HOF Goalie
405511017017JACK DARRAGH52131
405511018018STEVE VAIR5292513 goals in 12 games in 1911-12.
405511019019DON SMITH31164nearly a goal a game career with a high of 28 goals in 1911-12
405511020020CYCLONE TAYLOR31179HOF - the star of his day.
405511021021BERT LINDSAY41754
405511022022LARRY GILMOUR42445
405511023023BOBBY ROWE42847
405511024024SPRAGUE CLEGHORN42649HOF - roughest player in the league
405511025025ODIE CLEGHORN42368Should be in the HOF - 229 goals.
405511026026SKEIN RONAN41948Defenseman for Renfrew.
405511027027WALTER SMAILL RIGHT HAND ON STICK41431Defenceman alongside Art Ross. Career as a player is secondary to how hard...
405511028028ERNIE JOHNSON42562HOF - longest reach in the league
405511029029JACK MARSHALL42649HOF
405511030030HARRY HYLAND42346HOF
405511031031ARTHUR ROSS42252HOF and one of the leading defenseman of his era.
405511032032RILEY HERN3878HOF goalie
405511033033GORDON ROBERTS52124HOF
405511034034F. GLASS42449Averaged over a goal a game for his career and played on four Cup winners.
405511035035ERNEST RUSSELL42558HOF
405511036036JAMES GARDINER42039HOF
405511037037ARTHUR BERNIER42554Winger - played two seasons with Montreal.
405511038038GEORGES VEZINA43559The 'Holy Grail' for many prewar hockey collectors (at least for me).
405511039039G. (HENRI) DALLAIRE41859Goal a game (11 in 11) in 1911-12.
405511040040R (ROCKET) POWER31167Defender - was on Quebecs Cup winner in 1913.
405511041041D.PIT PITRE3875HOF
405511042042E.D. LALONDE32682HOF, over 400 goals, top scorer of his era.
405511043043EUGENE PAYAN4254512 goals in 16 games in 1911-12.
405511044044GEORGE POULIN31275Nicknamed 'Skinner' - don't know why but its no boubt a good story...
405511045045JACK LAVIOLETTE31768HOF