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1948 Bowman: The Kimy Collection

The Kimy Collection

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Rank 14
Weighted GPA 6.351
Complete 60.19%
Set Rating 3.730
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About this set: Looking to complete this set with 8's. What do you have?

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The Kimy Collection
Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
02024800101JOE TERESHINSKI63650 
02024800202LARRY OLSONOSKI  
02024800404RAY POOLE  
02024800505BILL DeCORREVONT8162 
02024800606PAUL BRIGGS51151 
02024800707STEVE VAN BUREN  
02024800808KENNY WASHINGTON62444 
02024800909NOLAN LUHN  
020248010010CHRIS IVERSEN5977 
020248011011JACK WILEY8121 
020248012012CHARLEY CONERLY  
020248013013HUGH TAYLOR4691 
020248014014FRANK SENO73124 
020248015015GIL BOULEY  
020248016016TOMMY THOMPSON8124 
020248017017CHARLIE TRIPPI74031 
020248018018VINCE BANONIS  
020248019019ART FAIRCLOTH62344 
020248020020CLYDE GOODNIGHT  
020248021021BILL CHIPLEY  
020248022022SAMMY BAUGH572144 
020248023023DON KINDT  
020248024024JOHN KONISZEWSKI8132 
020248025025PAT McHUGH  
020248026026BOB WATERFIELD73736 
020248027027TONY COMPAGNO  
020248028028PAUL GOVERNALI8215 
020248029029PAT HARDER8233 
020248030030VIC LINDSKOG5743 
020248031031SALVATORE ROSATO  
020248032032JOHN MASTRANGELO8143 
020248033033FRED GEHRKE890 
020248034034BOSH PRITCHARD8182 
020248035035MIKE MICKA8202 
020248036036BULLDOG TURNER  
020248037037LEN YOUNCE72415 
020248038038PAT WEST8221 
020248039039RUSS THOMAS7169 
020248040040JAMES PEEBLES8221 
020248041041BOB SKOGLUND920 
020248042042WALT STICKEL  
020248043043WHITEY WISTERT  
020248044044PAUL CHRISTMAN8214 
020248045045JAY RHODEMYRE  
020248046046SKIP MINISI8222 
020248047047BOB MANN8195 
020248048048MAL KUTNER71716 
020248049049DICK POILLON63035 
020248051051GERALD COWHIG61930 
020248052052NEIL ARMSTRONG5655 
020248053053FRANK MAZNICKI  
020248054054JOHN SANCHEZ  
020248055055FRANK REAGAN63136 
020248056056JIM HARDY  
020248057057JOHN BADACZEWSKI  
020248058058ROBERT NUSSBAUMER51972 
020248059059MARVIN PREGULMAN8183 
020248060060ELBERT NICKEL  
020248061061ALEX WOJCIECHOWICZ542117 
020248062062WALT SCHLINKMAN  
020248063063PETE PIHOS  
020248064064JOSEPH SULAITIS8184 
020248065065MIKE HOLOVAK  
020248066066CECIL SOUDERS8101 
020248067067PAUL McKEE  
020248068068BILL MOORE72423 
020248069069FRANK MININI71911 
020248070070JACK FERRANTE73020 
020248071071LESLIE HORVATH  
020248072072TED FRITSCH, SR.  
020248073073TEX COULTER62246 
020248075075DANTE MANGANI62231 
020248076076JAMES HEFTI8133 
020248077077PAUL SARRINGHAUS  
020248078078JOE SCOTT61830 
020248079079BUCKO KILROY  
020248080080BILL DUDLEY532116 
020248081081MARSHALL GOLDBERG61424 
020248082082JOHN CANNADY8193 
020248083083PERRY MOSS  
020248084084HAROLD CRISLER71120 
020248085085BILL GRAY8133 
020248086086JOHN CLEMENT62448 
020248087087DAN SANDIFER61833 
020248088088BEN KISH8145 
020248089089HERBERT BANTA  
020248090090BILL GARNAAS51342 
020248091091JIM WHITE  
020248092092FRANK BARZILAUSKAS4886 
020248093093VIC SEARS  
020248094094JOHN ADAMS  
020248095095GEORGE McAFEE73827 
020248096096RALPH HEYWOOD  
020248097097JOE MUHA72312 
020248098098FRED ENKE8193 
020248099099HARRY GILMER61925 
0202481000100BILL MIKLICH8142 
0202481010101JOE GOTTLIEB8201 
0202481020102BUD ANGSMAN61523 
0202481030103TOM FARMER  
0202481040104BRUCE SMITH  
0202481050105BOB CIFERS  
0202481060106ERNIE STEELE  
0202481070107SID LUCKMAN318173 
0202481080108BUFORD RAY7106 
i wish i saw enough 8s come up for you to finish the way you would like. im blacknwhite i beleive #19 rightnow. ive got alot of 6s and 7s of the cards you need yet but was trying to wait on selling my set to pay for a hobby car of somekind.
Posted @ 7/8/2011 4:36 PM By blacknwhite
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