1912-13 C57: magnar C57

magnar C57

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GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 4.680
Complete 98.00%
Set Rating 4.533
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About this set: This C57 has one card missing for completion. I would purchase or trade+ $ this card and any other low grade with anyone who has in PSA 6 or higher. If you love sports history when you see, touch or smell these cards one gets put back into the early 20th century. Todays society is a far cry of what early 20th century life & people were like. I hope you enjoy this set as much as I. Wishing all the best.

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magnar C57
Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
41241200101GEORGES VEZINA2MK1227Very light "p" in pencil on front top, centered towards bottom
41241200202PUNCH BROADBENT473Nice card accurately graded
41241200303CLINT BENEDICT 
41241200404A. ATCHINSON513accurate grade, PSA 2 dupe SPottie
41241200505TOM DUNDERDAL5.5124 semi rounded corners, good centering, no visible creases, dark letters ba...
41241200606ART BERNIER6226.5 centering
41241200707G. DELAIRE473
41241200808GEORGE POULIN5.522
41241200909EUGENE PAYAN5.512undergraded looks 6.5 range to me, Have PSA 4 duplicate
412412010010STEVE VAIR5425.5 center/corners, have PSA 3 duplicate
412412011011BOBBY ROWE622
412412012012DON SMITH642Impeccable should be a 7.
412412013013BERT LINDSAY478
412412014014SKENE RONAN6216.5 centering
412412015015SPRAGUE CLEGHORN6226.5-7.0 range centering, corners, have dupe PSA 3
412412016016JOE HALL6306.5 centering
412412017017JACK MACDONALD5.512
412412018018PADDY MORAN631accurate grading, have PSA 4 dupe
412412019019HARRY HYLAND6216.5-7.0 range centering, corners, very clear image, dupe PSA 3
412412020020ART ROSS631Pottie dupe PSA 3
412412021021FRANK (PUD) GLASS6.5117.0 centering, corners, clear image
412412022022WALTER SMAILL477
412412023023GORDON ROBERTS583
412412024024JAMES GARDNER6216.5-7.0 range centering, corners, PSA 2 dupe
412412025025ERNEST (MOOSE) JOHNSON4611
412412026026ERNIE RUSSELL41210Deep black and white colors on front + rear
412412027027PERCY LESUEUR5.514pottie psa 1 dupe
412412028028BRUCE RIDPATH541Nice white borders
412412029029JACK DARRAGH620Pottie dupe PSA 3
412412030030HAMBY SHORE3817
412412031031FRED LAKE487
412412032032ALEX CURRIE3413
412412033033ALBERT KERR5336.0 centering, corners
412412034034EDDIE GERARD486
412412035035CARL KENDALL630PSA 4 dupe
412412036036JACK FOURNIER5.511
412412037037GOLDIE PRODGERS5346.0-6.5 corners
412412038038JACK MARKS5625.5 corners, centering
412412039039GEORGE BROUGHTON6.511centering top-bottom keeps it from 7.0 PSA 4 dupe
412412040040ARTHUR BOYCE621psa 3 dupe 51407
412412041041LESTER PATRICK VICTORIA26172" crease bottom to right side across shoulder
412412042042JOE DENNISON543appears to be a 6 to the naked eye
412412043043FRED TAYLOR488Small light browning left side middle front
412412044044NEWSY LALONDE542Deep black-white colors front-back, easy 5.5+
412412045045DIDIER PITRE4794.5-5.0 range
412412046046JACK LAVIOLETTE610Pottie dupe PSA 3
412412047047ED OATMAN512Deep black-white colors front-back,easy 5.5
412412048048JOE MALONE620Very sharp, 6.5 centering, corners, PSA 1 dupe pottie 110705
412412049049MARTY WALSH513psa 2 dupe
412412050050ODIE CLEGHORN3911