1961-1989 Wax Packs - All Series: The Timmer Collection

The Timmer Collection

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The Timmer Collection
ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradeSpec No. PopSpec No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
P303000018 1961 FLEER BASKETBALL WAX PACK610737
P280000001 1971 TOPPS BASKETBALL WAX PACK6229231
P300720010 1972 TOPPS BASKETBALL WAX PACK81303113132
P300730010 1973 TOPPS BASKETBALL WAX PACK6349349
P300740010 1974 TOPPS BASKETBALL WAX PACK5169169
P300750010 1975 TOPPS BASKETBALL WAX PACK744314531
P300770010 1977 TOPPS BASKETBALL WAX PACK728482848
P234000001 1978 TOPPS BASKETBALL WAX PACK8145198
P300790010 1979 TOPPS BASKETBALL WAX PACK6326326
P300800010 1980 TOPPS BASKETBALL WAX PACK832888375120
P300810010 1981 TOPPS BASKETBALL WAX PACK719802895
P303000010 1986 FLEER BASKETBALL WAX PACK840614140
P303870010 1987 FLEER BASKETBALL WAX PACK81396713968
P303880020 1988 FLEER BASKETBALL WAX PACK85245201183
P122000001 1989 FLEER BASKETBALL WAX PACK87777
P309000001 1989 HOOPS BASKETBALL WAX PACK8821812