Player Sets

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Vintage Player Sets (Pre-1970)
Hank Aaron Basic Set125
Hank Aaron Master Set54
Hank Aaron Super Set8
Hank Aaron Basic Topps Set69
Hank Aaron Master Topps Set23
Bob Allison Basic Set9
Bob Allison Master Set3
Felipe Alou Basic Set7
Felipe Alou Master Set3
Walter Alston (Manager) Basic Set3
Walter Alston (Manager) Master Set0
Johnny Antonelli Basic Set8
Johnny Antonelli Master Set2
Luis Aparicio Basic Set24
Luis Aparicio Master Set18
Morrie Arnovich Master Set0
Luis Arroyo Basic Set7
Luis Arroyo Master Set1
Richie Ashburn Basic Set20
Richie Ashburn Master Set4
Frank Home Run Baker Basic Set1
Frank Home Run Baker Master Set1
Ernie Banks Basic Set77
Ernie Banks Master Set29
Ernie Banks Master Topps Set7
Earl Battey Basic Set2
Earl Battey Master Set1
Earl Battey Basic Topps Set2
Earl Battey Master Topps Set1
Hank Bauer Basic Set11
Hank Bauer Master Set1
Hank Bauer Super Set1
Chief Bender Basic Set4
Moe Berg Master Set1
Yogi Berra Basic Set39
Yogi Berra Master Set21
John Blanchard Basic Set10
John Blanchard Master Set2
Sam Bohne Master Set0
Cletis Boyer Basic Set11
Cletis Boyer Master Set2
Ken Boyer Basic Set11
Ken Boyer Master Set6
Ralph Branca Basic Set8
Ralph Branca Master Set3
Ron Brand Basic Set6
Ron Brand Master Set2
Ed Brinkman Basic Set2
Ed Brinkman Master Set2
Gates Brown Basic Set1
Gates Brown Master Set1
Don Buddin Master Set3
Jim Bunning Basic Set13
Jim Bunning Master Set3
Chief Bender Master Set1
Smokey Burgess Basic Set4
Smoky Burgess Master Set3
Johnny Callison Basic Set4
Johnny Callison Master Set2
Roy Campanella Basic Set23
Roy Campanella Master Set8
Don Cardwell Basic Set5
Don Cardwell Master Set2
Andy Carey Basic Set7
Andy Carey Master Set3
Norm Cash Basic Set12
Norm Cash Master Set3
Orlando Cepeda Basic Set17
Orlando Cepeda Master Set4
Orlando Cepeda Basic Topps Set10
Orlando Cepeda Master Topps Set4
Bob Cerv Basic Set10
Bob Cerv Master Set2
Frank Chance Basic Set5
Frank Chance Master Set3
Ray Chapman Master Set1
Hal Chase Basic Set 7
Hal Chase Master Set1
Galen Cisco Master Set5
Fred Clarke Basic Set2
Fred Clarke Master Set2
Roberto Clemente Basic Set 172
Roberto Clemente Master Set65
Roberto Clemente Basic Topps Set59
Roberto Clemente Master Topps Set22
Jim Coates Basic Set7
Jim Coates Master Set2
Ty Cobb Basic Set16
Ty Cobb Master Set8
Mickey Cochrane Basic Set3
Mickey Cochrane Master Set1
Rocky Colavito Basic Set22
Rocky Colavito Master Set8
Horace Clarke Basic Set8
Horace Clarke Master Set2
Jerry Coleman Basic Set9
Eddie Collins Basic Set4
Eddie Collins Master Set2
Joe Collins Basic Set7
Joe Collins Master Set2
Tony Conigliaro Basic Set10
Tony Conigliaro Master Set4
Sam Crawford Master Set1
Bud Daley Basic Set5
Bud Daley Master Set1
Harry Danning Master Set0
Jim Davenport Basic Set6
Jim Davenport Master Set3
Tommy Davis Basic Set1
Tommy Davis Master Set2
Dave DeBusschere Master Set8
Bill Dickey Basic Set1
Bill Dickey Master Set0
Joe DiMaggio Basic Set18
Joe DiMaggio Master Set9
Larry Doby Basic Set8
Larry Doby Master Set4
Bobby Doerr Basic Set7
Bobby Doerr Master Set4
Tom Downey Basic Set5
Tom Downey Master Set2
Al Downing Basic Set 2
Al Downing Master Set1
Walt Dropo Basic Set1
Walt Dropo Master Set1
Don Drysdale Basic Set37
Don Drysdale Master Set10
Ryne Duren Basic Set4
Ryne Duren Master Set1
Jimmy Dykes Basic Set1
Jimmy Dykes Master Set3
Jimmy Dykes (Manager) Basic Set3
Jimmy Dykes (Manager) Master Set2
Luke Easter Basic Set3
Luke Easter Master Set1
Johnny Edwards Basic Set4
Johnny Edwards Master Set2
Del Ennis Basic Set6
Del Ennis Master Set3
Carl Erskine Basic Set9
Carl Erskine Master Set7
Johnny Evers Basic Set4
Johnny Evers Master Set3
Roy Face Basic Set3
Roy Face Master Set3
Ron Fairly Basic Set3
Ron Fairly Master Set2
Cliff Fannin Basic Set3
Cliff Fannin Master Set1
Bob Feller Basic Set13
Bob Feller Master Set6
Curt Flood Basic Set 3
Curt Flood Master Set 4
Whitey Ford Basic Set31
Whitey Ford Master Set10
Nellie Fox Basic Set13
Nellie Fox Master Set4
Jimmie Foxx Basic Set7
Jimmie Foxx Master Set2
Bill Freehan Basic Set6
Bill Freehan Master Set6
Jim Fregosi Basic Set11
Jim Fregosi Master Set7
Gil Garrido Basic Set5
Gil Garrido Master Set2
Lou Gehrig Basic Set20
Lou Gehrig Master Set4
Lou Gehrig Super Set2
Charles Gehringer Basic Set6
Charles Gehringer Master Set4
Jake Gibbs Basic Set5
Jake Gibbs Master Set1
Bob Gibson Basic Set39
Bob Gibson Master Set29
Bob Gibson Basic Topps Set29
Bob Gibson Master Topps Set13
Jim Gilliam Basic Set9
Jim Gilliam Master Set3
Sid Gordon Basic Set5
Sid Gordon Master Set1
Hank Greenberg Basic Set6
Hank Greenberg Master Set2
Bob Grim Basic Set 1
Bob Grim Master Set 0
Dick Groat Basic Set10
Dick Groat Master Set6
Harvey Haddix Basic Set4
Harvey Haddix Master Set2
Ron Hansen Basic Set4
Ron Hansen Master Set3
Steve Hamilton Basic Set3
Steve Hamilton Master Set1
Mel Harder Master Set2
Ken Harrelson Basic Set4
Ken Harrelson Master Set3
Woodie Held Basic Set5
Woodie Held Master Set2
Bob Hendley Basic Set7
Bob Hendley Master Set3
Bill Henry Basic Set1
Bill Henry Master Set0
Whitey Herzog Basic Set6
Whitey Herzog Master Set4
Gil Hodges Basic Set17
Gil Hodges Master Set8
Roger Hornsby Basic Set2
Roger Hornsby Master Set4
Elston Howard Basic Set16
Elston Howard Master Set4
Frank Howard Basic Set9
Frank Howard Master Set6
Dick Howser Basic Set6
Dick Howser Master Set2
Ken Hunt Master Set2
Ken R. Hunt Master Set2
Monte Irvin Basic Set8
Monte Irvin Master Set1
Joe Jackson Master Set2
Joe Jay Basic Set6
Joe Jay Master Set2
Hugh Jennings Basic Set4
Hugh Jennings Master Set2
Jackie Jensen Basic Set4
Jackie Jensen Master Set2
Jackie Jensen Basic Topps Set5
Jackie Jensen Master Topps Set3
Walter Johnson Master Set2
Walter Johnson Super Set1
Al Kaline Basic Set 61
Al Kaline Master Set24
Al Kaline Basic Topps Set 18
Al Kaline Master Topps Set 14
Willie Keeler Basic Set2
Willie Keeler Master Set1
Harmon Killebrew Basic Set49
Harmon Killebrew Basic & Collectors Issues Set10
Harmon Killebrew Master Set34
Harmon Killebrew Basic Topps Set31
Harmon Killebrew Master Topps Set14
Ralph Kiner Basic Set6
Ralph Kiner Master Set2
Chuck Klein Basic Set2
Chuck Klein Master Set0
Ted Kluszewski Basic Set18
Ted Kluszewski Master Set11
Bobby Knoop Basic Set3
Bobby Knoop Master Set1
Sandy Koufax Basic Set 116
Sandy Koufax Master Set28
Ed Kranepool Basic Topps1
Ed Kranepool Master Topps Set2
Tony Kubek Basic Set11
Tony Kubek Master Set2
Bob Kuzava Basic Set3
Bob Kuzava Master Set0
Nap Lajoie Master Set3
Don Larsen Basic Set 3
Don Larsen Master Set0
Bob Lemon Basic Set6
Bob Lemon Master Set1
Phil Linz Basic Set4
Phil Linz Master Set1
Ed Lopat Basic Set7
Ed Lopat Master Set1
Hector Lopez Basic Set8
Hector Lopez Master Set4
Sparky Lyle Basic Set3
Sparky Lyle Master Set4
Duke Maas Basic Set4
Duke Maas Master Set1
Sal Maglie Basic Set1
Sam Maglie Master Set1
Jim Maloney Basic Set5
Jim Maloney Master Set4
Frank Malzone Basic Set4
Frank Malzone Master Set1
Mickey Mantle Basic Set200
Mickey Mantle Master Set94
Mickey Mantle Super Set12
Mickey Mantle Basic Topps Set53
Mickey Mantle Master Topps Set18
Juan Marichal Basic Set33
Juan Marichal Master Set6
Marty Marion Basic Set3
Marty Marion Master Set1
Roger Maris Basic Set69
Roger Maris Master Set17
Roger Maris Master Topps Set10
Billy Martin Basic Set11
Billy Martin Master Set4
J.C. Martin Basic Set4
J.C. Martin Master Set2
Eddie Mathews Basic Set30
Eddie Mathews Master Set15
Eddie Mathews Basic Topps Set15
Eddie Mathews Master Topps Set6
Christy Mathewson Basic Set21
Christy Mathewson Master Set5
Willie Mays Basic Set110
Willie Mays Master Set54
Willie Mays Basic Topps Set29
Willie Mays Master Topps Set11
Bill Mazeroski Basic Set25
Bill Mazeroski Master Set9
Dick McAuliffe Master Set3
Tim McCarver Basic Set4
Tim McCarver Master Set4
Mike McCormick Basic Set4
Mike McCormick Master Set1
Willie McCovey Basic Set53
Willie McCovey Master Set28
Lindy McDaniel Basic Set1
Lindy McDaniel Master Set3
Maurice McDermott Basic Set1
Maurice McDermott Master Set1
Gil McDougald Basic Set9
Gil McDougald Master Set0
Sam McDowell Basic Set7
Sam McDowell Master Set11
Jim McGlothlin Basic Set3
Jim McGlothlin Master Set2
Denny McLain Basic Set6
Denny McLain Master Set1
Dave McNally Basic Set13
Dave McNally Master Set5
Pete Mikkelsen Basic Set 4
Pete Mikkelsen Master Set1
Minnie Minoso Basic Set9
Minnie Minoso Master Set4
Dan Moeller Master Set1
Bill Monbouquette Basic Set2
Bill Monbouquette Master Set2
Wally Moon Basic Set7
Wally Moon Master Set2
Tom Morgan Basic Set 1
Tom Morgan Master Set 0
Dave Morehead Basic Set2
Dave Morehead Master Set1
Dave Morehead Master Topps Set1
Don Mossi Basic Set4
Don Mossi Master Set1
Ivan Murrell Basic Set6
Ivan Murrell Master Set3
Danny Murtaugh Basic Set3
Danny Murtaugh Master Set1
Danny Murtaugh (Manager) Basic Set4
Danny Murtaugh (Manager) Master Set3
Stan Musial Basic Set 40
Stan Musial Master Set16
Stan Musial Basic Topps Set 29
Stan Musial Master Topps Set4
Irv Noren Basic Set3
Irv Noren Master Set0
Jim Northrup Basic Set5
Jim Northrup Master Set3
Joe Nossek Basic Set2
Joe Nossek Master Set1
Joe Nuxhall Basic Set6
Joe Nuxhall Master Set4
Sadaharu Oh Master Set1
Tony Oliva Basic Set14
Tony Oliva Master Set16
Tony Oliva Master Topps Set9
Mel Ott Basic Set3
Mel Ott Master Set1
Ray Oyler Master Set4
Andy Pafko Basic Set4
Andy Pafko Master Set1
Joe Page Basic Set5
Joe Page Master Set1
Satchel Paige Basic Set10
Satchel Paige Master Set4
Milt Pappas Basic Set2
Milt Pappas Master Set2
Mel Parnell Basic Set2
Mel Parnell Master Set2
Camilo Pascual Basic Set7
Camilo Pascual Master Set2
Camilo Pascual Basic Topps Set5
Camilo Pascual Master Topps Set3
Albie Pearson Basic Set4
Albie Pearson Master Set8
Barney Pelty Master Set2
Joe Pepitone Basic Set7
Joe Pepitone Master Set3
Johnny Pesky Basic Set6
Gary Peters Basic Set2
Gary Peters Master Set3
Rico Petrocelli Basic Set10
Rico Petrocelli Master Set6
Deacon Phillippe Basic Set4
Deacon Phillippe Master Set1
Adolfo Phillips Basic Set7
Adolfo Phillips Master Set2
John Bubba Phillips Master Set2
Billy Pierce Basic Set3
Billy Pierce Master Set2
Jim Piersall Basic Set 2
Jim Piersall Master Set 1
Vada Pinson Basic Set11
Vada Pinson Master Set5
Johnny Podres Basic Set8
Johnny Podres Master Set5
Boog Powell Basic Set19
Boog Powell Master Set9
Vic Raschi Basic Set6
Vic Raschi Master Set0
Pee Wee Reese Basic Set14
Pee Wee Reese Master Set3
Pete Reiser Basic Set3
Pete Reiser Master Set0
Hal Reniff Basic Set6
Hal Reniff Master Set1
Allie Reynolds Basic Set7
Allie Reynolds Master Set0
Bobby Richardson Basic Set13
Bobby Richardson Master Set3
Phil Rizzuto Basic Set19
Phil Rizzuto Master Set3
Robin Roberts Basic Set 19
Robin Roberts Master Set5
Brooks Robinson Basic Set 59
Brooks Robinson Master Set36
Frank Robinson Basic Set49
Frank Robinson Master Set8
Jackie Robinson Basic Set65
Jackie Robinson Master Set10
Al Rosen Basic Set7
Al Rosen Master Set1
Red Ruffing Basic Set0
Red Ruffing Master Set0
Babe Ruth Basic Set23
Babe Ruth Master Set15
Babe Ruth Super Set11
Ray Sadecki Basic Set4
Ray Sadecki Master Set3
Chico Salmon Basic Set7
Chico Salmon Master Set2
Ron Santo Basic Set31
Ron Santo Master Set13
Ron Santo Super Set2
Ron Santo Basic Topps Set21
Ron Santo Master Topps Set7
Red Schoendienst Basic Set8
Red Schoendienst Master Set3
Herb Score Basic Set8
Herb Score Master Set4
Roland Sheldon Basic Set6
Roland Sheldon Master Set1
Norm Siebern Basic Set 1
Norm Siebern Master Set 0
Charlie Silvera Basic Set4
Charlie Silvera Master Set1
Curt Simmons Basic Set6
Curt Simmons Master Set2
Bill Skowron Basic Set9
Bill Skowron Master Set3
Enos Slaughter Basic Set8
Enos Slaughter Master Set 1
Duke Snider Basic Set19
Duke Snider Master Set3
Warren Spahn Basic Set26
Warren Spahn Master Set19
Warren Spahn Basic Topps Set17
Warren Spahn Master Topps Set8
Bill Stafford Basic Set11
Bill Stafford Master Set1
Eddie Stanky Basic Set4
Eddie Stanky Master Set1
Mel Stottlemyre Basic Set10
Mel Stottlemyre Master Set2
Gus Suhr Master Set2
Frank Sullivan Basic Set3
Frank Sullivan Master Set2
Ralph Terry Basic Set5
Ralph Terry Master Set2
Frank J. Thomas Basic 2
Frank J. Thomas Master Set0
Chester "Pinch" Thomas Master Set1
Joe Tinker Basic Set4
Joe Tinker Master Set3
Joe Torre Basic Set17
Joe Torre Master Set8
Tom Tresh Basic Set9
Tom Tresh Master Set3
Virgil Trucks Master Set4
Bob Turley Basic Set8
Bob Turley Master Set4
Bob Uecker Basic Set9
Bob Uecker Master Set10
Arky Vaughan Master Set2
Bob Veale Basic Set1
Bob Veale Master Set1
Zoilo Versalles Basic Set7
Zoilo Versalles Master Set1
Rube Waddell Basic Set3
Rube Waddell Master Set1
Honus Wagner Basic Set3
Honus Wagner Master Set1
Leon Wagner Basic Set1
Leon Wagner Master Set2
Ramon Webster Basic Set6
Ramon Webster Master Set2
Hoyt Wilhelm Basic Set16
Hoyt Wilhelm Master Set5
Billy Williams Basic Set39
Billy Williams Master Set 18
Ted Williams Basic Set51
Ted Williams Master Set27
Ted Williams (Manager) Basic Set8
Ted Williams (Manager) Master Set4
Maury Wills Basic Set4
Maury Wills Master Set2
Don Wilson Basic Set7
Don Wilson Master Set5
Joe Wood Basic Set1
Joe Wood Master Set1
Early Wynn Basic Set9
Early Wynn Master Set3
Cy Young Master Set1
Gus Zernial Basic Set5
Gus Zernial Master Set2
Don Zimmer Basic Set10
Don Zimmer Master Set3
Modern Player Sets (1970-Present)
Danny Ainge Basic Set9
Danny Ainge Master Set6
Dick Allen Basic Set6
Dick Allen Master Set3
Roberto Alomar Basic Set6
Roberto Alomar Master Set14
Roberto Alomar Basic Topps Set3
Roberto Alomar Master Topps Set9
Garret Anderson Basic Set1
Garret Anderson Master Set1
Sparky Anderson (Manager) Basic Set5
Sparky Anderson (Manager) Master Set 3
Sparky Anderson (Manager) Basic Topps Set4
Sparky Anderson (Manager) Master Topps Set1
Nolan Arenado Basic Set2
Nolan Arenado Master Set2
Jake Arrieta Master Set1
Jeff Bagwell Basic & Collector Issues Set4
Jeff Bagwell Master Set16
Stan Bahnsen Basic Set2
Stan Bahnsen Master Set1
Harold Baines Basic Set4
Harold Baines Master Set8
Dusty Baker Basic Set4
Dusty Baker Master Set5
Sal Bando Basic Set1
Sal Bando Master Set2
Marty Barrett Basic Set0
Marty Barrett Master Set0
Marty Barrett Basic Topps Set1
Marty Barrett Master Topps Set1
Don Baylor Master Set8
Josh Beckett Basic Set0
Josh Beckett Master Set2
Josh Beckett Basic Topps Set4
Josh Beckett Master Topps Set0
Gordon Beckham Basic Set2
Gordon Beckham Master Set3
Mark Belanger Basic Set8
Mark Belanger Master Set3
Buddy Bell Basic Set4
Buddy Bell Master Set6
Albert Belle Basic Set2
Albert Belle Master Set5
Johnny Bench Basic Set 63
Johnny Bench Master Set33
Johnny Bench Basic Topps Set51
Johnny Bench Master Topps Set18
Juan Berenguer Basic Set1
Juan Berenguer Master Set1
Craig Biggio Basic & Collector Issues Set7
Craig Biggio Master Set23
Craig Biggio Basic Topps Set4
Craig Biggio Master Topps Set5
Jack Billingham Basic Set5
Jack Billingham Basic & Collector Issues Set2
Jack Billingham Master Set6
Hank Blalock Basic Set2
Hank Blalock Master Set2
Paul Blair Basic Set11
Paul Blair Master Set3
Ron Blomberg Basic Set6
Ron Blomberg Master Set3
Vida Blue Basic Set2
Vida Blue Master Set7
Vida Blue Basic Topps Set4
Vida Blue Master Topps Set1
Bert Blyleven Basic Set7
Bert Blyleven Basic & Collector Issues Set9
Bert Blyleven Master Set17
Bert Blyleven Basic Topps Set14
Bert Blyleven Master Topps Set7
Wade Boggs Basic Set15
Wade Boggs Master Set 40
Wade Boggs Basic Topps Set16
Wade Boggs Master Topps Set7
Barry Bonds Basic Set13
Barry Bonds Basic & Collector Issues Set9
Barry Bonds Master Set46
Barry Bonds Basic Topps Set17
Barry Bonds Master Topps Set5
Bobby Bonds Basic Set6
Bobby Bonds Master Set5
Bob Boone Master Set5
Pedro Borbon Basic Set7
Pedro Borbon Basic & Collector Issues Set2
Pedro Borbon Master Set5
Jim Bouton Basic Set7
Jim Bouton Master Set1
Larry Bowa Master Set3
Ryan J. Braun Basic Set1
Ryan J. Braun Basic & Collectors Issue Set1
Ryan J. Braun Master Set2
Ryan J. Braun Basic Topps Set2
Ryan J. Braun Master Topps Set1
George Brett Basic Set41
George Brett Basic & Collector Issues Set20
George Brett Master Set59
George Brett Basic Topps Set60
George Brett Master Topps Set21
Lou Brock Basic Set45
Lou Brock Master Set19
Clay Buchholz Basic Set1
Clay Buchholz Master Set1
Clay Buchholz Basic Topps4
Clay Buchholz Master Topps0
Bill Buckner Basic & Collector Issues Set9
Bill Buckner Master Set9
Mark Buehrle Basic Set0
Mark Buehrle Master Set2
Jay Buhner Basic Set1
Jay Buhner Master Set4
Jay Buhner Basic Topps Set0
Jay Buhner Master Topps Set1
Ellis Burks Basic Set0
Ellis Burks Master Set2
Ellis Burks Basic Topps Set1
Ellis Burks Master Topps Set0
Pat Burrell Basic Set1
Pat Burrell Master Set6
Brian Burres Basic Set1
Brian Burres Master Set1
Steve Busby Basic Set2
Steve Busby Master Set3
Brett Butler Basic & Collectors Issues Set4
Brett Butler Master Set7
Miguel Cabrera Basic Set5
Miguel Cabrera Master Set7
Miguel Cabrera Basic Topps Set10
Miguel Cabrera Master Topps Set7
Matt Cain Basic Set1
Matt Cain Master Set3
Bert Campaneris Basic Set2
Bert Campaneris Master Set5
Bill Campbell Master Set2
Dave Campbell Master Set3
Tom Candiotti Basic Set1
Tom Candiotti Master Set2
Robinson Cano Basic Set1
Robinson Cano Master Set7
Jose Canseco Basic Set4
Jose Canseco Basic & Collector Issues Set7
Jose Canseco Master Set19
Jose Canseco Basic Topps Set6
Jose Canseco Master Topps Set1
Rod Carew Basic Set41
Rod Carew Basic & Collectors Issue Set17
Rod Carew Master Set 32
Rod Carew Basic Topps Set33
Rod Carew Master Topps Set9
Steve Carlton Basic Set38
Steve Carlton Master Set35
Steve Carlton Basic Topps Set28
Steve Carlton Master Topps Set8
Don Carman Basic Set1
Don Carman Master Set1
Chris Carpenter Basic Set2
Chris Carpenter Master Set2
Don Carrithers Basic Set1
Don Carrithers Master Set1
Clay Carroll Basic Set4
Clay Carroll Basic & Collector Issues Set 2
Clay Carroll Master Set5
Gary Carter Basic Set15
Gary Carter Master Set 23
Gary Carter Super Set6
Gary Carter Basic Topps Set18
Gary Carter Master Topps Set12
Joe Carter Basic Set2
Joe Carter Master Set6
Rico Carty Basic Set2
Rico Carty Master Set1
Starlin Castro Basic Set0
Starlin Castro Master Set2
Bill Caudill Basic Set1
Bill Caudill Master Set1
Cesar Cedeno Basic Set3
Cesar Cedeno Master Set6
Ron Cey Basic Set6
Ron Cey Master Set11
Joba Chamberlain Basic Set0
Joba Chamberlain Master Set1
Wes Chamberlain Basic Set1
Wes Chamberlain Master Set1
Chris Chambliss Basic Set2
Chris Chambliss Master Set4
Darrel Chaney Basic Set4
Darrel Chaney Master Set2
Aroldis Chapman Basic Set4
Aroldis Chapman Master Set2
Tyler Chatwood (Minors) Master Set1
Will Clark Basic Set5
Will Clark Basic & Collector Issues Set11
Will Clark Master Set23
Will Clark Basic Topps Set4
Will Clark Master Topps Set6
Roger Clemens Basic Set13
Roger Clemens Basic & Collector Issues Set14
Roger Clemens Master Set39
Roger Clemens Basic Topps Set14
Roger Clemens Master Topps Set5
Reggie Cleveland Basic Set1
Reggie Cleveland Master Set1
Nate Colbert Basic Set10
Nate Colbert Master Set6
Gerrit Cole Master Set6
Dave Concepcion Basic Set16
Dave Concepcion Basic & Collector Issues Set5
Dave Concepcion Master Set15
Dave Concepcion Basic Topps Set9
Dave Concepcion Master Topps Set5
Mike Cosgrove Basic Set6
Mike Cosgrove Master Set2
Bobby Cox (Manager) Basic Set3
Bobby Cox (Manager) Master Set5
Bobby Cox (Manager) Basic Topps Set3
Bobby Cox (Manager) Master Topps Set5
Allen Craig Basic Set1
Allen Craig Master Set2
Jose Cruz Basic Set1
Jose Cruz Master Set4
Yu Darvish Basic Set3
Yu Darvish Master Set6
Darren Daulton Basic Set0
Darren Daulton Master Set3
Chris Davis Basic Set1
Chris Davis Master Set5
Eric Davis Basic Set5
Eric Davis Master Set12
Glenn Earle Davis Basic Set1
Glenn Earle Davis Master Set2
Andre Dawson Basic Set12
Andre Dawson Basic & Collector Issues Set12
Andre Dawson Master Set26
Andre Dawson Basic Topps Set19
Andre Dawson Master Topps Set7
Carlos Delgado Basic Set2
Carlos Delgado Master Set7
Bucky Dent Basic Set3
Bucky Dent Master Set6
R.A Dickey Basic Set2
R.A. Dickey Master Set2
Miguel Dilone Basic Set1
Miguel Dilone Master Set1
Stephen Drew Basic Set0
Stephen Drew Master Set2
Dan Driessen Basic Set2
Dan Driessen Basic & Collector Issues Set4
Dan Driessen Master Set3
Len Dykstra Basic Set1
Len Dykstra Master Set4
Dennis Eckersley Basic Set7
Dennis Eckersley Basic & Collectors Issues Set8
Dennis Eckersley Master Set13
Dennis Eckersley Basic Topps Set10
Dennis Eckersley Master Topps Set0
Jim Edmonds Basic Set1
Jim Edmonds Master Set5
Dock Ellis Basic Set9
Dock Ellis Master Set6
Jacoby Ellsbury Basic Set0
Jacoby Ellsbury Master Set3
Jacoby Ellsbury Basic Topps Set2
Jacoby Ellsbury Master Topps Set2
Danny Espinosa Master Set1
Andy Etchebarren Basic Set5
Andy Etchebarren Master Set2
Darrell Evans Basic Set4
Darrell Evans Master Set5
Dwight Evans Basic Set7
Dwight Evans Master Set12
Dwight Evans Basic Topps Set15
Dwight Evans Master Topps Set5
Mark Fidrych Basic Set8
Mark Fidrych Master Set9
Cecil Fielder Basic Set1
Cecil Fielder Master Set3
Cecil Fielder Basic Topps Set2
Cecil Fielder Master Topps Set0
Prince Fielder Basic Set0
Prince Fielder Master Set 2
Prince Fielder Basic Topps Set 3
Prince Fielder Master Topps Set1
Rollie Fingers Basic Set9
Rollie Fingers Master Set15
Rollie Fingers Basic Topps Set8
Rollie Fingers Master Topps Set8
Carlton Fisk Basic Set15
Carlton Fisk Master Set20
Carlton Fisk Basic Topps Set28
Carlton Fisk Master Topps Set10
Terry Forster Basic Set3
Terry Forster Master Set3
George Foster Basic Set11
George Foster Basic & Collector Issues Set5
George Foster Master Set16
George Foster Basic Topps Set5
George Foster Master Topps Set3
Terry Francona Basic Set 1
Terry Francona Master Set 2
Terry Francona Basic Topps Set 1
Terry Francona Master Topps Set 1
Freddie Freeman Basic Set 2
Freddie Freeman Master Set 3
Pepe Frias Master Set5
Woody Fryman Basic Set2
Woody Fryman Master Set2
Oscar Gamble Basic Set3
Oscar Gamble Master Set5
Ron Gant Basic Set2
Ron Gant Master Set4
Jim Gantner Basic Set3
Jim Gantner Master Set3
Kiko Garcia Basic Set2
Kiko Garcia Master Set2
Nomar Garciaparra Basic Set2
Nomar Garciaparra Master Set12
Nomar Garciaparra Basic Topps Set6
Nomar Garciaparra Master Topps Set6
Phil Garner Basic Set2
Phil Garner Master Set2
Ralph Garr Basic Set3
Ralph Garr Master Set3
Steve Garvey Basic Set28
Steve Garvey Master Set30
Matt Garza Basic Set0
Matt Garza Master Set1
Evan Gattis Basic Set1
Evan Gattis Master Set1
Cesar Geronimo Basic Set8
Cesar Geronimo Basic & Collector Issues Set1
Cesar Geronimo Master Set6
Jason Giambi Basic Set0
Jason Giambi Master Set5
Jason Giambi Basic Topps Set0
Jason Giambi Master Topps Set4
Kirk Gibson Basic Set4
Kirk Gibson Master Set13
Kirk Gibson Basic Topps Set6
Kirk Gibson Master Topps Set5
Tom Glavine Basic Set9
Tom Glavine Master Set15
Tom Glavine Basic Topps Set7
Tom Glavine Master Topps Set6
Dave Goltz Basic Set4
Dave Goltz Master Set3
Juan Gonzalez Basic Set4
Juan Gonzalez Master Set11
Dwight Gooden Basic Set6
Dwight Gooden Master Set18
Dwight Gooden Basic Topps Set4
Dwight Gooden Master Topps Set4
Alex Gordon Basic Set5
Alex Gordon Master Set4
Rich Gossage Basic Set7
Rich Gossage Basic & Collector Issues Set6
Rich Gossage Master Set17
Rich Gossage Super Set8
Rich Gossage Basic Topps Set7
Rich Gossage Master Topps Set7
Mark Grace Basic Set2
Mark Grace Master Set18
Mark Grace Basic Topps Set2
Mark Grace Master Topps Set3
Shawn Green Basic & Collector Issues Set2
Shawn Green Master Set3
Mike Greenwell Basic Set1
Mike Greenwell Master Set5
Mike Greenwell Basic Topps Set3
Mike Greenwell Master Topps Set2
Bobby Grich Basic Set2
Bobby Grich Master Set3
Ken Griffey Jr. Basic Set28
Ken Griffey Jr. Basic & Collector Issues Set45
Ken Griffey Jr. Master Set87
Ken Griffey Jr. Basic Topps Set32
Ken Griffey Jr. Master Topps Set21
Ken Griffey Sr. Basic Set8
Ken Griffey Sr. Basic & Collector Issues Set7
Ken Griffey Sr. Master Set12
Ken Griffey Sr. Basic Topps Set5
Ken Griffey Sr. Master Topps Set3
Mark Gubicza Basic Set 0
Mark Gubicza Master Set 3
Vladimir Guerrero Basic Set1
Vladimir Guerrero Master Set6
Ron Guidry Basic Set13
Ron Guidry Master Set10
Ozzie Guillen Basic Set1
Ozzie Guillen Master Set1
Don Gullett Basic Set5
Don Gullett Basic & Collector Issues Set2
Don Gullett Master Set3
Tony Gwynn Basic Set18
Tony Gwynn Basic & Collector Issues Set12
Tony Gwynn Master Set40
Tony Gwynn Basic Topps Set26
Tony Gwynn Master Topps Set8
Travis Hafner Basic & Collector Issues Set2
Travis Hafner Master Set2
Cole Hamels Basic Set0
Cole Hamels Master Set1
Billy Hamilton Basic Set1
Billy Hamilton Master Set0
Josh Hamilton Basic Set1
Josh Hamilton Master Set1
Josh Hamilton Basic Topps Set4
Josh Hamilton Master Topps Set1
Tommy Hanson Basic Set1
Tommy Hanson Master Set2
Mike Hargrove Basic Set4
Mike Hargrove Master Set5
Mike Hargrove (Manager) Basic Set1
Mike Hargrove (Manager) Master Set1
Bryce Harper Basic Set9
Bryce Harper Basic & Collectors Set5
Bryce Harper Master Set16
Toby Harrah Basic Set1
Toby Harrah Master Set1
Ron Hassey Basic Set2
Ron Hassey Master Set2
Tommy Helms Basic Set3
Tommy Helms Basic & Collector Issues Set1
Tommy Helms Master Set2
Rickey Henderson Basic Set24
Rickey Henderson Master Set48
Rickey Henderson Super Set11
Rickey Henderson Basic Topps Set35
Rickey Henderson Master Topps Set18
George Hendrick Master Set2
Felix Hernandez Basic Set2
Felix Hernandez Master Set5
Keith Hernandez Basic Set11
Keith Hernandez Master Set20
Keith Hernandez Basic Topps Set7
Keith Hernandez Master Topps Set5
Orel Hershiser Basic Set5
Orel Hershiser Master Set7
Orel Hershiser Basic Topps Set4
Orel Hershiser Master Topps Set2
Whitey Herzog (Manager) Basic Set1
Whitey Herzog (Manager) Master Set2
Jason Heyward Basic Set11
Jason Heyward Master Set13
John Hiller Basic Set1
John Hiller Master Set2
Matt Holliday Basic Set 2
Matt Holliday Master Set2
Willie Horton Basic Set7
Willie Horton Master Set5
Ryan Howard Basic Set3
Ryan Howard Master Set8
Dick Howser (Manager) Basic Set1
Dick Howser (Manager) Master Set1
Al Hrabosky Master Set4
Al Hrabosky Basic Topps Set1
Al Hrabosky Master Topps Set1
Kent Hrbek Basic & Collector Issues Set6
Kent Hrbek Master Set11
Kent Hrbek Basic Topps Set8
Kent Hrbek Master Topps Set4
Tim Hudson Basic Set0
Tim Hudson Master Set0
Tom Hume Basic Set1
Tom Hume Master Set2
Jim Catfish Hunter Basic Set26
Jim Catfish Hunter Master Set11
Reggie Jackson Basic Set46
Reggie Jackson Master Set44
Reggie Jackson Basic Topps Set55
Reggie Jackson Master Topps Set19
Gregg Jefferies Basic Set0
Gregg Jefferies Master Set1
Fergie Jenkins Basic Set19
Fergie Jenkins Master Set15
Fergie Jenkins Basic Topps Set14
Fergie Jenkins Master Topps Set8
Derek Jeter Basic Set19
Derek Jeter Basic & Collector Issues Set20
Derek Jeter Master Set72
Derek Jeter Basic Topps35
Derek Jeter Master Topps20
Tommy John Basic Set3
Tommy John Master Set2
Lance Johnson Basic Set1
Lance Johnson Master Set1
Randy Johnson Basic Set11
Randy Johnson Basic & Collector Issues Set59
Randy Johnson Master Set61
Randy Johnson Basic Topps Set9
Randy Johnson Master Topps Set15
Chipper Jones Basic Set 9
Chipper Jones Basic & Collector Issues Set20
Chipper Jones Master Set26
Chipper Jones Basic Topps Set16
Chipper Jones Master Topps Set12
Randy Jones Basic & Collector Issues Set4
Randy Jones Master Set5
Todd Jones Basic Set0
Todd Jones Master Set0
Dave Justice Master Set6
Jim Kaat Basic Set5
Jim Kaat Master Set4
Jim Kaat Basic Topps Set1
Jim Kaat Master Topps Set3
Bob Kearney Basic Set2
Bob Kearney Master Set2
Roberto Kelly Basic Set2
Roberto Kelly Master Set3
Ian Kennedy Basic Set1
Ian Kennedy Master Set1
Jeff Kent Basic Set2
Jeff Kent Master Set5
Clayton Kershaw Basic Set0
Clayton Kershaw Basic & Collectors Issue Set0
Clayton Kershaw Master Set6
Clayton Kershaw Basic Topps Set3
Clayton Kershaw Master Topps Set4
Don Kessinger Basic Set4
Don Kessinger Master Set3
Mike Moustakas Master Set3
Dave Kingman Basic Set7
Dave Kingman Master Set14
Dave Kingman Basic Topps Set5
Dave Kingman Master Topps Set3
Ian Kinsler Basic Set0
Ian Kinsler Master Set2
Alan Knicely Basic Set2
Alan Knicely Master Set1
Ed Kranepool Basic Set9
Ed Kranepool Master Set2
John Kruk Basic Set 0
John Kruk Master Set 3
Rusty Kuntz Basic Set1
Rusty Kuntz Master Set1
Mark Langston Basic Set1
Mark Langston Master Set2
Mark Langston Basic Topps Set1
Mark Langston Master Topps Set1
Matt LaPorta Basic Set1
Matt LaPorta Master Set5
Barry Larkin Basic Set10
Barry Larkin Master Set26
Barry Larkin Basic Topps Set8
Barry Larkin Master Topps Set6
Tony LaRussa (Manager) Basic Set0
Tony LaRussa (Manager) Master Set0
Tony LaRussa (Manager) Basic Topps Set1
Tony LaRussa (Manager) Master Topps Set0
Tom Lasorda (Manager) Basic Set0
Tom Lasorda (Manager) Master Set2
Bill Lee Basic Set7
Bill Lee Master Set5
Bill Lee Basic Topps Set6
Bill Lee Master Topps Set5
Ron LeFlore Basic Set2
Ron LeFlore Master Set3
Chet Lemon Basic Set2
Chet Lemon Master Set9
Chet Lemon Basic Topps Set4
Chet Lemon Master Topps Set2
Dennis Leonard Basic Set3
Dennis Leonard Master Set 3
Jon Lester Basic Set1
Jon Lester Master Set1
Jon Lester Basic Topps Set5
Jon Lester Master Topps Set1
Jim Leyland (Manager) Basic Set1
Jim Leyland (Manager) Master Set0
Jim Leyland (Manager) Basic Topps Set2
Jim Leyland (Manager) Master Topps Set0
Sixto Lezcano Master Set3
Tim Lincecum Basic Set2
Tim Lincecum Master Set6
Tim Lincecum Basic Topps Set4
Tim Lincecum Master Topps Set2
Kenny Lofton Basic Set0
Kenny Lofton Master Set3
Mickey Lolich Basic Set8
Mickey Lolich Master Set9
Jim Lonborg Basic Set5
Jim Lonborg Master Set4
Evan Longoria Basic Set0
Evan Longoria Master Set10
Evan Longoria Basic Topps Set5
Evan Longoria Master Topps Set4
Davey Lopes Master Set4
Mike Lowell Basic Set0
Mike Lowell Master Set2
Mike Lowell Basic Topps Set1
Mike Lowell Master Topps Set0
Greg Luzinski Basic Set6
Greg Luzinski Basic & Collector Issues Set3
Greg Luzinski Master Set5
Fred Lynn Basic Set8
Fred Lynn Master Set16
Fred Lynn Basic Topps Set11
Fred Lynn Master Topps Set4
Kevin Maas Basic Set 0
Kevin Maas Master Set4
Manny Machado Basic Set5
Manny Machado Master Set5
Manny Machado Basic Topps Set6
Manny Machado Master Topps Set4
Greg Maddux Basic Set14
Greg Maddux Basic & Collector Issues Set14
Greg Maddux Master Set42
Greg Maddux Basic Topps Set19
Greg Maddux Master Topps Set10
Bill Madlock Basic Set3
Bill Madlock Master Set7
Bill Madlock Basic Topps Set3
Bill Madlock Master Topps Set3
Rick Manning Basic Set1
Rick Manning Master Set1
Mark Maroth Basic Set0
Mark Maroth Master Set0
Mike Marshall Basic Set2
Mike Marshall Master Set1
Billy Martin (Coach & Manager) Basic Set4
Billy Martin (Coach & Manager) Master Set 4
Edgar Martinez Basic Set4
Edgar Martinez Master Set5
Edgar Martinez Basic Topps Set1
Edgar Martinez Master Topps Set1
Pedro J. Martinez Basic Set7
Pedro J. Martinez Master Set19
Pedro J. Martinez Basic Topps Set3
Pedro J. Martinez Master Topps Set1
Tippy Martinez Basic Set0
Tippy Martinez Master Set0
Tippy Martinez Basic Topps Set0
Tippy Martinez Master Topps Set0
Daisuke Matsuzaka Basic Set 0
Daisuke Matsuzaka Master Set 2
Daisuke Matsuzaka Basic Topps Set 2
Daisuke Matsuzaka Master Topps Set 2
Gary Matthews Basic Set2
Gary Matthews Master Set4
Don Mattingly Basic Set22
Don Mattingly Basic & Collector Issues Set22
Don Mattingly Master Set 51
Don Mattingly Basic Topps Set32
Don Mattingly Master Topps Set8
Joe Mauer Basic & Collector Issues Set6
Joe Mauer Master Set9
Joe Mauer Basic Topps Set6
Joe Mauer Master Topps Set3
Lee May Basic Set4
Lee May Basic & Collector Issues Set1
Lee May Master Set4
John Mayberry Basic Set2
John Mayberry Master Set2
Dick McAuliffe Basic Set5
Bake McBride Master Set4
Mike McCoy Master Set1
Willie McGee Basic & Collector Issues Set2
Willie McGee Master Set7
Fred McGriff Basic & Collector Issues Set4
Fred McGriff Master Set9
Fred McGriff Basic Topps Set3
Fred McGriff Master Topps Set1
Tug McGraw Basic Set2
Tug McGraw Master Set1
Tug McGraw Basic Topps Set2
Tug McGraw Master Topps Set1
Mark McGwire Basic Set6
Mark McGwire Basic & Collector Issues Set7
Mark McGwire Master Set41
Mark McGwire Basic Topps Set10
Mark McGwire Master Topps Set13
Dave McKay Basic Set1
Dave McKay Master Set1
Hal McRae Basic Set3
Hal McRae Master Set4
Mario Mendoza Master Set4
Kevin Millwood Basic Set4
Kevin Millwood Master Set5
Paul Molitor Basic Set6
Paul Molitor Basic & Collector Issues Set14
Paul Molitor Master Set22
Paul Molitor Basic Topps Set14
Paul Molitor Master Topps Set7
Bob Montgomery Basic Set8
Bob Montgomery Master Set3
Joe Morgan Basic Set29
Joe Morgan Master Set31
Joe Morgan Basic Topps Set26
Joe Morgan Master Topps Set10
Jack Morris Basic Set3
Jack Morris Master Set8
Manny Mota Master Set2
Thurman Munson Basic Set83
Thurman Munson Master Set27
Bobby Murcer Basic Set13
Bobby Murcer Master Set11
Dale Murphy Basic Set24
Dale Murphy Master Set29
Dale Murphy Super Set9
Dale Murphy Basic Topps Set28
Dale Murphy Master Topps Set15
Eddie Murray Basic Set10
Eddie Murray Basic & Collector Issues Set7
Eddie Murray Master Set28
Eddie Murray Basic Topps Set17
Eddie Murray Master Topps Set8
Mike Mussina Basic Set2
Mike Mussina Master Set4
Mike Mussina Basic Topps Set1
Mike Mussina Master Topps Set0
Graig Nettles Basic Set10
Graig Nettles Basic & Collectors Set4
Graig Nettles Master Set11
Joe Niekro Basic Set1
Joe Niekro Master Set2
Phil Niekro Basic Set14
Phil Niekro Master Set17
Phil Niekro Basic Topps Set22
Phil Niekro Master Topps Set9
Trot Nixon Basic Set0
Trot Nixon Master Set0
Trot Nixon Basic Topps Set3
Trot Nixon Master Topps Set1
Gary Nolan Basic Set6
Gary Nolan Basic & Collector Issues Set2
Gary Nolan Master Set5
Fred Norman Basic Set4
Fred Norman Basic & Collector Issues Set2
Fred Norman Master Set3
Paul O'Neill Basic Set1
Paul O'Neill Master Set4
Ben Oglivie Basic Set2
Ben Oglivie Master Set3
Al Oliver Basic Set8
Al Oliver Basic & Collector Issues Set9
Al Oliver Master Set11
Al Oliver Basic Topps Set8
Al Oliver Master Topps Set7
Bob Oliver Basic Set 3
Bob Oliver Master Set 1
Magglio Ordonez Basic Set1
Magglio Ordonez Master Set4
Magglio Ordonez Basic Topps Set0
Magglio Ordonez Master Topps Set0
David Ortiz Basic Set2
David Ortiz Master Set5
David Ortiz Basic Topps Set5
David Ortiz Master Topps Set2
Roy Oswalt Master Set2
Amos Otis Basic Set4
Amos Otis Master Set5
Rafael Palmeiro Basic & Collector Issues Set2
Rafael Palmeiro Master Set3
Jim Palmer Basic Set38
Jim Palmer Master Set14
Jim Palmer Basic Topps Set29
Jim Palmer Master Topps Set9
Jonathan Papelbon Basic Set1
Jonathan Papelbon Master Set2
Jonathan Papelbon Basic Topps Set3
Jonathan Papelbon Master Topps Set1
Dave Parker Basic Set10
Dave Parker Master Set8
Dave Parker Basic Topps Set7
Dave Parker Master Topps Set8
Lance Parrish Basic Set3
Lance Parrish Master Set9
Lance Parrish Basic Topps Set4
Lance Parrish Master Topps Set2
Frank Pastore Basic Set1
Frank Pastore Master Set1
Freddie Patek Basic Set 3
Freddie Patek Master Set4
Jake Peavy Basic Set0
Jake Peavy Master Set1
Dustin Pedroia Basic Set2
Dustin Pedroia Master Set3
Dustin Pedroia Basic Topps Set6
Dustin Pedroia Master Topps Set1
Carlos Pena Basic Set1
Carlos Pena Master Set3
Terry Pendleton Basic Set1
Terry Pendleton Master Set4
Tony Perez Basic Set23
Tony Perez Master Set18
Tony Perez Basic Topps Set19
Tony Perez Master Topps Set6
Gaylord Perry Basic Set22
Gaylord Perry Master Set12
Gaylord Perry Basic Topps Set20
Gaylord Perry Master Topps Set9
Fritz Peterson Basic Set6
Fritz Peterson Master Set1
Dan Petry Basic Set1
Dan Petry Master Set1
Mike Piazza Basic Set3
Mike Piazza Basic & Collector Issues Set4
Mike Piazza Master Set22
Mike Piazza Basic Topps Set5
Mike Piazza Master Topps Set3
Lou Piniella (Manager) Basic Topps Set1
Lou Piniella (Manager) Master Topps Set1
Buster Posey Basic Set5
Buster Posey Master Set8
Buster Posey Basic Topps Set7
Buster Posey Master Topps Set4
David Price Basic Set3
David Price Master Set3
Mark Prior Master Set1
Kirby Puckett Basic Set16
Kirby Puckett Basic & Collector Issues Set13
Kirby Puckett Master Set33
Kirby Puckett Basic Topps Set27
Kirby Puckett Master Topps Set10
Terry Puhl Basic Set1
Terry Puhl Master Set3
Albert Pujols Basic Set9
Albert Pujols Basic & Collectors Issue Set4
Albert Pujols Master Set13
Albert Pujols Basic Topps Set16
Albert Pujols Master Topps Set5
Dan Quisenberry Basic Set4
Dan Quisenberry Master Set 3
Tim Raines Sr. Basic & Collector Issues Set8
Tim Raines Sr. Master Set23
Hanley Ramirez Basic Set1
Hanley Ramirez Master Set3
Manny Ramirez Basic & Collector Issues Set8
Manny Ramirez Master Set15
Manny Ramirez Basic Topps Set7
Manny Ramirez Master Topps Set5
Willie Randolph Basic Set2
Willie Randolph Master Set7
Willie Randolph Basic Topps Set4
Willie Randolph Master Topps Set2
Jerry Remy Basic Set5
Jerry Remy Master Set4
Jerry Remy Basic Topps Set5
Jerry Remy Master Topps Set3
Paul Reuschel Basic Set5
Paul Reuschel Master Set3
Rick Reuschel Basic & Collector Issues Set4
Rick Reuschel Master Set6
Harold Reynolds Basic Set1
Harold Reynolds Master Set3
Jim Rice Basic Set20
Jim Rice Master Set20
Jim Rice Basic Topps Set22
Jim Rice Master Topps Set11
J.R. Richard Basic Set10
J.R. Richard Master Set13
Dave Righetti Basic Set3
Dave Righetti Master Set5
Billy Ripken Basic Set4
Billy Ripken Master Set7
Billy Ripken Basic Topps Set2
Billy Ripken Master Topps Set2
Cal Ripken Jr. Basic Set43
Cal Ripken Jr. Basic & Collector Issues Set 27
Cal Ripken Jr. Master Set75
Cal Ripken Jr. Super Set18
Cal Ripken Jr. Basic Topps Set63
Cal Ripken Jr. Master Topps Set27
Cal Ripken Sr. (Coach & Manager) Basic Set3
Cal Ripken Sr. (Coach & Manager) Master Set5
Mariano Rivera Basic Set5
Mariano Rivera Master Set7
Mariano Rivera Basic Topps Set10
Mariano Rivera Master Topps Set4
Alex Rodriguez Basic Set13
Alex Rodriguez Basic & Collector Issues Set16
Alex Rodriguez Master Set45
Alex Rodriguez Basic Topps Set15
Alex Rodriguez Master Topps Set9
Aurelio Rodriguez Basic Set1
Aurelio Rodriguez Master Set1
Ivan Rodriguez Basic Set2
Ivan Rodriguez Master Set9
Ivan Rodriguez Basic Topps Set3
Ivan Rodriguez Master Topps Set3
Steve Rogers Basic Set5
Steve Rogers Master Set3
Scott Rolen Basic & Collector Issues Set1
Scott Rolen Master Set2
Pete Rose Basic Set85
Pete Rose Basic & Collector Issues Set30
Pete Rose Master Set 70
Pete Rose Basic Topps Set101
Pete Rose Master Topps Set32
Joe Rudi Basic Set2
Joe Rudi Master Set3
Bill Russell Basic Set1
Bill Russell Master Set2
Nolan Ryan Basic Set88
Nolan Ryan Basic & Collector Issues Set57
Nolan Ryan Master Set 108
Nolan Ryan Basic Topps Set147
Nolan Ryan Master Topps Set48
Bret Saberhagen Basic Set2
Bret Saberhagen Master Set7
Bret Saberhagen Basic Topps Set1
Bret Saberhagen Master Topps Set3
Chris Sabo Basic & Collector Issues Set3
Chris Sabo Master Set6
Tim Salmon Basic Set0
Tim Salmon Master Set3
Chris Sale Basic Set0
Chris Sale Master Set4
Ryne Sandberg Basic Set23
Ryne Sandberg Basic & Collector Issues Set21
Ryne Sandberg Master Set44
Ryne Sandberg Basic Topps Set30
Ryne Sandberg Master Topps Set19
Deion Sanders Basic Set3
Deion Sanders Master Set4
Pablo Sandoval Basic Set1
Pablo Sandoval Master Set 1
Manny Sanguillen Basic Set8
Manny Sanguillen Master Set10
Curt Schilling Basic Set4
Curt Schilling Master Set11
Curt Schilling Basic Topps Set1
Curt Schilling Master Topps Set0
Mike Schmidt Basic Set70
Mike Schmidt Master Set65
Mike Schmidt Basic Topps Set64
Mike Schmidt Master Topps Set24
Mike Scioscia Basic Set4
Mike Scioscia Master Set3
George Scott Basic Set6
George Scott Master Set3
Tom Seaver Basic Set51
Tom Seaver Master Set41
Tom Seaver Basic Topps Set48
Tom Seaver Master Topps Set17
Gary Sheffield Basic Set5
Gary Sheffield Master Set5
Gary Sheffield Basic Topps Set3
Gary Sheffield Master Topps Set5
Chris Shelton Basic Set0
Chris Shelton Master Set1
Sonny Siebert Basic Set6
Sonny Siebert Master Set5
Ted Simmons Basic Set4
Ted Simmons Master Set9
Ted Simmons Basic Topps Set3
Ted Simmons Master Topps Set3
Brett Smith (Minors) Master Set1
Ozzie Smith Basic Set17
Ozzie Smith Basic & Collector Issues Set11
Ozzie Smith Master Set33
Ozzie Smith Basic Topps Set27
Ozzie Smith Master Topps Set9
Reggie Smith Basic Set4
Reggie Smith Master Set8
John Smoltz Basic Set6
John Smoltz Master Set15
John Smoltz Basic Topps Set5
John Smoltz Master Topps Set4
Alfonso Soriano Basic Set0
Alfonso Soriano Master Set4
Sammy Sosa Basic Set4
Sammy Sosa Basic & Collector Issues Set6
Sammy Sosa Master Set19
Sammy Sosa Basic Topps Set3
Sammy Sosa Master Topps Set4
Mario Soto Basic Set2
Mario Soto Master Set2
Paul Splittorff Basic Set 4
Paul Splittorff Master Set 4
Mickey Stanley Basic Set8
Mickey Stanley Master Set4
Willie Stargell Basic Set42
Willie Stargell Master Set 24
Willie Stargell Basic Topps Set 18
Willie Stargell Master Topps Set 5
Rusty Staub Basic Set4
Rusty Staub Master Set5
Rennie Stennett Basic Set4
Rennie Stennett Master Set3
Dave Stieb Basic Set 4
Dave Stieb Master Set 6
Dave Stieb Basic Topps Set 4
Dave Stieb Master Topps Set 3
Kurt Stillwell Basic Set 1
Kurt Stillwell Master Set 1
Tim Stoddard Basic Set0
Tim Stoddard Master Set1
Steve Stone Basic Set2
Steve Stone Master Set2
Stephen Strasburg Basic Set7
Stephen Strasburg Master Set8
Stephen Strasburg Basic Topps Set4
Stephen Strasburg Master Topps Set2
Darryl Strawberry Basic Set9
Darryl Strawberry Master Set22
Jim Sundberg Basic Set4
Jim Sundberg Master Set4
Jim Sundberg Basic Topps Set4
Jim Sundberg Master Topps Set4
Rick Sutcliffe Basic Set1
Rick Sutcliffe Master Set4
Bruce Sutter Basic Set13
Bruce Sutter Master Set13
Bruce Sutter Basic Topps Set8
Bruce Sutter Master Topps Set5
Don Sutton Basic Set10
Don Sutton Master Set5
Don Sutton Basic Topps Set10
Don Sutton Master Topps Set4
Ichiro Suzuki Basic & Collector Issues Set10
Ichiro Suzuki Master Set18
Ichiro Suzuki Basic Topps Set14
Ichiro Suzuki Master Topps Set7
Dale Sveum Basic Set1
Dale Sveum Master Set1
Mark Sweeney Basic Set0
Mark Sweeney Master Set0
Frank Tanana Basic Set5
Frank Tanana Master Set4
Donavan Tate (Minors) Master Set1
Oscar Taveras Master Set3
Kent Tekulve Basic Set1
Kent Tekulve Master Set0
Mark Teixeira Basic Set0
Mark Teixeira Master Set3
Frank Thomas Basic Set8
Frank Thomas Basic & Collector Issues Set10
Frank Thomas Master Set48
Frank Thomas Basic Topps Set21
Frank Thomas Master Topps Set9
Jim Thome Basic Set3
Jim Thome Master Set6
Jim Thome Basic Topps Set4
Jim Thome Master Topps Set2
Danny Thompson Basic Set1
Danny Thompson Master Set0
Andre Thornton Basic Set4
Andre Thornton Master Set6
Luis Tiant Basic Set8
Luis Tiant Master Set9
Bobby Tolan Basic Set5
Bobby Tolan Basic & Collector Issues Set3
Bobby Tolan Master Set4
Alan Trammell Basic Set7
Alan Trammell Basic & Collector Issues Set 9
Alan Trammell Master Set19
Alan Trammell Basic Topps Set13
Alan Trammell Master Topps Set6
Manny Trillo Basic Set2
Manny Trillo Master Set2
Mike Trout Basic Set15
Mike Trout Basic & Collector Issues Set11
Mike Trout Master Set22
Mike Trout Master Topps Set3
Mike Trout Basic Topps Set7
Troy Tulowitzki Basic Set2
Troy Tulowitzki Master Set3
Chase Utley Basic Set1
Chase Utley Master Set3
Fernando Valenzuela Basic Set5
Fernando Valenzuela Master Set12
Andy Van Slyke Basic & Collector Issues Set3
Andy Van Slyke Master Set4
Jason Varitek Basic Set1
Jason Varitek Master Set4
Jason Varitek Basic Topps Set3
Jason Varitek Master Topps Set2
Mo Vaughn Basic Set3
Mo Vaughn Master Set6
Mo Vaughn Basic Topps Set2
Mo Vaughn Master Topps Set2
Robin Ventura Basic Set1
Robin Ventura Master Set2
Justin Verlander Basic Set4
Justin Verlander Master Set3
Justin Verlander Basic Topps Set8
Justin Verlander Master Topps Set3
Frank Viola Basic Set2
Frank Viola Master Set7
Omar Vizquel Basic Set5
Omar Vizquel Master Set4
Joey Votto Basic Set2
Joey Votto Master Set2
Joey Votto Basic Topps Set5
Joey Votto Master Topps Set1
Tim Wakefield Basic Set0
Tim Wakefield Master Set2
Tim Wakefield Basic Topps Set3
Tim Wakefield Master Topps Set1
Bob Watson Basic Set 5
Bob Watson Master Set 5
Chien-Ming Wang Basic Set0
Chien-Ming Wang Master Set0
Earl Weaver Basic Set5
Earl Weaver Master Set2
Rickie Weeks Basic Set0
Rickie Weeks Master Set2
Brad Wellman Basic Set0
Brad Wellman Master Set0
Lou Whitaker Basic Set5
Lou Whitaker Master Set10
Lou Whitaker Basic Topps Set8
Lou Whitaker Master Topps Set3
Frank White Basic Set5
Frank White Master Set5
Roy White Basic Set8
Roy White Master Set4
Bernie Williams Basic Set3
Bernie Williams Master Set12
Dick Williams (Manager) Basic Set 1
Dick Williams (Manager) Master Set4
Matt Williams Basic & Collector Issues Set2
Matt Williams Master Set2
Mookie Wilson Basic Set2
Mookie Wilson Master Set3
Mookie Wilson Basic Topps Set0
Mookie Wilson Master Topps Set1
Willie Wilson Basic Set2
Willie Wilson Master Set8
Dave Winfield Basic Set16
Dave Winfield Basic & Collector Issues Set19
Dave Winfield Master Set30
Dave Winfield Basic Topps Set26
Dave Winfield Master Topps Set9
Johnny Wockenfuss Basic Set2
Johnny Wockenfuss Master Set2
Wilbur Wood Basic Set2
Wilbur Wood Master Set2
David Wright Basic Set3
David Wright Master Set9
Jim Wynn Basic Set5
Jim Wynn Master Set3
Carl Yastrzemski Basic Set 83
Carl Yastrzemski Master Set48
Carl Yastrzemski Basic Topps Set35
Carl Yastrzemski Master Topps Set14
Steve Yeager Master Set4
Kevin Youkilis Basic Set0
Kevin Youkilis Master Set2
Kevin Youkilis Basic Topps Set3
Kevin Youkilis Master Topps Set1
Robin Yount Basic Set22
Robin Yount Master Set34
Robin Yount Basic Topps Set34
Robin Yount Master Topps Set10
Ryan Zimmerman Basic Set1
Ryan Zimmerman Master Set2
Richie Zisk Basic Set2
Richie Zisk Master Set4