Warren Spahn Basic Topps Set: The Crandell Collection

The Crandell Collection - 2nd

Current Statistics
Rank 2
Weighted GPA 8.068
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 8.068
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The Crandell Collection
Spec No.Card#ItemGradeSpec No.
Spec No.
Pop Higher
Total PopTotal Pop
Owner's Comments
0171510300301951 TOPPS RED BACKS WARREN SPAHN9723723
0101520330331952 TOPPS WARREN SPAHN8533696
01015314701471953 TOPPS WARREN SPAHN8574574
0101540200201954 TOPPS WARREN SPAHN81141711417
0101550310311955 TOPPS WARREN SPAHN8746746
0101560100101956 TOPPS WARREN SPAHN82281626321
0101570900901957 TOPPS WARREN SPAHN82113721137
01015827002701958 TOPPS WARREN SPAHN8917917
0101590400401959 TOPPS WARREN SPAHN859319127
01016044504451960 TOPPS WARREN SPAHN82042920429
01016120002001961 TOPPS WARREN SPAHN81782317823
01016210001001962 TOPPS WARREN SPAHN8713713
01016332003201963 TOPPS WARREN SPAHN81221412214
01016440004001964 TOPPS WARREN SPAHN82074420744
01016520502051965 TOPPS WARREN SPAHN9395395