Roberto Clemente Basic Set : The Crandell Collection

The Crandell Collection - 19th

Current Statistics
Rank 19
Weighted GPA 8.047
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 8.047
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The Crandell Collection
Spec No.Card#ItemGradeSpec No.
Spec No.
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Owner's Comments
01015516401641955 TOPPS ROBERTO CLEMENTE81211412114
0101560330331956 TOPPS ROBERTO CLEMENTE82632228828
0101570760761957 TOPPS ROBERTO CLEMENTE83884738847
0101580521521958 TOPPS ROBERTO CLEMENTE 884817332
01015947804781959 TOPPS ROBERTO CLEMENTE84916049160
01016032603261960 TOPPS ROBERTO CLEMENTE84854848548
01016138803881961 TOPPS ROBERTO CLEMENTE86079860798
0101620100101962 TOPPS ROBERTO CLEMENTE82702427024
0103630560561963 FLEER ROBERTO CLEMENTE83788637886
01016354005401963 TOPPS ROBERTO CLEMENTE83624336243
01016444004401964 TOPPS ROBERTO CLEMENTE83115031150
01016516001601965 TOPPS ROBERTO CLEMENTE83424134241
01016630003001966 TOPPS ROBERTO CLEMENTE82763327633
01016740004001967 TOPPS ROBERTO CLEMENTE8.512531253
01016815001501968 TOPPS ROBERTO CLEMENTE83915639156
0101690500501969 TOPPS ROBERTO CLEMENTE8556133556133
01017035003501970 TOPPS ROBERTO CLEMENTE84846748467
01017163006301971 TOPPS ROBERTO CLEMENTE83842638426
01017230903091972 TOPPS ROBERTO CLEMENTE811563301156330
0101730500501973 TOPPS ROBERTO CLEMENTE915151515