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About this set: Long live Da Bears. Need your help with the ones I'm missing.

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ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradeSpec No. PopSpec No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
T202000008STUB1933 CHICAGO 23/N.Y. GIANTS 2113030
T20234M099STUB1934 N.Y. GIANTS 30/CHICAGO 1331010The "Sneakers" game
U20240M089FULL1940 CHICAGO 73/WASHINGTON 021010the biggest blowout in NFL history 73 - 0
T206000021STUB1941 CHICAGO 33/GREEN BAY 1422020NFL Divisional Playoff
T202000005STUB1941 CHICAGO 37/N.Y. GIANTS 944040
T202000001STUB1942 WASHINGTON 14/CHICAGO 621010
U20243M199FULL1943 CHICAGO 41/WASHINGTON 2121010
U20246M159FULL1946 CHICAGO 24/N.Y. GIANTS 1451010
U206000021FULL1950 LOS ANGELES 24/CHICAGO 1411011
U202000002FULL1956 N.Y. GIANTS 47/CHICAGO 741011
U20263M299FULL1963 CHICAGO 14/N.Y. GIANTS 1042222
U206000006FULL1977 DALLAS 37/CHICAGO 741313NFC Divisional Playoff
T206000023STUB1984 CHICAGO 23/WASHINGTON 1911010NFC Divisional Playoff
U202000048FULL1984 S.F. 49ERS 23/CHICAGO 061010NFC Championship
U206000020FULL1985 CHICAGO 21/N.Y. GIANTS 011010NFC Divisional Playoff
U202000005FULL1985 CHICAGO 24/LOS ANGELES 011010NFC Championship
U20086A269FULL1986 CHICAGO 46/NEW ENGLAND 10820373autographed by Richard Dent MVP
T206000018STUB1986 WASHINGTON 27/CHICAGO 1351010NFC Divisional Playoff
U20688A109FULL1987 WASHINGTON 21/CHICAGO 1791010NFC Divisional Playoff
U206000022FULL1988 CHICAGO 20/PHILADELPHIA 1251010The Fog Bowl NFC Divisional Playoff
U20289A089FULL1988 S.F. 49ERS 28/CHICAGO 311010NFC Championship
U206000041FULL1990 CHICAGO 16/NEW ORLEANS 611022NFC Wild Card
T206000016STUB1990 N.Y. GIANTS 31/CHICAGO 34MK2020NFC Divisional Playoff
U206000037FULL1991 DALLAS 17/CHICAGO 1361010NFC Wild Card
T206000022STUB1994 CHICAGO 35/MINNESOTA 1811010NFC Wild Card
U206000019FULL1994 S.F. 49ERS 44/CHICAGO 1541010NFC Divisional Playoff
U206000028FULL2001 PHILADELPHIA 33/CHICAGO 1961010NFC Divisional Playoff
U206000004FULL2005 CAROLINA 29/CHICAGO 2182020NFC Divisional Playoff
U206000001FULL2006 CHICAGO 27/SEATTLE 2491010NFC Divisional Playoff
U202000001FULL2006 CHICAGO 39/NEW ORLEANS 145411411NFC Championship
U20007ORANFULL2007 INDIANAPOLIS 29/CHICAGO 1710110250Super Bowl XLI
U206000017FULL2010 CHICAGO 35/SEATTLE 2471111NFC Divisional Playoff
U202000004FULL2010 GREEN BAY 21/CHICAGO 1484242NFC Championship
I am seeking to purchase -- all 1975 and 1985 season ticket stubs (home and away games), and if you have any you would like to sell or have any contacts to which you could point me toward to accomplish my goal, please let me know! Love your colleciton, nice work! Sincerely,
Posted @ 3/26/2015 11:47 AM By BearsFan