1925 Imperial Tobacco - How To Play Golf: Simgin

Simgin - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

Current Statistics
Rank 1
Weighted GPA 7.260
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 7.260
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ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
95150000321ARTHUR G. HAVERS454
95150000332ARTHUR G. HAVERS710
95150000283ARTHUR G. HAVERS810
95150000294ARTHUR G. HAVERS820
95150000345ARTHUR G. HAVERS830
95150000156ARTHUR G. HAVERS810
95150000167ARTHUR G. HAVERS4.516
95152500808ARTHUR G. HAVERS741
95150000239ARTHUR G. HAVERS810
951525010010ARTHUR G. HAVERS830
951525011011ARTHUR G. HAVERS721
951500002412ARTHUR G. HAVERS8.510
951525013013ARTHUR G. HAVERS8.510
951525014014ARTHUR G. HAVERS751
951500003515ARTHUR G. HAVERS810
951500000116ARTHUR G. HAVERS810
951500002517ARTHUR G. HAVERS810
951500000218ARTHUR G. HAVERS721
951500000319ARTHUR G. HAVERS820
951500000420ARTHUR G. HAVERS632
951500002621ARTHUR G. HAVERS632
951500000522ARTHUR G. HAVERS820
951500000623ARTHUR G. HAVERS810
951500000724ARTHUR G. HAVERS810
951500001725ARTHUR G. HAVERS731
951500000826ABE MITCHELL711
951525027027ABE MITCHELL721
951500003028ABE MITCHELL720
951500001929ABE MITCHELL830
951525030030ABE MITCHELL820
951500000931ABE MITCHELL711
951525032032ABE MITCHELL732
951525033033ABE MITCHELL830
951525034034ABE MITCHELL7.511
951500001035ABE MITCHELL730
951525036036ABE MITCHELL810
951500001837GEORGE DUNCAN830
951500003638GEORGE DUNCAN633
951525039039GEORGE DUNCAN820
951500002040GEORGE DUNCAN641
951500002741GEORGE DUNCAN810
951500001142GEORGE DUNCAN730
951500002143GEORGE DUNCAN820
951500002244GEORGE DUNCAN722
951525045045GEORGE DUNCAN810
951500003746ARTHUR G. HAVERS623
951500003147ARTHUR G. HAVERS741
951500001248ARTHUR G. HAVERS720
951500001349ARTHUR G. HAVERS711
951500001450ARTHUR G. HAVERS524