1958-59 Topps: Joester58T

Joester58T - 4th

Current Statistics
Rank 4
Weighted GPA 8.216
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 8.216
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About this set: Set started Feb. 4, 2007 with the purchase of four PSA 8's (cards 15 16 52 and 56). Update, finally filled the last missing card from the set. #66 Bobby Hull rookie in PSA 7 purchased on 11-8-2012. Set in all sevens and above on 3-1-2013 with addition of 28 popein in psa 7.

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Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
04015800101BOB ARMSTRONG851
04015800202TERRY SAWCHUK890
04015800303GLEN SKOV8150
04015800404LEO LABINE8330
04015800505DOLLARD ST.LAURENT8233
04015800606DANNY LEWICKI8381
04015800707JOHN HANNA8110
04015800808GORDIE HOWE8151
04015800909VIC STASIUK8111
040158010010LARRY REGAN940
040158011011FORBES KENNEDY8251
040158012012ELMER VASKO8120
040158013013GLENN HALL8181
040158014014KEN WHARRAM8121
040158015015LEN LUNDE8231
040158016016ED LITZENBERGER8271
040158017017NORM JOHNSON8381
040158018018EARL INGARFIELD8110
040158019019LES COLWILL8262
040158020020LEO BOIVIN8421
040158021021ANDY BATHGATE8141
040158022022JOHNNY WILSON8140
040158023023LARRY CAHAN8363
040158024024MARCEL PRONOVOST8240
040158025025LARRY HILLMAN8181
040158026026JIM BARTLETT8234
040158027027NICK MICKOSKI8100
040158028028LARRY POPEIN8100
040158029029FLEMING MACKELL8273
040158030030EDDIE SHACK8373
040158031031JACK EVANS8322
040158032032DEAN PRENTICE8120
040158033033CLAUDE LAFORGE8171
040158034034BILL GADSBY8160
040158035035BRONCO HORVATH8.515
040158036036PIERRE PILOTE960
040158037037EARL BALFOUR8150
040158038038GUS MORTSON8121
040158039039GUMP WORSLEY8161
040158040040JOHNNY BUCYK8381
040158041041LOU FONTINATO8180
040158042042TOD SLOAN8131
040158043043CHARLIE BURNS891
040158044044DON SIMMONS8160
040158045045JERRY TOPPAZZINI8191
040158046046ANDY HEBENTON7363
040158047047PETE GOEGAN 890
040158048048GEORGE SULLIVAN8181
040158049049HANK CIESLA7.5110
040158050050DOUG MOHNS8313
040158051051JEAN-GUY GENDRON8273
040158052052ALEX DELVECCHIO8292
040158053053ERIC NESTERENKO880
040158054054CAMILLE HENRY8140
040158055055LORNE FERGUSON8220
040158056056FERN FLAMAN8314
040158057057EARL REIBEL7268
040158058058WARREN GODFREY8110
040158059059RON MURPHY8221
040158060060HARRY HOWELL8111
040158061061RED KELLY8252
040158062062DON MCKENNEY8171
040158063063TED LINDSAY8151
040158064064AL ARBOUR8210
040158065065NORM ULLMAN8140
040158066066BOBBY HULL7337