Joe Nuxhall Basic Set: The Crandell Collection

The Crandell Collection - 3rd

Current Statistics
Rank 3
Weighted GPA 8.170
Complete 68.75%
Set Rating 6.621
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The Crandell Collection
Spec No.Card#ItemGradeSpec No. PopSpec No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
01015240604061952 TOPPS JOE NUXHALL8285285
0182530900901953 BOWMAN COLOR JOE NUXHALL8454454
01015310501051953 TOPPS JOE NUXHALL8241241
0102540760761954 BOWMAN JOE NUXHALL9161161
01025519401941955 BOWMAN JOE NUXHALL8344344
01015710301031957 TOPPS JOE NUXHALL81241312413
01015621802181956 TOPPS JOE NUXHALL  
0101580630631958 TOPPS JOE NUXHALL81031710317
01015938903891959 TOPPS JOE NUXHALL81412714127
01016028202821960 TOPPS JOE NUXHALL 
01016144404441961 TOPPS JOE NUXHALL 
01016319401941963 TOPPS JOE NUXHALL 
01016410601061964 TOPPS JOE NUXHALL873107310
01016531203121965 TOPPS JOE NUXHALL9350350
01016648304831966 TOPPS JOE NUXHALL 
0101670440441967 TOPPS JOE NUXHALL9292292